Thursday, January 29, 2009

"one malaysia, one voice"

To the Leaders of the World,

We the Children of Malaysia speaking in one united voice with the children of the world. And especially in this hour of sorrow with the children of Gaza;

  • Call all world leaders to stop the conflict in Gaza Now.

  • Call all world leaders to stop all violence against children Now.

  • Call all world leaders to make it a crime against humanity to kill, injure and displace even one child in any conflict Now.

  • Call all world leaders to love all children regardless of race, religion and nationality Now.

  • Call all world leaders to recognize the rights of children to live and grow up as Peace-loving, responsible and caring adults now.


We the children pray and hope that this message will open all World Leaders’ eyes and hearts to do the right
thing now.

Listen to us Now! Stop War Now! Love us Now! Be True World Leaders NOW!

The Caring Children of Malaysia
One Malaysia, One Voice


this is really an excellent idea. for me, i support whatever activities involved children.

the education ministry came up with a brilliant plan to set up "one malaysia, one voice' campaign to be held until 20th february, to organise various programmes and activities to raise awareness among students on freedom and peace. the activities for students in private and international schools include organising poster-drawing competitions, essay and poetry-writing competitions with the themes of anti violence, anti war, peace and freedom for students in primary and secondary schools.

the students would also be encouraged to write to their counterparts in palestine, and these letters would then be sent to them through wisma putra.

the ministry did not want students who might have witnessed the news reports of attacks in gaza to have a negative impression.

i would like to encourage all parents to develop this campaign with our kids from the comfort of our home. of course we as educators and parents want them (the students who are also our kids) to understand humanitarian values and that violence cannot be ignored. it is our role to guide and educate them on peace. this is also a kind of a way for us to value family bond.

the cute lil' girl

i was at klcc with a friend on last sunday. he recorded a video of me via his mobile. a cute lil' girl saw it and smiled at me. she's such a darling. she has this cute lil' smile that reminds me of children in gaza who seems unable to smile like her. this incident really saddened me. take note that i snapped the lil' girl's pic with permission from her mother. i also left her (mother) my flickr address on a piece of serviette. i am sure they have seen it by now :)

according to education deputy director-general (general education operations) datuk noor rezan in malaysia hari ini on tv3 earlier this morning, the ministry would work with media organisations to highlight the best letters while outstanding essays would be put on the "one malaysia, one voice" website at .

the public can make donations to the palestinian humanitarian fund in the form of cheques payable to MESCA Treasurer, to:

The Secretariat of the Palestinian Humanitarian Fund
Public School Management Division
Education Ministry
Third and Fourth Floors, Block E2, Parcel E
62604 Putrajaya
(for attention: Assistant Principal Director (Policy Sector)

they can also bank in their contributions at the MESCA account at public bank under the account number 3077068628.

education minister datuk seri hishammuddin tun hussein is expected to hand over all donations to a representative of the palestinian government in malaysia.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

inkheart & bedtime stories

i was in kl over the weekend to ease my mind. besides its CNY break. on the other hand, i really needed a break for myself as this new year 2009' kinda tough; hence the silence here for a while. anyhow i managed to catch up some great movies with a friend at klcc though . anyone saw us :)

hollywood filmmakers often get caught up in trends. a hot trend these days is using best-selling books aimed at young readers as the basis for their movies. "twilight," "the golden compass" and all of the "harry potter" films are just a few examples.

those films that best capture the spirit of the books have become hits. the others end up floundering because they capture the words but not the essence of the book. you can add "inkheart" to the growing list of book-based movies that falter in their efforts.

the latest sword-and-silliness adventure for the always likable brendan fraser is based on the popular book by german author cornelia funke. fraser plays mortimer folchart, a man with an interesting ability. whatever he reads comes to life. literary guests in this world range from the flying monkeys of "the wizard of oz" to the long-locked rapunzel.

the downside is that if he reads a fictional character into the real world, a real person ends up in the fictional world. mor finds out this painful truth when his wife is sent into one of the literary worlds. this sends mor on a long quest to save his wife. the only obstacle is capricorn, an evil villain read into the world. he wants to use mor's power to rule the real world.

the director manages to construct an interesting start to his film. he wrings tension out of the attempts by capricorn to capture mor and his young daughter, meggie. the rather standard chase scenes are elevated by the beautiful european landscape that is the backdrop for the film.

fraser has played the likable reluctant hero so many times he probably qualifies for a patent on the role. the surprise is the literary character who longs to just return to the pages where he resides with his wife and family. in a film that is more about flash than substance, bettany turns in a compelling and touching performance.

all of these elements get trumped when the script takes a left turn.

the basic rule that only things read can come to life changes. it is a switch in the basic premise to make the ending happen. an audience never should be asked to embrace a well-defined concept and then be told in the final moments there are gray edges.

