Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the meets @ the royal town

today is already the third day of chinese new year. its also the awal muharram for muslims. i met with someone special yesterday.

it was about noon. i had a call from cikun, a forumer at
mckk8286.com to inform that they will drop-by my place that afternoon. he was in town for the long break. i knew about this earlier from rose who told me via sms few days before that. well, the wait the better rite. soon after that cikun called me again saying that he was already here with hasnul and baby hanif. we just said hi and talked a bit. they wanted to buy something in town. that's why they thought of just dropped-by to see me first. we decided to meet again at 5.30 for laksa at 'tepi sungai'. eee... baby hanif was so damn cute ler...

unfortunately they were late. yea... don't worry, i'm an understanding person. i can cope with any kind of situation, remember. cikun called me after 6, saying that they would be here again at 6.30 to fetch me. i brought megat too. since it was already quite late, there's no laksa. also most of other stuff. in the end we only ate some cendol. it was nearly 7. megat was cursing me to bring him to the playground nearby. cikun said ok. so i told megat that we could only go there for a while. all of us walked there. both megat and baby hanif (with help from cikun of course) ride down the slide. i was shocked seeing megat was holding baby hanif. cikun went up there too! hasnul and me was talking like nobody business.

by 7.30, they (cikun and family) already send megat and me home. although its a quick one, but its also a memorable one... until i didn't even think of taking not even one pics! ya lor... dah sedap sangat bersembang, sampai tak ingat dunia rotfl... never mind, there's always a next time kan.

anyway, i'm off for a makan-makan again. an auntie invited us for lontong! auww... its one of my favourite yummy...

Monday, January 30, 2006

malaysia blogsites list

i received an email invitation dated 28 january 2006, from jon loh of malaysia blogsites list.

From : jon@malaysiablog.net
Sent : Saturday, January 28, 2006 10:06 PM
To : ku.E@hotmail.com
Subject : MalaysiaBlog


Hi, my name jon,
We were juz setting up a new Malaysian Blogsite list website.
The reason i email is i was wondering if u would like to JOIN in to our blog toplist.
Iz a standard toplist website wif web statistic review.
http://malaysiablog.net click join to sign in...

Appreciate it if u do join us...

jon loh

ok lor... since he invited me so i joined with no other intention than juz for suka-suka (fun). fyi i blog from my truly heart, mind and soul. this is my blog, i can type and do whatever i wanna with it. its not to please anybody or anyone at all. anyhow i've placed the
"vote blog malaysia" button on the left hand side of my blog :P

Sunday, January 29, 2006

past vs present

chinese new year. it is just like a normal day. doing nothing, only relaxing at home. then off to work for something to be done. besides that i prefer to be on stand-by during this busy hours and days. so i guess today is definitely fine.

not like last week- exactly a week ago.

saturday 21/01/06 - i brought kids and cousin sarah's indonesian maid to watch
memoirs of a geisha. its first time for susi. sarah and baby followed her hubby whose working in austria. they cannot bring susi because she's not yet a year here. so they decided to leave susi with us until sarah comes back in end may or early june. she will be working then in one of the hospitals either in putrajaya or ipoh. while the hubby will be there for three years if i'm not mistaken.

hmm... the whole movie is like a fast-forward version of the book & some scene are tweaked and missing. the scene where she has to cut her own leg before seeing dr crab, the cut was supposed to be done by mameha's cook. in the end i was expecting to see new york where sayuri got her own tea-house but it stopped until she and the chairman met. anyways i'm glad they make it into a film. wish they make it into a drama series so every scene from the book can be viewed exactly. a freak accident happen during the film. the climax where sayuri asked pumpkin to bring nobu but instead she brought the chairman while the general feasting on her.

some of you might recall when this movie came out, there was controversy because most of the main actresses were chinese, which degrades the whole “authentic” factor. i had a hard time getting over that fact. for the first part of the film i just couldn’t get over the fact that the star was someone that i know pretty well from other chinese movies. it’s just hard to try and immerse yourself in the japanese culture when you know something is there that isn’t exactly “right”.

the scenery and cinematography wasn't that bad, it's just that i felt like the whole movie was fast-forward and some parts are missing. all actor and actresses rocks. gong li. zhang zi yi, ipoh mali dato' michele yeoh were excellent! chiyo san was so cute. ken watanabe was hot.

