Tuesday, January 06, 2009

back to basics(?)

i have made some changes to myself today while both my kids gone to school this morning. megat smiled at me from ear-to-ear as soon as he saw me. but when asked, he said that there's actually nothing. it seems that he just likes to smile at his beloved mama. ok ok... i know that i have a best son ever that i could have in the world. megat is the type who do not like being sarcastic especially with his mama. so i guess to be on the safe side, better still he don't say nothing. that's why he only smiled when he saw me in school this afternoon. since i was not satisfied with that, i asked megat directly whether he likes what he sees. he smiled again. so to get straight to the point i asked him whether he likes my current or previous appearance. guess what people. megat likes the previous one!

so ya looks like megat actually prefers me with blonde/auburn/brownish kind of coloured hair like this—

rather than this one—

eventually he has never seen me with black hair thats why. i had to explain to megat that jet black was my original hair colour. i started to colour my hair since about more than 10 years ago (check-out my favourite hair colour ever brand here; i have never used others ever since then though). besides that i have been having a long straight hair all the while. so i thought that its better for me to have some changes instead. i braved myself to cut it two years ago.

when i felt that my hair has already grown rapidly fast during that two years, i decided to cut it again on mid december last year. i am sure most of you people have already seen quite a number of my new hair's pics here in my blog lately right. while the idea of having black hair had been bugging me for quite some time as well... alas!

puteri was stunned too when she entered the car. she was like... "aikk?!!" hehee... puteri is ok with it anyway. for me, i feel like i am totally a new ladddyyyyy yet happily gesturing in to the great new years.

so what do you think of my new hair people *winks*