Saturday, January 17, 2009

CNY mood

its just like yesterday we celebrated christmas then new year. and now another festive season is just around the corner... oh wow... how time flies very fast. megat went to school today to cover the school's extra CNY holidays from 24 january to 1 february 2009. 26 and 27 january 2009 are the national's public holidays. blimey! looks like i gotta plan some projects to do with megat for that 9 days break :D

as you could see, my blog is in the same mood as well weee...


  1. for the scrolling marquee, get the html code from here. although the site is dedicated specially for kids to learn simple html codes, but who cares right. as long as i could learn something from there then it should be no problem at all. in fact i have learned a lot from Lissa Explains! i find other sites are too complicated ;)

  2. for the floating widget (is this correct), i got mine from . i found the clip art on the web some time ago. i am so sorry that i couldn't remember of where i got it from. i save the clip art under .gif file (of course i edit it to a transparency mood first), then load it in to my photobucket... voila! simple as that :)

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