Friday, January 02, 2009

hallo 2009!

ein gutes neues Jahr... *winks*

how is everyone doing over the new years. for myself, like i've mentioned earlier
here, i am still on the go not till the very last minutes of school holidays, that is this sunday. so more updates should be typed very soon, as soon as i am back on track at least by early next week! at the meantime i have also bought myself a new year present i.e. starbuck's planner 2009. the main reason: to make sure that i jot down whatever plans/daily schedules in a way to be rememberred or in other words, to get myself more organized in this upcoming new years *big grin* i will make sure to bring it everywhere i go, insya ALLAH; till then...


*kuE' blogging location: a very nice and cosy corner spot at starbucks2 outlet, sunway pyramid.