"inkheart" also suffers from a frugality of fictional characters. any and all literary characters can be read into the real world. but there are only a handful in the film. this leaves the movie feeling a little thin.

softley (director) never manages to capture the magic that made the book so popular.

and that means watching "inkheart" is like reading the cliffs notes of a famous novel. all of the key elements are there. there's just no real substance.

* * * * *

while on the previous sunday, i took puteri and megat to kinta city to watch bedtime stories, funniest movie ever. lots of action, keeps you woke up. we laughed our heads off.

if you look closely at bedtime stories, it is almost possible to see how the cast and crew were making up the movie as it went along. there's certainly no evidence of a script. it's just a series of nonsensical events that at times are anchored by reality and at other times are pure fantasy. they should have chosen one and stuck with it.

no one would notice this lack of direction if the movie were at least funny.

adam sandler plays the latest in his long line of lovable losers. this one is skeeter bronson, a hotel handyman (owh... how movies with hotel scene always remind me of my wonderful experiences there) who longs for the day he will be in charge. bronson discovers, when he must watch his niece and nephew for a week, that elements of his made-up bedtime stories come true the next day. he decides to use this gift to get the job he has wanted for many years.

director adam shankman should stick to musicals like hairspray. that format enables him to take the action over the top without looking stupid.

Friday, January 23, 2009

punisher: war zone

it seems as though the powers that be behind punisher: war zone (go to its official site here) have finally come to the conclusion that they need to ramp up the marketing campaign if they want people to actually go see this much-belabored film.

see for yourself:

for the rest of trailers head over to .

seriously though, the trailers make me very curious to see what the finished product of punisher: war zone is going to be.

but honestly, i’m tired of any and all speculation about this flick. after more than a year of the rumor mill churning, i’m going to try my luck in nuffnang's latest premiere screening contest punisher: war zone 10 days before its release date in malaysia! courtesy of buena vista columbia tristar malaysia... just so i can see what all the hubub has been about! who knows, maybe agitated curiosity was the marketing plan all along…

please find the details as follow:

date : 9 feburary 2009 (monday)
venue : cathay cineplex damansara
time : 9.30 pm
hall : 10

all you have to do is just write in an email to with your full name, blog URL and complete the following slogan “if i’m the punisher, i’ll punish….” in no longer than 15 words. the best 50 slogan makers will be given a pair of invitations to the premiere screening of punisher: war zone on 9 february. terms and conditions apply.

i have already email mine earlier. so wish me luck ya people!

and are you eager to see punisher: war zone?

salmonella dough scare of famous amos cookies

watch out our daily food intakes especially for the importance of our loved ones—

Agence France-Presse - 1/22/2009 10:19 AM GMT

Malaysia probes Famous Amos cookies over salmonella dough scare

Malaysia's health ministry Thursday said it was investigating the Famous Amos cookie chain after it withdrew dough from several of its outlets here amid fears that it was contaminated by the salmonella bacterium.

The action followed an outbreak of salmonella poisoning in the United States, which has made at least 474 people sick since September as a result of infected peanut butter and peanut paste dough, according to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

read more here.

