Tuesday, August 30, 2005


uhh... how nice listening to the soothing "you don't know my name" by alicia keys. ghee... thats not the point!

i've just completed all the important task, time to go back now. but before that juz wanna ensure that i let u all know whats happening yesterday morning. kinda tricky tho' hehe...

i was having breakfast with my dear six years old son when suddenly...

son : ma, why cik wah* and wan chik* tak de anak?
me : emm... sebab they are not married yet.
son : then, mama married dengan sape?
me : (fuhh... tough Q) err... emm... wait lar, i'll tell you someday.
[my son just stopped there, finishing his breakfast]

gosh... kidz these days huh?!! i guess he will be more smarter than me when he grows up lol. he already in his final year of his three years in a chinese kindergarten. one of his kindy teachers told me something good today, that they have selected my son to present a speech in mandarin during his graduation day cum end year concert. in my mind i feel proud of him but at the same time i am nervous too, dunno whether my son could do it or not. anyhow the teacher is so damn confident with him. phew... we'll see...

my son never got the chance to see his father in his whole entire life. i'm also his dad all this while. its hard and tough being a single mom of two wonderful kids i.e. hard of maintaining the ringgits also tough facing people's unsealable mouth, full of gossips!

*cik wah and wan chik are the names that my son called his aunties who are also my younger sisters.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

raya shopping

i did bring grandma to the sunday market this morning. as soon as we came back i took my shower then we off to ipoh for a sunday outing together. we had lunch at her fav restaurant called secret recipe. i remember those times when it first opened, they won the best cheese cake award!

we then proceed to a fabric shop, thought of going there to just look around. i end up buying two fabs each for my kids and three for me instead lol. these are (for sure) for the raya season that is coming very soon. lega rasanya... one part done! i would definitely send all the fabs to my tailor tomorrow so that she and the pakcik (for my son's baju melayu) could sew all of them on time hehe...

one week school holidays are going to be over very soon in a few hours. my kids are back, missed both of them so much. i would have to start my normal schedule at 5am from tomorrow. but then i'm bringing some work back home as today is the cut-off date for pay day. so i dunno whether i could get enough sleep for today too or not since i slept for 2.5 hours only last nite.

cloud 9

wa lau ley... the rainy weather was sooo damn nice last nite. i felt damn great in my air-condition room plus the cooling weather from outside. thus... grandma knocked on my door at 6.30. apalagi... macam lipas kudung lar i but i didn't take my shower hehe... i drank a glass of plain water and went down almost 6.45, my staff already waiting for me hahaha. dad went to kl yesterday to bring back my kids thats why. if not, i could have more sleeps lol.

anyhow can't blame the weather only actually *glurpp*. i watched movie till almost 2.30am. when i was about to sleep, david called me at 3am. that what makes me feel so happy. according to him, he read my email the day before. when he wanted to go to work in the morning he thought of calling me after he comes back. we missed each other so much. one of our plans ehem ehem... is for me to go for a week holiday to vancouver! david will be my tourist guide. of course he will bring me to see his family, friends and colleagues at work too. he did tell me that if he would come over here, he will fly and settle down, never go back there; left his family and friends behind to be with me. we talked and chat for an hour. then only i slept soothingly.

okay other than that, i went for an hour thai oil aromatheraphy massage session at the spa centre of the syuen hotel in ipoh. that was my first time going for a spa done by an amateur. few times before this... argghhh... had told everything in my previous entries hehe...

i have to go now, gonna have my breakfast and shower. guess have to bring grandma to the weekend market too. who else huh?!! other than this only cucu mithali (hah! perasan lol).

Saturday, August 27, 2005

maybank's great service

i was delighted by the tip-top service of maybank in this new millenium compared to other local banks. with their online service banking via maybank2u, i've just paid my fuuyo! cd. how nice huh?!! we could now make payments from anywhere and anytime in the world. yea... its so great that i could sit here on my office chair yang empuk with the comfort of the office yang sejuk and nyaman while doing all this on-line banking, no hassle of traffic-jams, parking, queue blah blah blah... if you don't believe me, there's so many stuff you could do there including a latest one that i saw where you could reload or top-up your pre-paid mobile phone line too. other options for this service is through your maybank atm card at the atm machine.

lets take the maybank branch in my area as an example. what i could say here is that their man-power are so damn good, efficient and friendly too besides their great service of the electronic and internet banking services. in addition to this, even their bank manager is sooo helpful during peak hours i.e. he would help the elderly to fill in the bank slips, sometimes he even helped their loyal customers at the atm or cash deposit machines, he would also sit at the numbering machine helping customers to press the correct button.

i don't think we could see this type of environment in other local banks. come on bankers, wake-up! please treat maybank as a very good example.