this is one of the best movie i've ever watched. the ending, the story line and also the flow of the story were excellent and brilliant. my personal rating for this movie is 9.75/10.

sunday 22/01/06 - everyone went to my god-mom's place in pj except grandma and susi. bad. we were having a farewell lunch with a karaoke session (?) for ayah muda whose family gonna migrate to medan. everyone were in their smart-casual outfit. i was just in my green blouse with a matching skirt from east india, that i bought before last raya. as soon as we reached there, salam-salam with cousins, uncles and aunties. once went into the house, i met one of the most important person in my life, my god-mom. as usual she looked stunning, younger than her age. sorry, so shy to take pics with her hehe... after i salam and kissed her hand, she held my hand. "wow... you look so beautiful and gorgeous today", she said. oh wow... i really didn't believe it. she really said that? i just smiled to her. then she usher me to the buffet table and asked me to eat, while she has to attend to others too. okay that's not a problem at all. everyone really enjoyed themselves. enda puan (my god-mom) has been persuading all the younger generations including me, to sing. none of us were into it lol... thus our uncle ayah chu started to sing an oldies. nice song but can't remember the title though. then followed by my dad and ayah muda. still, no one of the young generations wanna sing. suddenly abang rezza sang, requested by his dad ayah muda. his voice was damn good mann... he sang the malay version of winter sonata. hmm... everyone knew why he's so good in singing. i can't mention it here sorry.

suddenly i saw dad answered a call. he looked worried. he rushed to somewhere outside that he could hear well. i didn't think that there's something bad. so i continued talking with some of my cousins. paused. dad called mom. they were discussing. my heart was beaten fast this time. it was a bad news from grandma. someone went to the house' compound and did some black magic stuff. the lady was so damn shocked when she knew that there were someone at home, when all that while she (the lady) thought there was no one at home. she (the lady) was wrong. well we suspect that someone asked her (the lady) to do that. gosh... why on earth we have this kind of people on earth. they can't see us doing well. dad told about the story to my god-mom and the rest. then we went straight back home.

before that we gave my sister her birthday presents. i bought her new estee lauder pleasures exotic. it was on offer with a small bottle and a nice bracelet watch that i used that very same day ;)

i was so scared. someone has been watching us, our whereabouts. that was why i got the flu. it was really bad. but i still managed to do my usual routine. what when kids need to go to school.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

chinese new year

we (kuE, puteri and megat) would like to wish a happy and prosperous chinese new year to all chinese around the world who celebrate it. may God bless you abundantly with good health and wealth.

p/s- from what i know here in malaysia, customs for chinese new year include paying off debts, buying new clothes, cleaning the house, and enjoying delicious family feasts. children receive red envelopes filled with money. firecrackers are set off to scare aware evil spirits and bring good luck. click here, here, here or here for more info.

p/s/s- graphics from china the beautiful.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

what's in the bag

yippeee...!!! i'm a bit better now, compared to what i posted few days ago. i felt like a walking zombies you know. i managed to drive my 4wd alone to sunway hotel, seberang jaya yesterday for a company seminar there. dad was so worried asking whether i was going with anyone. i just 'geleng-geleng'. huh... he knew that i lurve to drive, some more wanna ask.

anyhow back to my main purpose of being here at this time- what's in the bag. i was so damn eager to post about this from yesterday morning after
read leilanie's. but that moment i was preparing to go for my seminar grr... i also keep a side of my intention to up-date about my weekend happenings just because of this. so i immediately took the pic as soon as i reached home, and here it is, let's chek-out what's in my bag-

clock wise from top (that's of course my guess jeans denim bag) -
1. yu yee oil (has been using this since i was 1 day old)
2. a packet tissue paper
estee lauder pleasures exotic (yes the new one. i love the smell. i've just added this after i got it free from buying a bottle for my sister's birthday last week)
4. laurier sanitary pad and carefree pantiliner
5. megat's school badge
(oikk... lol)
6. revlon colorstay lipcolor - #20 plum
7. revlon colorstay lipliner - wines/bordeaux
8. revlon superlustrous lipgloss - #070 glossy rose
9. my parker fountain pen and ball pen engraved with my name
10. hair clips
11. mirror
(cousin jija bought this for me from beijing)
12. wrigley's cool air (i seldom chew this but its really help when i stucked into a situation like what i explained it
here ;) )
13. hair scrunchies
14. pics of puteri and megat
15. raya packet filled with raya monies from my god-mom during
last raya (tangkal or 'ibu duit'? :D )
16. old receipts and old TGV tickets (this is good if suddenly i bum into someone and we want to exchange contacts, that i have this to write on hehe...)
17. business cards- clients, suppliers, etc.
18. butterfly wallet
19. bunch of keys- house, office and my car
and last but not least...
20. my lovely nokia 6680 (that i used to take the above pic)

