Monday, July 30, 2007

crocs everywhere

we had a great lunch with sheryl at marché @ the curve yesterday. sheryl showed us her newly bought white/fuchsia croc' sassari. it didn't surprise me at all when puteri also fell in love with those new product i.e. especially the nice and cute design plus puteri's favourite color - will definitely get one for her.

i remember some time ago when i asked puteri whether she also want one of the crocs. she was like 'blerk'! she hate those with holes, not her type at all. same here.

well there are so many types of design for adults and children. anyhow i guess its not worth it to buy one for smaller children, unless if you really have a good income. its rather expensive for some, thus its not suitable for the children at all, as they intense to grow fast. what say you?

ya allah!...

i was damn shocked when reading this a while ago via sms:

Date 30/07/2007
Time 15:50

30/7 Police have arrested a woman in her 30's over the discovery of chopped-up body parts left in a fridge in a luxury condo in Mont Kiara/STAR

i was like... masya-allah!!! what happened to our people these days? why they got no other things to do huh?!! more stories can be found here.

Monday July 30, 2007

New owner finds chopped-up body in sealed fridge


KUALA LUMPUR: A condominium owner’s joy at having bought a luxury unit turned into horror when he found a dead body in a refrigerator.

More horrifying was that the body, believed to be that of an unidentified man, had been cut into 11 pieces and placed in five black garbage bags.

The owner, in his 30s, made the gruesome discovery when he went to clean the apartment located on the 19th floor of a condominium block in Mont Kiara here yesterday.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Ku Chin Wah said the apartment had been vacant for more than three months.

He said that the man only received the keys to the apartment on Friday and had decided to clean up the property with his sister at 3pm yesterday.

“When he opened the door he suspected something amiss when he smelt a strong stench and immediately called the security guards.

“They found the body in a refrigerator which was sealed with masking tape,” he said when met at the scene.

According to sources, the body was believed to have been in the refrigerator for about a week.

Police found a photocopy of a driving licence of one Nora Jawi Spreen Jawi with the address USJ2/4D Subang Jaya.

SAC Ku urged Nora or anyone who could assist with the investigations to contact him at 012-8362224 or the police station.


to my dear rose, tqsm for tagging me. i know, i know, although this one for charity, i don't think i wanna do it. i have checked and saw many people did it already. its like 214 nos already to-date! that would come out to a sum of RM25,400. so, do you think this is for real?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

the day azah got married...

yes! azah married at last... congratulations dear. the solemnisation ceremony (akad nikah) was held at her family's place yesterday. but unfortunately i cannot attend it as i was at my cousin ina's wedding reception, at cempaka sari hall, silveritage galeria, the same place too for azah's wedding reception this afternoon.

guess what people. azah's wedding dais was more or less the same as zaf & jaja's. the story was like this - we met in a task force meeting at shaidi's place a few weeks ago. azah asked me about zaf's wedding. i knew it that she gonna ask that cuz she was nervous giler to prepare for her wedding stuff that time. who wont right. i asked her back whether she wanna look at the pics. so i took out my darling oly, switched it on and passed it to her. she scrolled the pics and admired them all interestingly, when suddenly she came across zaf's wedding pics in ipoh. she was like, "wow... i love this one". and here it is--

Azah & Faizal @ Ipoh

the simple and beautiful wedding dais

Azah & Faizal @ Ipoh

azah & faizal

Azah & Faizal @ Ipoh

azah & i

once again, congratulations to both of you azah & faizal -

a toast to the future, a salute to the past
a tribute to love and friendship that lasts

love is not measured in moments of time,
but in timeless moments

on your wedding day, may God walk beside you,
filling your hearts with love as you begin
your new life together

two lives joined in friendship,
two hearts joined in love

Saturday, July 21, 2007

the day we celebrate in ipoh

Azrina & Daniel @ Ipoh

it was pink & white in kl, while here in ipoh was grey. the kenduri this time was lovely. family, relatives and friends from all walks of life came from far and near, not forgetting the groom's relatives from grik who came by a few buses.

the best thing was that daniel's family all was so happy to meet our family too especially bah (grandmother) and my parents. why you asked? well... eventually their earlier generations till now were our neighbour! since they knew our family very well, i could see how kind they were to bah and my mom and dad... till they packed us three sets of the lauk-pauk. ada ka? lol... at first we were kinda shy. but on a second thought, since they have generously given the food to us, tak pe lar kan... hehe...