*this community service message is brought to you by kuE.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

how we can help gaza?

figures provided by palestinian MoH are 1,314 killed (412 children and 110 women) and 5,450 injured (1855 children and 795 women) as at 19 january. no new figures were provided today as more bodies are being discovered in areas previously inaccessible. new figures are expected early next week.

nine israeli soldiers have been killed during the operation. according to the magen david adom national society (israeli equivalent to red cross and red crescent society), israeli civilian casualties stand at four, while four have been critically injured, 11 moderately injured and 167 lightly injured since 27 december.

source: UNICEF

everything that is occurring in gaza, palestine is beyond humane. anyone in their right mind would realize that this genocide is out of control. children are being torn apart by bombs blown right in their homes by the israeli army. women protecting their young kids are also torn apart. unarmed men and elders are being shattered by bombs and air raids. these civilians should not go through this alone, we need to help. we need to stop this manslaughter. we need to aid them. we need to stand up to what’s right... what is just. we need to show these innocent children that we will help them. we need to show them that we are humans and we care to make a difference.

in my effort to do something, i urge all of you people to help UNICEF to move as quickly as they can to repair and rebuild schools to get them up and running. they are also preparing to send in teams of counselors to help children deal with the trauma they are experiencing...

since UNICEF cannot do this alone, they are appealing for our generous support to help the children in gaza now:

— RM50 can provide 3 families with water containers that can store 20 liters of water safely.

— RM300 can help provide 10 families in Gaza with Basic Family Water Kits ensuring children have clean water to eat, drink and bathe in.

— RM800 will purchase a school-in-the box kit to help 80 children continue with schooling.

if you wish to contribute to UNICEF for the children of gaza, you can find out more and the information on how to donate in this form.

please view it and send it to as many people as possible so that the message can get through, alternatively:
  • if you are a blogger, blog about it. stay level and smart, respond to hate comments wisely and smartly.
  • if you use twitter, tweet about it.
  • if you live in a country where you can change your politics rally and lobby for the cause.
  • if you use facebook, post articles and blog posts to point your non arab friends to fairer information.
  • if you are a cartoonist or an artist, express yourself and post on deviantart, facebook, blogs or wherever you can.
  • if you are a teacher teach our younger generations.
  • if you are part of global voices then translate articles and educate the rest of the world.
thank you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the day i started testing firefox 3.1

Firefox 3.1

i downloaded and started to test this program firefox 3.1 about an hour ago. so far i find it damn good. the people behind it are sooooo brilliant. there's no distraction for me listening to my favourite online music site, compared to before. besides that most of the time the links were all accessible within a few seconds. i like...

actually i have been getting the alert to download this for quite some time, alas i decided to try it. but before i click the download button, i was kinda afraid also though whether my bookmarks gonna be gone... thus i have to reinstate them all over again. i braved myself... and after i restart the puter, click the new firefox 3.1 icon, then when i click 'bookmarks'... voila! wahhh... i am sooo impressed!

these are some of their new acclaimed features—
  • use the new private browsing mode and the updated clear recent history function (in the tools menu) to keep your holiday shopping a secret.
  • tear tabs off the tab bar to create new windows, and drag and drop them from one firefox window to another.
  • control the smart location bar results with special characters.
  • watch a video in your browser without needing any plugins or external media players.
what say you people?

p/s hmm... the new homepage reminds me of transformers ler... my mom still keeps my lil bro's one in the store. i guess probably she wants to hand them down over to our future generations just like antiques stuff :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'7 cream'

Are you suffering from skin problems or looking for some skin products which are completely natural and really effectively good for your skin? Visit and get 7 Cream with Manuka Honey... the best herbal cream available in the market now.

The best thing is they also have distributors in the USA and UK and can ship to anywhere in the world from Canada!

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random thoughts

good day to all my friends, visitors and fellow bloggers. its tuesday and i need to attend the PTA meeting at puteri's school (also my former school), at 3 pm. so i will not have long time sit in front of my dell because i need to prepare for this meeting but of course i will be back later in the evening *winks*

anyway, i am done with my last few
paid post in here... gosh!!! i have been getting quite a number of them lately. i am really happy with that. so what can i say? wanted opps for this blog hahahahaa...

Monday, January 19, 2009

storage needs

If you are a military family you all know there will come a time that you will need to move to different place to where your partner will be assigned. There are chances that you will be assigned overseas, which means you can't bring most of your stuff. With the status of our economy now we should learn to be practical. Instead of selling all your stuff why don't you just put it in a storage. For your storage needs please visit for storage facilities and guidance.

