Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Friday, January 22, 2010

i'll be there... insya-Allah!

thank god that i will be going to kl tomorrow for a nephew's engagement on saturday night. we will reach there not too early though as both puteri and megat have to attend schools replacement for chinese new year.

we will take the chance to give some moral supports for my uncle on the last day of his 6th solo exhibition~ rhythm of the 21st century; before going back home the day after. he is exhibiting his latest artworks, featuring his 20 major sculptures, 45 drawings and 15 paintings. the exhibition that has been officiated by our former pm is held in petronas gallery, klcc since 29 october 2009.

so if you people do not have any plans for sunday yet, head on down to klcc occay? make sure to say hi if you see me... ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

sembang² with... kuE!

sembang² with... kuE!

i maybe a bit slow in updating my blogs lately especially starting late 2009. but i have decided to make a good come back for this new year. like very soon, you will see me releasing quite a number of blog post that are still hanging there in my draft folder :) at the meantime, let me start with this~


to one and all...

so i wanted to start doing a topic (or two, or maybe more) of the week called sembang² with... kuE!, posted every sunday. i guess this is a good way for me to update this blog frequently. i will type a topic that i find discussable from other people's facebook status updates, give you my answer, and then hope you guys fill out the comments section with your answers or feedbacks! and hey... of course i will retype other names instead and take out the links and their profile pics for privacy purposes. how's that?

topic of the week #1:

Lela juz finished marguerita dance...feeling hungry yg terlampau and now at benjiana steakhouse having teh tarik and steak...kakakaka!
Thu at 8:03pm via Mobile Web · Comment ·

Zareen uishh mama melahap tak ajak eh..
Thu at 8:09pm

when i saw the above on last thursday, i was rather shocked. yes, if you are a mother too like me, i am sure you will think of how on earth a daughter can dare to mention 'melahap' to her own mother. this was where i got the new idea to come out with sembang² with... kuE!

alright, some may see its a family joke. but when a word that normally referred to animals, as only animal eat greedily like lion; i strictly do not think the word is good for humans too.

somehow or rather that shows our society today. often that was not acceptable last time is practically look upon as okay. if we say we are keeping up with times, it's true, but at the same time a culture is dying.

as a concerned citizen, i braved myself to type a comment:

hey... it's not good to say 'melahap' especially to a mother! i am not trying to be a busy body, but i guess it's not wrong to remind each other~ that's what we PTA committee at SMKRPK believe. thank you so much for the understanding.

my instinct is always right! i knew it in the first place when i typed earlier that i am gonna get all types of replies, including those who teased. and to the one who teased me, its alright, what goes around, will comes around. this is what we called life. i have been facing with all these through out my life!

i did go back to the page and replied some of the comments. some said that i worked in pta. walaweiii... pta is not a job ler, but its a community work instead. if its a job, i am very sure that many parents will be attending its agm with hope to be chosen as one of the committee members.

there's also people said i am fierce, aggressive. this is another~ if i am as such, i won't let my puteri to befriend with budak² koleq, or rmc and so forth! i make it a point to communicate well with my kids~ talk and discuss with them about life and whatever that could be discussed together. we must be someone that our kids could trust, to look upon to when they need us.

and here, i copy & paste lela's answer:

sometimes when we didn't know the real situation..we better remain silent or shud reserve our comment in the first place..the conversation was between me and my daughter and she didn't pointed it out to someone else! wat is wrong with melahap...just like i said..its family jokes...u also have family jokes right...then pls ignore ours!

since when lak every single words kt sini will be commented...unless very2 bad word she said to me!

if I were you i wont give any comments until the real story is revealed! nanti kena bang sana sini....if you already used to it...try la to change , sometimes people can't take it easily...tak seronok jugak sbb org asyik kata sana sini...kata kita being too bagus! everyone make mistakes..

some peoples are just dont bother about others family talk...even I also dont bother at all....each family has their own ways to keep and stay happy in life......

apa2pun..dont take this as big issue lah...kita masing2 ada anak n family...just give our full attention to them..bother lah ttg org long they are happy with their life...i feel happy too! I know my daughter very well..the words she often, sledom or never used!

to my darling angel...sian..nak berFB pun susah yer...hehehe
mama loves u so much...and don't ever ever use the word 'damn' here ok!! i know u wont!

anyway tq for the reminder...

lela actually was my school batch. it was really a surprising moment to see of what's happening now. i thought we must give good examples to our kids for our own future generation. i dunno lar... its up to the individual then i guess ;P

topic of the week #2:

Sue is a little bengang: Was@ a parking lot during lunch hr, saw this makcik with loads of stuff, navigating her way towards her car - behind her, 1 girl about my princess' age, she was walking towards middle of the road - i was on the opposite lot, saw a car approaching frm her rear, i ran across the road, pulled her aside... the makcik scolded me... 'Cina tak guna, tarik anak aku...' DUH!!!???
Fri at 5:14pm · Comment · Like

sue was eventually from my school also, a senior. no doubt she is the same sue i know from last time and always... in fact i drove to ipoh last 2 weeks just to have breakfast with her. believe it or not, that was the first time we met, after i left school about more than 20 years ago!

alright, its not to say that we are not in a spirit of 1malaysia, even if we are in 1family also might be have some miscommunication. what sue did was a 1malaysia spirit even though the result is a bit disappointed. well... lots of people don't see the "bigger" picture and these type of people are a big put off! but she did good in pulling the child to safety :)

according to sue, she did explain to the lady of what had happened. but too bad, the makcik was so blinded with rage, she couldn't care less... pity her...

YOUR TURN! leave a comment!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

haloscan to echo~

if you bloggers using other comment box provider in your blog like me, there would be a certain time where it seems that their software and hardware beginning to fail. and that it cannot properly accommodate no more bla³.

i had the choice whether to upgrade or to export the existed haloscan comments. so to make things easy, i upgraded mine to echo live at USD9.95 per year (np: USD12) w.e.f. today. i just followed thru their simple and quick instructions, paid the amount via paypal... voila! i did that before i slept last night, and when i checked back earlier this morning, its done~ with nothing involved html code and what's not. its all done automatically by them. if you do not choose to do any of the above, of course your haloscan widget will stop running and you will lose all your existing haloscan comments.

read more on haloscan upgrade faq here.

Monday, January 04, 2010

the first!


as you all know, today is the first for everything:

the first monday of the year ~ of course!

the first day of schools for many malaysian school-going kids ~ its not that bad for both my kids puteri and megat though; as this is already the 11th and 8th year of schools for puteri and megat respectively. they managed everything themselves, except for megat was a bit slow because of this *glurp* hah! i just have to ensure that they woke up on time, and also to make sure that they had a proper breakfast before i send them to school.

the first working day for those people who work with mat salleh (caucasian) ~ this applied no matter you are malaysians are not. you were entitled for 3-weeks holidays, from christmas right up to the new year! *phew*

the first week of my new 'project 365'! yes this gonna be a new version that i am gonna called it "project 365-10". i left the previous one at week #9. but then i remember that i thought even though i do not have the time to update it via my flickr album or this blog, i still have the materials as i tried my very best to snap at least a pic a day. so along the way probably i will do it no matter what. too bad i didn't manage to do it. in some days, either i forgot to take pic in a day or maybe nothing at all in that week *blerk* then i decided to just quit at where ever i stop updating, and start a fresh new one for this new year... ngeh³ :))

so what about you people. is there any first for you today?