Friday, August 26, 2005


...which is really fuuyo!

i got a copy of my cd already. well actually according to my staff mr posto send it yesterday. since i was not in, i could only unwrap it this morning. tqsm afdlin shauki. i am listening to it now. its damn gr8 mannn... my fav is 'daku percaya'.

i was really looking high and low for this. i read a post on his blog on last friday about his bad album distributor, and without even finished reading all, i already sent an email to him for a copy of the cd. last monday he mailed all the cds'/cassettes ordered by sunday. this is definitely the best idea to strengthen the local music industry.

ok lor... my dad juz called to hv our lunch together. early lunch? well, he gonna go for his friday prayers lor...

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

duck race

my dad send kidz to kl yesterday evening for the school holidays. in fact he juz called that he is on the way back already now lol.

hmm... i'm sure u all would wonder why i post a food pic this time. well since my staff thought i left alone at home (but actually grandma too, dunno what's her "angin" that she dun wanna follow the kidz this time), one of them belanja me a nasi lemak and kopi 'o' ais. this is normal for us here. maybe u could refer to my previous post on good boss equals satisfied worker .

anyhow while i was eating, i surf thru the net and at the same time read my inbox. there was an email from MAKNA about the DUCK RACE that is gonna be held on 4 september 2005 in kuala lumpur. why MAKNA in my inbox? well i donate to them monthly via my maybank2u account. adalah sikit. this is like something good that i could do while working hard for living. i have paid for 5 ducks! i'll see maybe i'll add 5 more after pay day :)

if you think you are generous enough, please help too. you could also pay online via your credit card, no matter from other parts of the world. i juz would like to say "thank you" on behalf of my beloved country.

Monday, August 22, 2005

"shake it off"

i am not a puter savvy. well actually i do not know much about html code but certainly i am trying to add something here and there on my blog. as you could see here i've added my fav music video 'shake it off' by mariah carey! ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

bahasa malaysia?

today is rather a damn busy day for me. suddenly this letter broke the silentness ;)

a staff brought in a bunch of letters that he has just received from mr. postman. as soon as i opened this one, i smiled alone followed by laughing like hell lol... no lar...

so i showed this to my staff too. this letter got something to do with our shortage on last saturday. the funny thing here was that the way the sender wrote the letter. also the malay words that he used. i am very sure kids nowadays won't understand much hehe...

well at least my malay is better than this one although i'm not that good. so its not surprised when there was a time, parents worried that their kids wrote wrong english because they (kids) used to interact with friends via sms more than the normal way i.e. snail mail. where they could type in short forms thru sms to save time and space ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

afdlin shauki is blogging too!

i was bloghopping yesterday that i found his'. i felt so glad as i am one of his biggest fan. at least there's a reason for me to start reading.

i love to read. anyhow since i ventured into this business i don't even have time for my hobbies especially quilting, other than reading. yes i do quilt! hard to believe, huh?!! thats the fact. i make so many quilts many years back until about two years ago... huhu... maybe i'll post some of my quilt pics here someday ;)

back to afdlin... i understand that he just started this blog thing recently... maybe in early august. i think i was still in beijing that i'm not aware too ;) don't worry brother, i'll support you. also keep on blogging!

my friend 'V'

we did meet just after i came back from my holiday last week, on a monday. he sms me in the afternoon that he was in bukit merah, on the way back to ipoh. he had to attend a dinner on the same day at the same place (bukit merah). it seems that he dun wanna lepak at bukit merah because its boring there. so thats why he called me and we met in his place in ipoh. i reached there around 5. there's no session like before hehe... we just sat in the tv room, watching mtv, chit-chatting. but well, he did ask me, "when is the next session?". i just smiled.

i bet that he already back from brisbane. i assume that if he's sooo quiet that means he's busy. as usual, i won't disturb him, let just he do the thing lol.

Monday, August 15, 2005

"majlis naik buaian"

not many people do this for their babies nowadays. even my family didn't pratice it either. i went to this function at a friend's place in lahat, ipoh yesterday afternoon along with my 2 kids and grandma. according to grandma, the frunction was just a simple one i.e. some ladies doing the marhaban while dodoi the baby in the cradle which was made from batik sarong and the string has been decorated with ribbons and flowers.

Friday, August 12, 2005

oh... beijing!

i came back last saturday night. like what i suspected, there were piles of workload on my desk ahaks... luckily i asked one of my staff to arrange them in a box while i was on my holiday. so its not too bad tho'. i really dun have the time to tell you about my trip yet but maybe i post some of my fav pics here ;)

summer palace

the sunset gives the Long Gallery a touch of desolation despite the exquisite paintings

this was the best part after a long walk at the summer palace

a view from the 4th of 6 stations at the great wall. believe it or not i was one of the four of us in the group who managed to climb-up till the top! ;)

a view from my hotel room at +/- 0545

the big red door at the forbidden city where "the last emperor" was filmed here

one of the mosque in china

bicycles are allowed here in beijing city but NOT motorcyles!