*this is a sponsored post.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

my latest new experience

Guess what? I registered with a new emerging social networking website which I am damn sure it is going to rock in very near future. It is very unique in its own way and it is a source of ample of entertainment stuffs. It was just very different experience for me after registering. Well, finally you can jeopardize your stream of pulses in here in this consumer network website, Acobay. It rocks. So you all must be very much eagerly waiting for knowing what it is all about and it special feature. I will give you all a terse but instead of reading I would prefer you to feel the fun by clicking on the links.

This Acobay is still a beta, but it looks well matured. I guess no one believe it is a beta. The most important theme of Acobay is connecting people of same interest (they refer it as a ‘stuff’) from both ends of the world. The registration is as simple and the website responds quickly as unlike some other social networking sites. After the registration, you can add numerous stuffs such as mobile phones, destinations, books, movies, music, personality, or even your own customized idea. After adding stuffs you are now connected to the ones with same stuffs and thus inter connecting people. There are several other features that quite decent such as stuff idea, stuff map and so on. Explore the real heat before it gets hotter.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

CNY mood

its just like yesterday we celebrated christmas then new year. and now another festive season is just around the corner... oh wow... how time flies very fast. megat went to school today to cover the school's extra CNY holidays from 24 january to 1 february 2009. 26 and 27 january 2009 are the national's public holidays. blimey! looks like i gotta plan some projects to do with megat for that 9 days break :D

as you could see, my blog is in the same mood as well weee...


  1. for the scrolling marquee, get the html code from here. although the site is dedicated specially for kids to learn simple html codes, but who cares right. as long as i could learn something from there then it should be no problem at all. in fact i have learned a lot from Lissa Explains! i find other sites are too complicated ;)

  2. for the floating widget (is this correct), i got mine from . i found the clip art on the web some time ago. i am so sorry that i couldn't remember of where i got it from. i save the clip art under .gif file (of course i edit it to a transparency mood first), then load it in to my photobucket... voila! simple as that :)

kuE' note:
do not feel hesitate to contact me for further queries or clarifications. i would be much glad to help you as far as i could.

Friday, January 16, 2009

ted on twitter

Meet Ted on Twitter now! I am sure many of you bloggers out there knows about Ted, founder/CEO of IZEA. So why not check out his twitter profile and get connected with him.

Twitter is a growing online social networking service, and it's all about what is going on now. You could see an example of mine on the left side bar of this blog.

What you do is log on and post short updates throughout the day about what's going on. Others can read what you write and can reply to your comments. Twitter users say you will be surprised of how much you learn.

You can also sign up and make your own profile on the website for you to get started. There’s no fee (yes you heard it right) or anything like that because registration is FREE. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website now and check out Ted’s profile and get up to date.

p/s I have just added Ted to mine too!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

why kuE love antiques: they have a story

people who knows this often asked me upon occasion, why do you like antiques, when did you start liking antiques, or have you always liked them. it did make me wonder.

a visit to ah teng's shop this morning gave me an idea to blog something about this! grandma asked to me to buy rice and potato ;) so while waiting for nya (ah teng's wife) to weight the rice, i stood infront of the shop with ah teng. then when i looked at this view (pic below), i know that its hard to find that big jars no more. i quickly took my oly in the car, and snapped this—

'ol things at ah teng's shop

and when i got closer to get a close-up view, ah teng told me, "sudah lama orr... itu balang. sikalang susah mau lapat orr..."

"berapa lama?", i asked.

"aiyoo... macam lu talak tau, pulut-pulut taun lor..."

'ol things at ah teng's shop

most of us that are are collectors of antiques have some sort of favorite heirloom that was passed on to us from a beloved family member or perhaps a close friend. for me it is an antique bed that was my grandmother's mother. i remember that i did post some pics here. i also have a few other pieces of furniture that were either my grandparents or treasured accessories that were both my grandmother's and my mother's as a child.

what is my point to all of this you ask? well in about few more years i will then pass on to my puteri and megat some things i have acquired over the years. things that are special to me, and that i hope will be special to my kids. i also will try to pass on my love for all things old. i figure if i start to surround my kids with antiques then maybe by the process of osmosis this kid will love them as much as i do. i am already planning in my mind some of the vintage influences i would like to incorporate into them.

back to ah teng's shop, by the time i wanna pay for the goods, he was already busy with their other customers. so i asked nya about the age of their sempua

'ol things at ah teng's shop

i know from some of my researches, that sempua is referred to as the world's first computer. this 600 year old calculating device is still used as an effective calculator in many parts of asia, including ah teng! hehee... you can learn how to read and work with this ancient invention here.