*phew* exactly 20!

wanna know what's in YOUR bag too? go on, don't be shy... also dun forget to let me know when you are done occay :)

Monday, January 23, 2006

absolute & terrible sunday

i am not feeling that well since yesterday afternoon's incident. my body feels so damn hot. like the title said, my sunday was filled with 50% good and 50% terrible moments. although i'm having flu i still go to work from morning but late of course. i reached here only after 11. i guess i better leave now. i'll post more about it when i'm back to the real me. take care everyone. adios...

kuE's note: QatarCat, wait for my review on memoirs of a geisha yea...

Saturday, January 21, 2006


i checked my work email this morning when i found this awesome reply from "the most sought after wedding photographer in Malaysia"-NST. kid's email was complete with the right salutation for my name, even if i didn't type it in mine. that means he really knows how to take care of his client' hearts. i have already forwarded this to david. we'll see how it goes ;)

From Kid Chan
Sent Friday, January 20, 2006 9:15 pm
To XXX@streamyx.com
Subject Re: Contact Form

Dear dot dot dot,

Congratulations! Let me be among the first of many relatives, friends and total strangers to wish you well in the coming months and years.

FYI, the team services not only clients within Malaysia but also in SEA and Europe.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite David and your goodself to our office to first have a look at our work to see if they suit your style (and take advantage of our FREE consultation).

You can visit us at one of our showrooms in Bangsar. We're by appointment basis.

Should you like to make an appointment kindly contact our Office Manager Shirlyn, at 012-XXXXXXX or shirlyn@portraitone.com .

As a guide, you would be pleased to know that our standard packages for Actual Day Photography Packages start from RM1,199 and videography from RM1,498. and Pre-Wedding Packages start from RM1,800.

You may also want to check out our website www.portraitone.com or www.kidchan.com for more info.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 012-XXX XXXX should you have any
further queries.

Thank you and we look forward to bringing out the best of you on your wedding day!

Best regards,
Kid Chan , WPJA
" 100 People in Asia You Must Know"-Malaysia Tatler
" the most sought after wedding photographer in Malaysia"-NST
www.kidchan.com HP: +6(012) XXX XXXX

For my rambling & Rants ---------> www.kidchan.com/blog

on top of that, puteri showed me a note from her ballet teacher after i fetched her from her ballet class yesterday evening. it was a RM factor hehe... yea... puteri is now in grade 3 so her leotard also need to be changed to blue colour (previously pink). plus few other stuff including her ballet shoes and a character shoes with a total of RM133 + RM58(+/-). puteri is growing up remember *smile*

megat is in his mandarin tuition class now. we'll be going to ipoh to watch memoirs of geisha right after i fetch him in 1/2 an hr.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

another january birthday...

it's my baby sister' 31st birthday today! already sms her very early in the morning. she even replied it, " thank you chor 4 d wish". hmm... maybe i'll call her later. this time i decided to place a 30+ y o pic (if i'm not wrong), taken and developed by dad himself. my dad has his own photo studio back then, at the estate's bungalow backyard. wait a minute, i guess this was in either simpang renggam or kluang. whatever it is, its in johor lor... ;)

kuE's note: heyyy... what do you think. from the pic (l-r): me, baby sis and another sis.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

its V's birthday!

this is it, boy! the last of the 30s... make it good! *lol*

Sunday, January 15, 2006

good friend and future

V: hi..
kuE: alo
V: sorry missed u just now u still havnt told me what u wanted to say
V: at home?

