Tuesday, November 28, 2006

someone who lives in your heart

watching this music video on youtube just now, inspired me to share it here in my blog. all-4-one is always one of my favourite since my school days. remember "i swear" or "i can love you like that"? i guess i am beginning to love this song too ;)

park hyoshin ft. all-4-one

Monday, November 27, 2006

happy feet, i've got those happy feet...

so you think this is just a movie about dancing penguins, hmmm? i did too.


happy feet should come with a warning. right out of the box. it will make you want to tap dance, even if you can't. you will want to take home a baby penguin (and even if you could, that's really not such a great idea, is it?). most of all, this audacious, blindingly bright, glittering music box of a movie is going to knock you out of your seat with laughter one moment, tears the next, and finally – in the end – with a take-no-prisoners message about what we're doing to the planet (hint: it ain't good) that won't be ignored. not for one minute.

what to do with it all, what to do, what to DO? i may have to see it again to decide.

i know i liked it, and on many levels. on some, i even loved it. especially gratifying is the central story of mumbles – the fuzzy, happy footed hero whose tap dancing expresses what his lack of song cannot. like rudolph with his beacon of a nose, a liability is turned in the end to triumph.

that's the spirit. yeah, you show 'em kid!

see this movie. take a kid, or three. it will quietly piss off your very conservative friends and relatives (added bonus), while showing the little ones a good time. and it will dazzle you ...

... like it did me.

still need convincing, or hungry for a little taste? please click here and here. while click here for happy feet on myspace.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

think! think! think!

skipped work in the morning yesterday to meet V. as usual, we met at his place, catching-up on stuff that we missed on each other. one thing surprised me was when he offered me to work with him. HUH?!! i asked him many times. it seems he IS serious. he's gonna open 'another dot dot dot' in bercham very soon. so he knows that i could managed it. thus he thought that if i wanna accept his offer, he do not have to find another people to do it. gosh... besides have to discuss about the conditions and such, i have to really really THINK about this matter thoroughly. arrghhh!!!...

what do you think people? should i accept V's offer?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

katie takes tiny tom out for a walk

i had to post this. best photo ever; that i found from browsing-thru the net.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

comment please #3

comment please #2
comment please #1

what do you think of the above pic, people? for me, all i could said as soon as i saw that was EWWW... read more about it here :(

kuE's note: pic by QC.

let's go to the zoo...

translation (especially for QC):
"visit us at taiping zoo & night safari.
50% discount for a child's ticket; with every purchase of RM40 and above."

kuE's note:
1. this is our school holiday's promotion i.e. 18 November to 31 December 2006 ;)
2. read about our taiping trip here.

Monday, November 20, 2006

lots to tell about 3/3


oh yes... before anything else, let me tell you all people that puteri finally got her upsr exam result last thursday. i really felt bad when i had to attend our last meeting on the taiping zoo project on the very same day. our meeting ended around noon. then only i realized that puteri sms me her results. she got 2As and 3Bs, alhamdulillah... i am so proud of her, no matter what. i quickly sms dad and asked him to fetch megat, while i would fetch puteri. i drove calmly, can't wait to see my puteri. i was kinda nervous in the morning but when i saw her that afternoon, she looks really relaxed instead i tell you.

i was lucky that i had to be in taiping during the weekend. we reached there on friday, after puteri's ballet class. talking about ballet, puteri got A for her last ballet test. i guess i forgot to post about it few months ago ;)

back to the taiping story, i said that i was lucky because i always tried my best to take the chance to have some extra times with my kids too, especially when we organized any community programme. i did the same last weekend. saturday morning was the launching of our project with taiping zoo. there was also a community programme held in the zoo premise, in collaboration with the zoo's officers. my sister was our lens woman. she came with my parents that morning. that event also was featured in today's papers. besides that i also introduced my mom to dr kevin lazarus, the zoo director. my mom happily told dr kevin that she heard a lot about him on tv and papers hehe...

kuE's note: pic above was taken at the taiping zoo by my sister, edited by karl, le drôle de français ;) as featured in her flickr account. can you guess what was the pic all about?

both my kids were so happy that day joined together with the orphanage that we brought from changkat jering. megat was so excited when we planned to go for the night safari. at first we wanted to go on friday night but megat felt sleepy very early. so the next day (saturday) we extended our stay at seri malaysia. we were already tired by the time the event finished. we went back to the hotel for a quick shower. besides, who wants to go around the town with my uniform right lol. after we had our meal at mcD (upon kids request), i brought them to the museum. that was their first time. at least they learned so many things from the trip there.

pic taken at the museum, by puteri

instead of going back to the hotel, we went to air cool shop in kamunting. actually i've been longing to install this for my 4wd for months. then i thought since the company has a dealer in taiping too, why not right. i spent about RM700. at least now i don't have to worry about driving in the hot sun no more ;)

we went back to the hotel to get some rest. by the time i woke-up, it was about 7.30pm. megat was sleeping too. i managed to wake him up. unfortunately it was raining that night. so we decided to go to the night safari on some other time. its not strange as taiping is well-known as the wettest place on earth. then we decided to just go out for dinner. we went to doli and have her famous fried kway teow. so if you come over to taiping, make sure that you never missed this. its one of the famous in town.

hmm... finally... i guess i've already summed-up everything by now in all the three parts post. i hope that i didn't miss anything :D

Sunday, November 19, 2006

lots to tell about 2/3


oh my... what a weekend ;)

we (kids & me) came back from our two nights stay in taiping this morning. it was absolutely great especially when i could spare some time with them, even though i had to be there for work earlier.