"dari bukak kedai sudah ada", nya said.

"nya agak berapa lama?".

"ayooo... manyak lama... masa tu lu olang pun belum ada! bapak lu pun muda lagi, sekolah, belum kawen.", replied nya. then we laughed out loud!!! rotfl ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the day "potluck with redmummy" featured in kosmo!

wahhh... its been almost 3 weeks since i joined "potluck with redmummy". its already been even featured in today's kosmo! (click on the above pic to get to kosmo!' site)... but i myself still haven't blog about it. shame on me! hey... anyhow i have load my collection of pics in my facebook's photo album though. ok ler tu... kan? well, i just thought that i wanna wait for this saturday, and post it under the title— "what i did today, last 3 weeks..." can i? alright, so i'll do it this saturday then insya Allah *big grin*

*pic courtesy of kosmo!

birthday shout outs!

i would like to wish "alles Gute zum Geburtstag!" to the following people—
  1. my cousin charlie aka muzmania, who is older than my lil' brother by +/- 5.5 months.
    "wishing you good health and happiness in life."

  2. my junior sharifah nita. we went to the same school both in primary and secondary school. she is now living in las vegas with her husband and two kids. we met again via none other than... facebook!!! now you know of how i know these birthdays hehee... well formerly sharifah was working as a flight stewardess with mas from december 1996 to march 2005. the best thing was she worked together with her sister who is very closed with her, and they really look-alike. in fact they went to their first interview together. they were lucky to be chosen and went through the courses together-gather as well. anyhow her sister is still working with the country's leading airlines though.
    "wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring."

  3. my blogger friend Sweettooth. i find that she likes to post about her makan-makan trips. we haven't met yet. we just communicate by online or sms *winks*
    "may this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams."

Monday, January 12, 2009

of kuE' passion—


finally... i have completed hand-sewn my kid's cloth badges on to their uniforms, 6 pieces altogether the other night *phew* yea!

i sew 'blanket stitch' that i find suitable to sew a badge. this embroidery stitch is worked from left to right. bring needle up and hold the loop of thread down with left thumb. make a vertical stitch (refer this link for a better picture or click on the above image for a larger view), bringing the needle out over loop of thread. read more about this stitch here.

i like to do most of the things myself because i'm passionate about what i do and when you're passionate... well, when you're passionate you don't settle. you don't do second best. it's an all out, stay up 'til midnight CREATE.

its just like getting a personalized gift, especially one that’s hand-made… with love. and, of course, its a way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you! a hand-made gift shows that you put extra thought into their gift, not to mention the time and attention you devoted to putting it together.

first day of school

both my puteri and megat said that they are so proud of their mama. the badges will surely be last long like the past years. while according to megat, his friends badges would normally torn off after quite some time. well as you could see, its actually the iron-on type cloth badge. an ustazah did ask megat about it some time end of last year, of how nice it looks like although the school days almost end; and megat proudly told her that it has been hand-sewn by his mama. see... its not that hard to make your loved ones happy :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

kuE' blog's 4th year blogaversary & 800th blog post— a nostalgic trip down memory lane

today i celebrate another milestone— my blog's 4th year blogaversary. wow... it has been an exciting ride.

the longevity of this blog is mainly due to all of my readers and those who frequently comment and email on what i have written. so a great big THANK YOU to all who have stopped by— especially those who keep on returning. so many of you have left great comments and emails and the discussions have been stimulating. keep ‘em coming folks.

three invitations:
  • you are all invited to leave appropriate comments and questions in the comments section underneath each post.
  • alternatively, you can email me privately at .
  • i also invite you to dig deeper into all those post on this blog. if you have recently discovered this blog, i have quite a number of post' about life as well waiting to be read. you can access then in two ways: click on the archives link on the left side bar or go to any of the categories or contents pages by typing a word or two on the search column on the navigation bar.

with this write-up, i also complete my 800th post to this blog. over the last few years i have made lasting friendships, found helping hands— brothers and sisters who have assisted me find my feet when all around me seemed foggy and forlorn.