the bride entourage (including us) arrived at the hall around 1.15 pm. after i finished eating around 2.45 pm, i looked around, just to see in case i knew anyone there. i was so surprise when i saw hairy sitting at a table behind me. of course he was stunned too lol... so we chat like no one business. he also introduced me to his wife, "ini kuE (but of course he mentioned my real life nickname), jai punya". hmm... both of my big and round eyes turned more bigger. he smiled at me. the wife too. fyi people, hairy is rizal's elder brother ;) and what really a small world we could say - hairy's wife is daniel's (the groom) cousin! then... i thought that hairy will definitely tell rizal about it. my guess was right... that i received a sms from rizal on my way back home, asking about the meet with hairy :)

here's for my cousin azrina & daniel -

may this be the beginning of all you have longed for – a love to give, a miracle to keep. congratulations.

Monday, July 16, 2007

the pimple

puteri just called me, asking me to bring her to a local supermarket. after several questions, then only she told me that she was worried about a pimple on her forehead. yes i saw it when i fetched her around 5pm at her school earlier. i thought she don't care lol... btw i found this link on how to pop a pimple ;)

gadis puteri perak
(pic courtesy of ministry of culture, arts & heritage of malaysia)

the prime minister of NZ, the rt. hon helen clark is visiting our country now. she will also visit puteri's school (thats also my former school) tomorrow. puteri has been chosen to be a gadis puteri perak, who will be greeting (helen) clark upon her arrival. now you know of why puteri was worried about her pimple ya... besides that i know puteri is kinda nervous too for tomorrow. even the sultan of perak was there this morning, to do some inspection :)

as a mother, i am glad to help the teacher to make a ballerina bun hairstyle for puteri, although maybe it won't be as good as this hehe... then they will decorate it with some cucuk or pacak sanggul. the other girl wears hijab, so they do not have to worry about that.

to my puteri, its alright dear, you will be fine. mama wish you the best of luck mwahh...

kuE's note:
do not forget to tune in to tomorrow's local tv news people and you will see what i mean ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

being a young mothers

i was blog hopping today when i stumbled into a local chinese lady's blog. in her first post about a year ago, she was mentioning about people asking her of giving birth at her age of 25. chinese people always like that hor? i could see that they are not into having babies at a young age. why ler...

i was about 22 when i gave birth to my puteri. that means she will be 28 when i am 50. thats not wrong right. at least i do not have to struggle myself to look after my kids when i am old. they could take care of themselves. i remembered my aunties were like, "wahh... so young already has baby". my grandmother interrupted them- "wan lagi gatal... umur 15 dah bersalin". everybody were like stunned but later laughed like hell lol... and this year... puteri is going to be 13 when grandmother will be 80. in fact puteri is grandmother's first great grandchildren.

talking about being young mothers, i am sure everybody heard about ying ying. her mother was 28. why on earth she was so cruel to kill her own daughter, yet so cute some more. give to other people la like what our older generations did. so many couples out there wanna have kids also no chance. while this people went and kill an innocent life. f*ck!!! click here for more stories.

Monday, July 09, 2007

back on track...

i do not think most people would believe this. i was "KO" after the party. it took me nearly a week to get back on track. i hate being sick. the last time maybe years ago. tell me who does right. i was really weak i tell you. even felt like wanna cry... aiyaa... what is it called? but i knew my grandma said mine was 'demam urat' lol... ;) well in fact now i am still not in my best of health yet. regards to this, i have just replied comments left in my blog. i also didn't do much of what bloggers normally do i.e. blogging, blog hopping etc. i really missed doing all that. that's include posting something on important dates like my brother's birthday on 1.07.07, my parent's anniversary on 3.07.07, and not forgetting the special digits date 7.07.07. hmm... i wonder what else did i miss. so people... do let me know if i missed anything.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

full moon

i was walking back home with megat when we saw this. i quickly took a few shots before we went in. isn't it look wonderful. actually it first appeared last night.

to tell you the truth... i still feel exhausted out of yesterday's event -- woke-up late, do not have the energy to do anything blah blah blah... so i brought grandma and kids to kat kopitiam for lunch. i know... although or no matter how tired i am, i have to feed my kids. but then... since i can't stand it no more, i lied down on the day bed at the patio. both my eyes became smaller and smaller... end up i had a "nap" there almost three hours lol... and since i didn't go to work from wednesday (had meeting whole day at casuarina, then was busy preparing stuff for megat's party), i tried my best to make an effort to go there after my three hours nap; just to check on things, whether everything ok or not.

i guess i better get going now... its hard for me to open my eyes already. good night people no matter where you are around the globe. kuE signing off... ciao! ttfn.