kuE: yup
V: cool
V: know what??
V: damn frustrated and dissapointed

kuE: what
kuE: why
V: the notebook i picked up just now ada defect
V: screen doesnt go on
V: bengang btul
V: now 2moro have to send back

kuE: relax relax, dun be mad
V: if they say can replace immediately ... ok
V: but usually takes 5 to 7 days replacement on warranty
V: hot betul la

kuE: relax lar... i tak pernah tgk u marah
V: no la... been thinking of replacing my notebook for so long.. when i do.. d damn thing doesnt work
V: been there 3 days in a row
V: 1st day.. check it out... then ordered
V: yesterday went to pick up.. then they say all out of stock
V: but gave me a deal on another model same spec but better price
V: so i say ok.. then when i wanted to pay.. bloody credit card cannot go thru... do know why.. funds sufficient
V: then i said i had to go... so came back to day

V: came back.. the idiot sales man gone for makan.. had to wait 30 min
kuE: woik...
kuE: first time lar dengar u membebel like this lol
V: then all ok.. the stupid card that didnt work now can work.. miracle
V: then try ok all light went on but then batt konk

V: balik.. put all together.. nothing comes on
V: hot hot hot
V: x-(

kuE: really lar... first time dengar u membebel mcm ni
V: no la... was looking forward to this..
V: the planning
V: taking all d specs
V: making sure i had d right thing

V: the last time i bought a notebook was like 3 years ago..
V: it weighs a ton compared to this 1
V: not expensive but i like it
V: now that i dont have an office here in kl.. i was gonna make it my mobile ofc
V: take everything with me when i travel

kuE: when i was in kl i usually find puter stuff @ apple shop, jaya supermarket. now dunno whether they cld still remember me lol
kuE: so u really got no office.
V: but they quite expensive la
V: no anymore

kuE: wah best lar dok umah je ;)
V: no la
V: i go to ipoh la

kuE: tak nak bgtau pun, bz ekk
V: so far been on day trips la
V: been going up to alor star cos project there on accelerated basis
kuE: u still work in the same company? (bz body plak *duh*) lol
V: same... but i took over ipoh side
V: no longer under ... (tut...)

kuE: wheyy...
V: ?
kuE: that story can put on hold sat arr... segan lor... i wanna ask for a favour can or not
V: ok
kuE: i mean, my story
V: ok
V: ?
kuE: its abt my friend, he's looking for a canadian company based in kl or sort. that one he cld handle. he's planning to come over this year and start a new life here. this part u blh tolong? maybe u cld be on his side as well :">
V: what do u mean as 'being on his side'?
V: u mean masa ... nikah?

kuE: something like that lor... can arr? in fact he's still learning more abt our religion wz his muslim friend there
V: that 1 no prob
V: just let me know when la
V: ok?

kuE: ok. tqsm.
kuE: 1 more...
V: no prob
kuE: if he wanna buy a hse thru u, dpt discount tak lol :))
V: can... kat mana?
kuE: dunno yet... maybe he needs our advise too, cuz we know best kan
V: ok.. let me know when je
kuE: oik semuanya ok
V: eh.. tengah in a good mood
kuE: tu yg best nak cite tu kan lol
V: :)
kuE: since u r in d gud mood, got another thing to tell ya' lar... (that d 1st thing still on hold arr...)
V: ok
kuE: this time u read frm d blog je lor... http://...
V: ok
kuE: he called me this morning, wanna recfrm abt what he posted d last
V: so... u going ahead with it?
kuE: i hvnt tell my fmly yet thats all
V: ouch....
V: so when r u gonna burst d bubble?
kuE: but both my kids knew him already
V: then shld be okay..
V: :)

kuE: i was supposed to go there last xmas. tp u know lor... here bz giler during ph also school holidays. so maybe next holiday ke.
V: maybe u shld break it to ur parents slowly
V: maybe a few hints from now on.. so it wont b a schock

kuE: gud idea
V: tackle ur mum 1st
V: ur dad wld prob ok it if ur mum is comfortable

kuE: oik like nujum pak belalang plak u nie lol
kuE: btw what u said is true
V: tak de la.. experience je
kuE: u know what i was thinking lately
V: what?
kuE: i guess fmly i shd b ok. maybe my auntie/grand auntie in hometown here... sure depa bising said that i dun wanna find local ppl . my x pun was not a muslim b4 married.
V: ala... dun worry la
V: if u serious abt it then go for it la
V: its ur future
V: whey.. i gotta go jap..
V: maybe catch u in awhile.. sorry to run off like this

kuE: u pun can help him anytime rite.
V: of course
V: brb

kuE: np

Saturday, January 14, 2006

this year

this post really makes my day-

" this is the year, that ... and i will be together. i am working towards moving to malaysia. i miss her every day, every night, every morning. i need her love, heart body and soul, to me, she is my Queen, I LOVE YOU ... "