to tell you the truth, this is all just co-incidence... i wanted to write a topic about my morning walk experience this two days, when i realized that this would be my 800th post (read my other special numbered post here. so i thought i'll just leave about the walk on a later blog post :) then i was more than surprise when i checked back and found that this is also the day of my blog's 4th year blogaversary!

i started blogging back then before i sign-up for my own blog, just by blog hopping on people's blog. it was so great reading other people's life blog, and left comments for quite some time when one day some blogger friends encouraged me to start writing my own blog. thus... the rest were history... i have in fact written the reasons of being a blogger
here. i guess its not much different from other bloggers.

i would like to thank YOU again for staying along with me in this journey for more than 4 years. we will continue sharing whatever we could.

Thank You!!!

Friday, January 09, 2009

kuE' choice: top 10 country songs

do you love singing country music? there are lots of great country music out there. to get you started, here are the top 10 country songs as per my choice. it took me some time to search for the video links and such plus listening to all the great country songs... its worth the time spent, really. you’ll see classic country songs as well as new hit songs. sing your favorite country music or try a new song and expand your singing ability—

valentine's day gifts for kids

happy valentine's day to you and yours. i know i know... its kinda still early, but how will you show your loved ones just how much you care for them this valentine's day? while looking for the perfect gift for the special person in your life, don't forget your kids! from heart bedecked tees to cool zippies, you are sure to find wonderful tokens of your affection for your little valentines.

kids everywhere love valentine’s day! the candy, fun and excitement of telling others how much they love and care for them, and the feeling of being special are enough to mesmerize any young child. there are a number of valentine’s day gifts for kids that make great ideas for the occasions. these gifts may be given to a kid, or kids may exchange these gifts. if you are in the market for great valentine’s day gifts for kids, you have come to the right place! keep reading for wonderful ideas!

valentine’s day crayons

every kid loves crayons! parents everywhere can associate with me when i speak of those little stubs and pieces of crayons that kids tend to collect. crayons may become worn down, or broken. most kids prefer whole crayons that are in one piece rather than one crayon that are broken down into many different pieces. however, they seem to love to hold on to those little pieces. why not encourage them to do something really creative this valentine’s day? have them create valentine’s day crayons that they can give their friends.

for this gift idea, you will need a cookie sheet, or mold, that has designs that reflect hearts. next, you will simply gather all those little stubby crayons and arrange them within each section of the mold. many would melt the crayons down beforehand, but what fun would that be? just how festive would the colors be? not very much fun or festive! your child can help arrange the colors in a certain way. one may choose to outline the outer part with red crayon pieces and the inside with pink crayon pieces. another child may choose to go for the rainbow effect and just make it with no design and all kinds of colors!

next, you will want to place the pan in the oven and bake for about fifteen to twenty minutes. You will want to ensure that the crayons are melted completely prior to removing them from the oven. once this achieved, take the cookie mold pan out of the oven and allow it to completely cool. this may take a couple of hours. during this time, you may want to assist your child in creating some homemade valentine’s day cards. once the sheet has cooled, the valentine’s day crayons should fall easily from the pan. you should then take some red or pink yarn and a yarn needle. run this through the valentine’s day card and then through the top corner of the heart! now, your kid can give these crayons and cards to their friends, classmates, and relatives!

valentine’s day dvd cards

if you want to create a special valentine’s day gift for your kid, or you want to help your child create a great gift for another, you may want to create a valentine’s day dvd card! in order to do this, you will need to come up with some pictures that you can scan on your computer. if you are a parent, you may want to choose pictures that show great moments with your kids. if you are helping your child create one for a friend or relative, help them locate pictures that display special moments between them.

once you have scanned and saved the pictures on your computer, you will want to find a song online that is special to show the receiver how much you mean to them. You can choose from fun and exciting songs like:

“be my valentine” by jack hartmann

“V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E” by ron brown

you can purchase the downloaded versions of these songs at “songs for teaching” at .

once you have a song, you can simply open up “windows movie maker” on most versions of microsoft windows and open the file where the pictures are located to add them. once this is completed, you can add the music you have chosen in the “audio” section. a number of special effects, title options, and credits can be chosen. you can then get a blank dvd case and design a cute little valentine’s day card as the cover.

