Monday, January 05, 2009

of being lucky

let's think of someone who is extremely lucky. think of the luckiest person you know. we will find that person is usually happy, outgoing and upbeat. they know how to make the best of any situation i.e. my lil' sis— because of her work fields in advertising, she used to get many coupons, vouchers and such plus many more stuff from her clients. and most of the time she would normally shared them all with us, like movie tickets, and the other day she gave me petrol vouchers!!!... bhp pun bhp ler kan? hehee...

now talking about movie tickets, i found out from johnny ong's blog that malaysian film producers association is planning to increase the ticket price by 100%... blerk! if that's so, i wonder whether my lil' sis will still be getting movie tickets after this :P she just gave me about 10 tickets recently for tgv in kinta city!

on the other hand, now let's think about someone we know who always seems to have bad luck. do they complain and gripe all the time? the "Lucky" person is usually the one with the positive attitude.

it's just possible that your attitude can change your luck. we've all heard the saying, "when life deals you lemons, learn how to make lemonade". the person that turns an adverse situation into an advantage, one is sometimes looked upon as being lucky, when it was actually their attitude that brought about the luck. without having any doubt we can believe that a person who could just change his bad luck into Luck by his ATTITUDE is the Luckiest person.