Thursday, January 12, 2006

stupid fool day

yesterday was really my first bad day for 2006. i have to do things like as though i dun have any other stuff to do grr...

i felt so tired because i dun have enough sleep. my big eyes were like zombies... so no big eyes yesterday lol. my bed was ready for me to jump-in but unfortunately not myself. it was really hard for me to go to sleep the night before. i was worried about what's gonna happened yesterday. that's how i would always be like if i'm so damn nervous of something. gosh... my mind was really miserable, dunno what to
do. i tried to read, or maybe do some house chores (in the mid of the nite? lol...), etc but failed. everyone already fast asleep except me. almost 1.30... i opened my chest of drawers, took my sewing kit box (?). yes i'm good in sewing. i think i've mentioned this wayyy months before. i will post my show-n-tell session some day here. btw i ended up hand-sewn megat's school badge on to his white shirt. yup... haven't fix it so far yet although school already started more than a week ;). i did one only anyway, within 20 mins! i used white quilting thread instead of the normal cotton thread. i decided to do so because i thought that the quilting thread would be much stronger than the other one. it would look much nicer too. try it i tell you... you won't regret it. after i have completed that, then only i felt so relieves that i needed my sleep. it was 2 something!

i still woke-up at 5 as usual. puteri's school declared tuesday and wednesday as the holidays for hari raya aidil adha. not megat. he is in the chinese school, remember. so he just got one holiday. for me its not a problem at all. the most important thing is their education. megat still went to school anyway even though he is still not that well. i handed his mc to his class teacher. at the same time i told her to excuse megat for his p.e. lesson this time. although megat do not have to do anything, he asked me to accompany him during that hour. well of well... he is sweet mama's son... i waited for a while, after he went back to his class. suddenly my fon rang from an unidentified number. i mean, i dun recognized the number as its not in my list. gosh... it was from asp nazri! he wanted to reconfirm on the hearing date for THE case. and to my surprised, it was supposed to be at 8.30am yesterday. i looked at my guess watch. it was exactly 8.25! now? "taiping?", i asked him. "no no... here" *phew*. lucky it was here but still... my heart beats more faster. after i hang-up the fon, i called dad to let him know. he... as a tempered person was mumbling blah blah blah... so i told megat that... "police called mama. tok and me have to go to the court. so later if i cannot make it for your recess time, you have to eat yourself okay darling". megat just hangguk-hangguk.

once i reached home, i washed my face. i quickly put-on some make-up and perfume; changed to my black jacket suit. i wore it with my dark blue esprit camisole that i just bought in gurney plaza few weeks ago. by 8.50, we already reached the court compound. i drove my 4wd this time as per dad request. maybe not to show that his volvo was around. we sat on a bench with a policeman outside the court room. i was damn nervous, really... my eyes were watching other people walking around. the policeman (kpl rahman i think) talked with dad. while my right hand slowly took my fon from my denim guess hand-bag. i already put it to silence from home actually. so its nothing wrong with that. my fingers were quickly sms-ing my closed relatives and friends about my feelings that time. gabra giler u...

here's part of the replies that i got. tqsm friends for your support-

RAZARIZAL 11/01/2006 09:20
banyak bersabor dan tenang serta fahamkan soalan. jikalau tak faham atau tak jelas, minta ulang. jawap dgn tenang (this one really shows like it came out from a policeman's mind lol).

V 11/01/2006 09:21
gud luck. buat muka kesian sikit... (err... how huh?!!) he he. salam aidil adha.

ROSE 11/01/2006 09:21
u attend hearing apa dear? keep cool eh ;-)

SHAIDI 11/01/2006 09:46
sabo je... (yes sabo je ler...).

while my area manager asked me to keep him up-to-date. shaidi called me this afternoon anyway. we talked a bit about the case, also about my experience yesterday. he gave his full supports mann...

asp nazri came while i was busy sms-ing. he smiled at me. i just smiled back to him. i was the only female there, shy lor... it was almost 10, someone from the court room came out and called our name (my dad and me). blimey... he just wanna make sure that we were there. suddenly dad and the police man showed me to two guys who were walking around outside the court room. i saw two ladies and a girl were with them when they walked in. must be one of the guys' family. i was shocked when dad and the police man told me that those two guys were one of the culprits. gosh... they are free. that's what worries dad (and me also now). more gabra ler... not long after that, asp said (he is the police magistrate if i'm not mistaken) asked us to wait at the witness' waiting room with him. he asked us a few questions, just to rectify that we are giving the same correct answers. it seems that he wanna call three people that day i.e. the police photographer, dad and me. i saw two police woman as well. both of them were the one who received and typed our police reports. wow they have to be one of the witness too? waiting in disguise.

