Sunday, January 10, 2010

haloscan to echo~

if you bloggers using other comment box provider in your blog like me, there would be a certain time where it seems that their software and hardware beginning to fail. and that it cannot properly accommodate no more bla³.

i had the choice whether to upgrade or to export the existed haloscan comments. so to make things easy, i upgraded mine to echo live at USD9.95 per year (np: USD12) w.e.f. today. i just followed thru their simple and quick instructions, paid the amount via paypal... voila! i did that before i slept last night, and when i checked back earlier this morning, its done~ with nothing involved html code and what's not. its all done automatically by them. if you do not choose to do any of the above, of course your haloscan widget will stop running and you will lose all your existing haloscan comments.

read more on haloscan upgrade faq here.