Thursday, January 22, 2009

how we can help gaza?

figures provided by palestinian MoH are 1,314 killed (412 children and 110 women) and 5,450 injured (1855 children and 795 women) as at 19 january. no new figures were provided today as more bodies are being discovered in areas previously inaccessible. new figures are expected early next week.

nine israeli soldiers have been killed during the operation. according to the magen david adom national society (israeli equivalent to red cross and red crescent society), israeli civilian casualties stand at four, while four have been critically injured, 11 moderately injured and 167 lightly injured since 27 december.

source: UNICEF

everything that is occurring in gaza, palestine is beyond humane. anyone in their right mind would realize that this genocide is out of control. children are being torn apart by bombs blown right in their homes by the israeli army. women protecting their young kids are also torn apart. unarmed men and elders are being shattered by bombs and air raids. these civilians should not go through this alone, we need to help. we need to stop this manslaughter. we need to aid them. we need to stand up to what’s right... what is just. we need to show these innocent children that we will help them. we need to show them that we are humans and we care to make a difference.

in my effort to do something, i urge all of you people to help UNICEF to move as quickly as they can to repair and rebuild schools to get them up and running. they are also preparing to send in teams of counselors to help children deal with the trauma they are experiencing...

since UNICEF cannot do this alone, they are appealing for our generous support to help the children in gaza now:

— RM50 can provide 3 families with water containers that can store 20 liters of water safely.

— RM300 can help provide 10 families in Gaza with Basic Family Water Kits ensuring children have clean water to eat, drink and bathe in.

— RM800 will purchase a school-in-the box kit to help 80 children continue with schooling.

if you wish to contribute to UNICEF for the children of gaza, you can find out more and the information on how to donate in this form.

please view it and send it to as many people as possible so that the message can get through, alternatively:
  • if you are a blogger, blog about it. stay level and smart, respond to hate comments wisely and smartly.
  • if you use twitter, tweet about it.
  • if you live in a country where you can change your politics rally and lobby for the cause.
  • if you use facebook, post articles and blog posts to point your non arab friends to fairer information.
  • if you are a cartoonist or an artist, express yourself and post on deviantart, facebook, blogs or wherever you can.
  • if you are a teacher teach our younger generations.
  • if you are part of global voices then translate articles and educate the rest of the world.
thank you!