10.30 my staff called. it was about megat. my staff told me that someone told him that megat cried during recess time. gosh... maybe he forgot of what i told him in the morning. so i asked my staff to go to school with mom, to bring megat back. 15 mins later, my staff called again. megat dun wanna go back. pity megat. i just stay calmed. more waiting. when it was almost 11, we were told that the hearing has been postponed to a later date tba. grrr... what a waste of time!

later i make sure that i fetched megat on time. he was 'merajuk' actually. i bet that. it was really a tiring day. i was already sangap by 8.30 :P

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

selamat hari raya aidil adha

we didn't go anywhere today although its a holiday. flu bugs are still around that's why. maybe we just went to an auntie's place in bukit chandan with adik illa except mom and dad. besides that, at the same time we also met our latest edition to the family, auntie's grand-daughter who was born on christmas day last year. here are some pics of the baby with puteri-

we would also like to take this chance to wish all muslims around the world,

SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA from kuE, puteri & megat!

peace to the world...

Monday, January 09, 2006

unlucky me

yesterday's sale was just like normal week days. maybe this first month of the year is a bit burden for some. school days started. almost all parents have to spend hundreds of ringgits for their kids' school fees. not forgetting other stuff like school uniforms, text books, stationery etc. i am one of the unlucky one who have to buy text books for both puteri and megat. it seems that my kids are not eligible to get 'skim pinjaman buku teks'. what's wrong with these people huh... i guess they knew what am i doing. okay that's fine. maybe they didn't realize it that i'm a single mother whose trying to struggle to give the best for my kids. well at least if my kids got the chance to borrow the text books, i could venture my monies in another way like save them!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

everyone already 'temen'

ahahahhahahah... i'm sure some of you were wondering what's that word (above).

'temen' - pronouned teh-min; is from some local dialect that means no energy or sort. i know in indonesia this word temen means friend (teman for us in malaysia).

so in the above clause, it was referred to my family. i posted about puteri's flu yesterday. before that, mom and megat also had theirs. luckily megat recovered just before the school started. now looks like dad and me also getting the virus. i saw dad sleeps all day. while i could feel that my body is so damn hot now, feeling so cold, dun even have the guts to switch on the air-cond at the lowest temperature. pity adik illa though. she came alone this morning for the hari raya haji holidays. unfortunately everyone looks 'temen' lol... well oh well... juz afraid that she ought to bring back the virus to kl when she go back this tuesday ;)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

growing up puteri

puteri didn't go to school for two days in a row- from thursday. she was having a very bad flu. in fact she is recovering now.

as soon as she came out from the loo this morning, she told me that she saw some blood on her panti-liner. yes, i taught puteri how to wear panti-liner few months ago when she complaint about some white fluid coming-out of her vagina. from then on i told and explained to her more about menstrual periods as part of many things that a girl needs to know about their body. omigosh... my puteri already became a young lady now. i dunno how's my feeling like. am i happy or worried or grr... so i told about this to my closed relatives and friends via sms. i received some good and supportive replies from rose,
leilanie, kak zaireen, cousin liyana, adik illa and kay to name some. unfortunately i've deleted them, sorry. maybe i remember some part from kak zaireen's-- "let sweet mama lead the way...".

once i got into the net, i quickly google-ed for sites about this issue. i thought that even though i have told puteri all about what she needs to know, maybe i should find some print-outs for her too. at least she will get the whole idea about it. of all the sites that i have been thru i find that KidsHealth is so damn usefull. i truly recommend this to everyone. i'll definitely place a link to it on my blog too anyway.

Friday, January 06, 2006

call or not to call ;)

asp nazri* came to see me at my office this morning. 'terkezut' i... ya lor... i was concentrating giler, typing my worksheet, suddenly i saw two policemen with uniforms (my office is with glass-wall, remember?) came in. one of them talked something with my cashier. he then knocked on my office door and opened it.

