Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the day i started testing firefox 3.1

Firefox 3.1

i downloaded and started to test this program firefox 3.1 about an hour ago. so far i find it damn good. the people behind it are sooooo brilliant. there's no distraction for me listening to my favourite online music site, compared to before. besides that most of the time the links were all accessible within a few seconds. i like...

actually i have been getting the alert to download this for quite some time, alas i decided to try it. but before i click the download button, i was kinda afraid also though whether my bookmarks gonna be gone... thus i have to reinstate them all over again. i braved myself... and after i restart the puter, click the new firefox 3.1 icon, then when i click 'bookmarks'... voila! wahhh... i am sooo impressed!

these are some of their new acclaimed features—
  • use the new private browsing mode and the updated clear recent history function (in the tools menu) to keep your holiday shopping a secret.
  • tear tabs off the tab bar to create new windows, and drag and drop them from one firefox window to another.
  • control the smart location bar results with special characters.
  • watch a video in your browser without needing any plugins or external media players.
what say you people?

p/s hmm... the new homepage reminds me of transformers ler... my mom still keeps my lil bro's one in the store. i guess probably she wants to hand them down over to our future generations just like antiques stuff :)