this is a personalized valentine’s day gift for a kid that will be cherished for many, many years! this also makes a great valentine’s day gift for adults as well!

as you can see, there are many creative and great valentine’s day gifts for kids that can be made from the comfort of your home. the gift choices mentioned here will be more valuable to the child that receives them than candy, stuffed animals, or standard store bought gifts, and can be enjoyed for a long time!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

AZ & baby mishy!

blimey!!!... i am sure many would be jealous seeing this pic ya... its of anuar zain and my niece baby mishael. what's more when her mommy said that besides carrying baby mishy, he also hugged and kissed her (baby mishy of course, not her mommy) weee...

*pic courtesy of my cousin-in-law yatt.

associated content

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

we were late dammit!...

it was not too long ago that i stressed out on punctuality when we were already late this morning!

my n76 alarm's woke me up as usual at 5.12 am. with the thoughts of "still early", i let it snoozed for some times... end up i heard my nai nai was knocking on my door at about 10 minutes to 7! wargghhh!!!... must be me who has been thinking/dreaming a lot about the new me! luckily we managed to at least arrived in school by 7.30 am. this time i have to drop megat first, where we had to come from double lion roundabout instead. the only thing was that he had to cross the road with the help of the school's security guard, at the zebra crossing located right infront of the school.

i tell you what people... we could only see this panorama at malay college also, besides megat's school. what happened to other school's security guards. why can't they be as those two schools. i have in fact mainly stressed out about this in the meetings. too bad i always received negative answers i.e. the security guards are not under the school's supervision, they only report to the security company... blerk! wtf! if malay college and tsung wah can do it, wonder why other schools can't right?!! i am sure the order was by the respective' HMs or their discplinary boards. this is the matter of the safety of the school children...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

back to basics(?)

i have made some changes to myself today while both my kids gone to school this morning. megat smiled at me from ear-to-ear as soon as he saw me. but when asked, he said that there's actually nothing. it seems that he just likes to smile at his beloved mama. ok ok... i know that i have a best son ever that i could have in the world. megat is the type who do not like being sarcastic especially with his mama. so i guess to be on the safe side, better still he don't say nothing. that's why he only smiled when he saw me in school this afternoon. since i was not satisfied with that, i asked megat directly whether he likes what he sees. he smiled again. so to get straight to the point i asked him whether he likes my current or previous appearance. guess what people. megat likes the previous one!

so ya looks like megat actually prefers me with blonde/auburn/brownish kind of coloured hair like this—

rather than this one—

eventually he has never seen me with black hair thats why. i had to explain to megat that jet black was my original hair colour. i started to colour my hair since about more than 10 years ago (check-out my favourite hair colour ever brand here; i have never used others ever since then though). besides that i have been having a long straight hair all the while. so i thought that its better for me to have some changes instead. i braved myself to cut it two years ago.

when i felt that my hair has already grown rapidly fast during that two years, i decided to cut it again on mid december last year. i am sure most of you people have already seen quite a number of my new hair's pics here in my blog lately right. while the idea of having black hair had been bugging me for quite some time as well... alas!

puteri was stunned too when she entered the car. she was like... "aikk?!!" hehee... puteri is ok with it anyway. for me, i feel like i am totally a new ladddyyyyy yet happily gesturing in to the great new years.

so what do you think of my new hair people *winks*

vanidah imran!

puteri and i were walking towards the lobby of istana budaya, after mamma mia! show when suddenly i was so happy and glad to saw vanidah imran right infront of my big eyes! weee...

mamma mia the musical

i dunno what to say but when she turned around, i braved myself to poke her shoulder and asked her to take a pic with me. i know that she was rushing to go out, probably her husband was waiting for her or something, but i don't care! she looks stunning although she just came in orange blouse and jeans with black shawl. i like her features as well— very beautiful.

i remember she won the first sehati berdansa programme last year. they made up a good couples though. and they have a blog— Ke Bintang! — The Official Blog Of Rashidi Ishak & Vanidah Imran; by the way i don't think we can expect much as they find that blogging is a great way to keep in touch and update their friends and fans of what's happening to their latest project and stuffs!

kuE' note:
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