"boleh saya masuk, kacau awak sekejap", asp nazri* asked me. woik... you asked that after you came in?!! i juz hangguk-hangguk.

"its about
the case. you and your dad are required to attend for the proceedings at the court on raya kedua", asp nazri* told me with a mix of english and malay. normal lor...

"here? ", i asked him.

"no. taiping. i'll get back to you to reconfirm and let you know the time".


"so, apa-apa nanti saya contact awak".


dunno whether they managed to catch the culprits. i was shocked mannn... seeing asp nazri until i totally forgot to ask about it. i know i didn't post anything about
THE case. it was really an unforgettable incident. i could even remember the date within a blink- 25.07.2005. i dun have the guts to write about it yet. maybe i'll do it when i feel that its time to do so! whatever it is, i WILL do it someday. i owe this type of story to sheryl anyway. i just hope for one thing at the court there next week- NO press plzzzzzzzzz... the case was published in almost every papers for northern region including nanyang siang pau and china press. while for nations maybe like harian metro. i knew this because rizal called from jb to inform me about it. heyyy.... of course i won't place a link to it here rite ;)

"apsal kak... ", my staff asked as soon as asp nazri and another policeman walked out.

i told them roughly of what it was about. they were not keypochi but they are concerned a lot about me.

"ishh... saje nye tu kak... macam lar dia tak de nombor fon kak... benda boleh call je...", my cashier told me.

"hehe... itu ada niat lain tu...", my other staff continued.

its true. as though like asp nazri* dun have my fon number i.e. home, office and my cell-fon lol...

kuE's note: i sms some of my closed family, relatives and friends about the above. correction to that policeman's name- its supposed to be asp nazri and not koperal nazri as i sms earlier ;)

pics up-n-loaded

i juz fixed my 3g connection yesterday with the help of maxis' customer service people. thus then only i managed to load the pics that i've been taken from 9 december 2005. no wonder no pics all this while huh?!! lol...

click here, here, here and here to view.

dun forget to check-it out yea! ;)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

something to share

"hi love, kisses and a big hug, pics from world junior hockey, USA at the check republic, wish you were here , i love you".

kuE's note: received this from david via email this morning ;)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


about 10 mins ago, i was relaxing my eyes while browsing thru the net- blog-hopping. suddenly i realised a man walked in, then opened my office door *glurp*. he was my area manager grr... as usual my eyes became round and big once i saw something obvious lol. he just did that sengih thing. probably because he saw me in normal clothes too. i'm wearing black pants and white blouse i.e. smart working clothes :)

"what are you doing", he asked.

hmm... luckily packets of syiling were on my desk, "counting coins... juz helping my cashier while waiting for the time to fetch my son. he's in standard one". chewah... nak tukar topic plak lol ;)

"o ok. my daughter plak baru start her kindergarten".

wa lau ley... that was the first time he surprised me like that!!! he was wearing a normal working clothes only. next time you do it again occay hahahhahaha...

we walked out while talked a bit about work. most importantly about his plan to upgrade my place. not the online system i mean cuz we already had the ISIS system just like any other high volume places i.e. we are also one of the places that using the most canggih system. upgrading here meaning that the company would like to convert my place to a bigger one!

"this is like one of my biggest plan/project this year, that to complete this by 2-0-0-6", he said while his eyes eyeing all over although he was standing at one point.

he continued, "so how. you ready to venture into this new place soon".

"ehemm... yea...", i replied while nodded and smile at the same time ;)

well it seems that my area manager is on a working visit to bagan serai and selama. he got nothing to do at my place, just dropped-by to say hi hehe...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

first day

today is definitely not the first day of the year 2006. its the first day of schools lor... as what i understand from david, its the first day of schools for vancouver too. sorry, i'm not sure whether its for the whole canada as well. he can't comment anything here because he dunno that i have my own personal blog. in fact we have one together. maybe i'll tell this personally to my closed ones like leilanie, rose, sheryl etc. this is damn important as david really cannot know about this at all!

