Saturday, January 07, 2006

growing up puteri

puteri didn't go to school for two days in a row- from thursday. she was having a very bad flu. in fact she is recovering now.

as soon as she came out from the loo this morning, she told me that she saw some blood on her panti-liner. yes, i taught puteri how to wear panti-liner few months ago when she complaint about some white fluid coming-out of her vagina. from then on i told and explained to her more about menstrual periods as part of many things that a girl needs to know about their body. omigosh... my puteri already became a young lady now. i dunno how's my feeling like. am i happy or worried or grr... so i told about this to my closed relatives and friends via sms. i received some good and supportive replies from rose,
leilanie, kak zaireen, cousin liyana, adik illa and kay to name some. unfortunately i've deleted them, sorry. maybe i remember some part from kak zaireen's-- "let sweet mama lead the way...".

once i got into the net, i quickly google-ed for sites about this issue. i thought that even though i have told puteri all about what she needs to know, maybe i should find some print-outs for her too. at least she will get the whole idea about it. of all the sites that i have been thru i find that KidsHealth is so damn usefull. i truly recommend this to everyone. i'll definitely place a link to it on my blog too anyway.