Saturday, January 03, 2009

of a perfect family night movie!!!

My family enjoys movies. My kids are always spouting words from movies. I usually have to ask them what the heck they are talking about as they go on and on with their banter. Watching movies, especially during the holidays, has become a tradition for our family. Our tastes in movies vary for each of us. The kids get into intense sci-fi or animated movies. I like sweet love stories and uplifting movies. I think that, as a family, we don’t care for documentary types of movies. We want to be entertained and leave a movie with a good feeling.

One such uplifting movie that the whole family can enjoy is All Roads Lead Home.

All Roads Lead Home The Movie is a movie that the whole family can enjoy. Available on DVD on 13 January 2009, this is a movie that definitely needs to be added to your movie collection.

The heartwarming story is based on how a young girl’s life is changed after her mother dies in a car accident. Her father and grandfather try to help her cope as they try to cope with their own loss. This story is one that shows how families are able to forgive shortcomings in each other and the value of the family bond. The connection of a child and her pet is a sweet addition to the story.