anyhow megat looked so damn nervous this morning. that was his first day of school in standard one. as usual, he would asked me so many q like why he has to wear the singlet, why can't he not tug-in his white shirt blah blah blah. hmm... i guess rose knows what i meant kan kan kan huh?!!... megat used to wake-up early so 6.30 is ok for him. besides i've already informed this to him wayyy months ago. he was so excited when i gave him a RM1.00 note for his duit belanja. i didn't wait for him in school. he just requested me to go there during recess time with excuse that, "i dunno how to use my money yet". i know its hard for him to cope with the new environment. its different from his kindy life. i told him that previously alan che che would served everything for him and the rest of his school-mates during makan but this time he has to find his way all by himself. i bought
buku wang saku for him and puteri, in order for them to learn how to save money from now. megat didn't write his yet. i promised to teach him after i come back.

for my puteri, she managed everything herself. puteri is a big girl now, just turned 11 last 17 december. what i'm most afraid of is the upsr exams for her this year *duh*. i would definitely try my very best to help puteri to venture into her standard six life all year through. may she would be blessed with flying colours :D

awrite... didn't go anywhere yesterday. already told kids much more earlier that we need at least a day rest before they start schools. so its really a stay-at-home day yesterday. maybe i brought puteri to the local saloon in the evening for few hours, for us to manja ourselves there, just the two of us, mother-and-daughter ;)

our weekends were packed!

saturday- since bank opened 1/2 day, i still went to office to settle a few stuff. so tup tap tup tap... by 10.15, we left to ipoh. once reached kinta city (maybe +/-10.40, we headed straight to
tgv. the first movie in-line was afdlin shauki's baik punya cilok at 11.05. ok lor... besides its 'U'-rated.

sorry to disappoint you guys but there will be no spoiler. but yet, i feel like to leave some few pointers regarding this movie. the comedy was simply hillarious; i almost laugh in tears especially the knife dodging training scene between awie and harun salim bachik.

the storyline depends on flashback scene to explain each character life in the past and believe me there’s lot of it. aben played by afdlin shauki even imitate cat ruffedge by dressing up like him and also have the same hair style. there’s also a bookie character (don’t know the actor name) speaking pure kelantan-english slang. now that’s really something to be heard.

unfortunately there something wrong with the flow of the story or what we call as the x-factor that makes the movie this good into something boring. and the mood is not consistent enough to generate excitement and feel to the movie. there are also many gaps in the humor that result in dull moments. i rather not explain, you have to watch yourself. we even skip king kong just to watch this movie.

thereafter, we went to mph. i love to browsing around the bookstore and encouraged my kids to do the same. we got some books from there too. then we went to jaya jusco to get puteri and megat's school stuff.

sunday- i wanted to get up as early as 5.30 or 6 to complete some chores before we went out again that day. but then i ended up woke at 7! ;) anyhow... we left home much more earlier around 9. this time we went straight to kinta city too but we just went there for breakfast at coffee bean.

we left there almost 11 for
lost world of tambun as promised many weeks ago. i got our tickets last friday, printed from my very own samsung ml-1710 laser printer. well, i bought it on-line via sunway online ticketing service. blimey, its my first time there too! when we got there, i was so damn surprised to look at the ticket prices on the banner- RM21.00 for adult and RM16.00 for children under 13 years old. i was not surprised looking at the prices whether its expensive or not i dun care because i have already promised my kids. i was holding my tickets of 1 X RM17.00 for adult and 2 X RM12.00 for children. i was wondering whether i paid the right amount. then i thought to myself, never mind just q-up, we could figure that out with the staff later. so when its my turn, i showed the tickets to the cashier. she confirmed with me that i wanted to go in that day (the expired date of the tickets was 30 june 2006 i think). she then passed me my receipt and three tags for us to go in. we had to scan the tags. once we entered, megat was like, "wow... best nye mama. lain kali kita boleh datang lagi!". yea... we can my dear. we went to the changing room and change our out-fit. people were looking at me one kind only when they saw me wearing my swim-suit grr... like megat said, the place was really awesome! we really had fun there until we didn't realize that we were there playing with water for almost five hours plus. after our first meal at coffee bean earlier, we only had our next meal maybe at 5.45 at the ipoh garden's pizza hut. according to puteri, that place is much more better than bukit merah lake town resort. well i dunno because i've never been to its theme park yet. puteri and megat went there (bukit merah) before with cousin sarah and her hubby.

our last-minute of holiday together was really a good one. we will do it again next time. earlier plan was that i would spend my last weekend of 2005 in jb with a blogger friend. she wanted to bring me around to singapore as well. but i've to forget about it since i had to attend a seminar in seberang jaya on thursday evening. never mind friend maybe some other time yea...