well, before i go any further, let me tell ya a bit of what happened last week. i was in kl for three nights since friday. i supposed to have appointment with some friends on that night but you know... i was afraid if i would be tired. so i told them to meet on saturday instead. so we just had dinner at ikea as soon as we reached there around 8pm or so before we proceed straight back home.

i am lucky to have such understanding children. after we had breakfast at mcD in mutiara damansara, i send them to my auntie's house in ttdi. i was with my friends all day that saturday. they didn't even bother to ask or call me. i was the one who called them via puteri's phone once in a while. i lepak with friends, catching-up on things we missed. it was saturday night. as usual, we were at la bodega, telawi road in bangsar. as usual too, that was the time when i had my unusual drinks in klang valley only hehe... wonder whether you understand what i meant ;) you know, when we were surrounded with our long-time friends. its hard to disappoint them. koboi was no longer there but our friend wan still there though. however koboi was with us too. you could see wan's pic in their what's on page. i was not sure what wan made me that night. its kinda mix of part of v---- with chocolate i guess :) i like it though. our nights didn't end there. they brought me to another new place to go in heritage row. old terraces converted into pubs and restaurants, this seems to be the place for the trendy crowd. they know that i seldom be with them in kl since i came back here three years ago. that's why they brought me there :P great place. it was 11.30pm that i told them that i had to go. koboi teased me that i was like a cinderella, who has to go back before the clock struck midnight. who cares man... i have to pick-up my kids at my auntie's place. by the time i reached ttdi, megat already slept.

the next morning was spent with kids. in fact i was with them the whole day. enough with friends. my youngest sister joined us at the curve. we had our brunch at one of our favourites, paddington house of pancakes. after that it was shopping time!!! i got myself some new skirts and blouses and some accessories. we went back home around 3pm.

that evening i brought kids to leilanie's place for raya. i met sheryl for the first time! i guess we could get-along very well. maybe we have known each other via our blogs—that’s the wonders of blogging. like in my case, at first i was wondering whether i was in the real-life when i saw leilanie's mom. then i saw her brother and her dad. then her son. i was telling myself, "i knew them!"... they were all featured in leilanie's blog. how about you people? did you have the same feeling like me, when you met your blogger friends. anyhow here's some pics that we snapped that night. like leilanie said, "bloggers won't leave home without taking pics"; right? lol...

look at leilanie's busy hand ;)

group pic taken by sheryl's friend

well people, that's it for now. so many things to tell about huh?!! i will tell more about my taiping trip in my next post ;)


Thursday, November 16, 2006

lots to tell about 1/3

i haven't been up-dating my blog regularly like before. i know that and i was kinda miss it (blogging) sooo much too. even i was not that productive at all at work this week. what with the taiping zoo project that our task force been organizing for this saturday.

on the other hand, puteri and i kept ourself busy in the kitchen with our baking session almost all nights since last week. thus we were like zombies during the day lol... we really don't mind it at all as baking is one of our most precious passion. i am glad that puteri could get-along very well and shared with me something that i like. guess what people. last week we baked about nine medium-size jars full of chocolate chip cookies for our kl friends (you know who you are), including one for home—kids really love it i tell ya. we really hope that you all like it too, as much as we love baking them. thanks to Kimi and Leilanie for the special entries on their blogs. actually ladies, the thing is i have never thought of that at all. for me, you all are just like part of my heart and soul, as i don't think i have a very special gal friends no more other than my puteri :(

puteri's upsr exam results coming out today around 10am. i was kinda damn nervous. its supposed to be came out last tuesday but they postponed it. unfortunately i have to go to ipoh to attend our very last meeting for the taiping zoo project shortly. maybe i'll call or sms her ;)

alright people, i have to go now... there are lots more to tell about in the next post...


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

introducing ~ perak vocabs, here on my 300th' post

i decided to post this as my special entry. this is all because of this guy who are so proud of everything from/by kelantan. he even posted about all the kelantanese words that he knows. well, here's mine...


ape habor?apa khabar?how are you?

ape hay?apa hal?what is it?




baju perak










(warm body temperature,
almost flu)














kape terhobangkapal terbangaeroplane

katehke atasgoing up





koley i.e. "makan koley jer"makan seorang dan tidak berhidang (ala-ala nasi kandar)


kulu keliorke hulu dan ke hilir




libang-libususah hati/tidak sedap hati



mak mentitikusrat

meghampuihmelepaskan geram







moh le...mari (ajak)invite/let's go


ngelatambil kesempatantake advantage












surat haborsurat khabarnews paper

tabo, beterhabotabur





terap i.e. terap pinggantiarap






kuE's note: i'll update the above from time to time ;)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

the amazing race asia

**click here for the official website and click here to view more videos.

kuE's note: i am one post behind my soon-to-be 300th' post of my blog. do you have any suggestion of what i should write in that special entry people? my mind can't really think of what to type since that day :(

Thursday, November 02, 2006

all good things must come to an end...

no, i'm not talking about this blog. i ought that some of you may misunderstood. this blog will go on forever. who else am i going to brag to? my friends? HAH! what friends? seriously though, i've been thinking of a few things that appear to be beyond my grasp. so, i bid farewell to D. it was really a damn hard time.

i am so sorry. i posted nothing
here. it was just to capture the historical date of him and me broke-off. thus i was serenending to my feelings here. i guess maybe i’ll just keep it to myself, no need for me to explain it. well who knows maybe i’ll do it out of the blues someday? that’s it for now. ciao...