Monday, April 27, 2009

Krafonline Handmade Batik Store

I know many of you people know about Batik. Being a Malaysian, I was quite exposed to items made of Batik. This explains the reason I used Batik fabrics in my quilt blocks for the International Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Block Swaps that I joined some years back, to represent myself from Malaysia!

Actually, the export of products made of batik is one of Malaysia's pride. I find that tourist will always find time to go to stores that sell Batik before leaving.

Batik is a wax-resist dyeing technique used on textile. Its of Malay origin and now, the uniqueness and beauty of Batik products captured the international market and thus became a must-own.

Well, you can now own Batik products by shopping at Kraftonline Handmade Batik Store. They have a wide selection of beautiful Batik Products.

Take, for instance, this Batik Bed Cover Set. The exquisite hand painted queen size bed cover set includes 1 bed sheet, 2 pillow cases and 1 bolster cover. This set is made from 100% cotton. Now that spells COMFORT and BEAUTY.

Visit Kraf Online Handmade Batik Store for more items made of Batik i.e. shirts, bags, pouch, stationery, accessories like scarves, ties, gifts and souvenirs, to house-holds items like table and bed cover set. Besides you name it and they have it.

Plus, you will get 10% discount when you enter this coupon code: crafty .

To learn more about Batik products, visit their Batik Blog.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

project? what project?

i know i know... i have been missing from the blogsphere. and here on my 900th post (yes! yes! yes! believe it or not this is my 900th blog post), i would like to present you some hints of what i have been up to lately—

my project

so i guess this can be some good reasons for the time being...

my project

till then... i'll try my very best to update this as soon as possible, insya Allah...

my project

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

watch this space!...

i am actually kinda so glad and excited on the ikea trip yesterday. i really can't wait to get started on the big projects very soon, moreover what's more with the unlimited great supports from the loved ones (especially you kay)!... so make sure you all watch this space soon for further updates ya...

Monday, April 20, 2009

what i did last weekend...

oldtown white coffee

like i mentioned earlier, it was the sultan's birthday yesterday. and as usual, since it falls on a sunday this time, we had the chance to get an extra holiday wohooo!!!...

so as you could see from the above pic, we are actually at the oldtown white coffee in ipoh garden right now having our dinner before continuing our journey back to kuale. here's what i had: oldtown coffee lava-2 scoops and kaya & butter toast (double). it's not bad to have something light.

we were from kl. mama wanted to visit her sick sista. besides that i am also in the mid of doing some business thingy. i will come out with another blog post about it soon. that means i was not in kuale for the sultan's birthday event yesterday. anyhow there will be more great events happening this coming weekends that's the water festival! i can't wait for that. i will take lotsa pictures specially for my blog readers insya-Allah...

so what have you been doing last weekend? i hope that you had lots of fun times with your loved ones!

till then...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

moh ke kuale weh!!!...

today is the sultan of perak's 81st birthday.

check-out these great yearly events happening in kuale:

  1. jet-ski competition

    date : 18.04.2009, saturday
    time : 2.30 pm — 5.00 pm

    date : 19.04.2009, sunday
    time : 10.00 am — 5 pm

  2. panjut festival

    date : 19.04.2009, sunday
    time : 8.00 pm
    venue : laman budaya, kuala kangsar

  3. water sports (as in sukan ayor as per kuale people hehee...)

    date : 25.04.2009, saturday
    time : 9.00 am
    venue : laman budaya, kuala kangsar

  4. international vespa carnival

    date : 26.04.2009, sunday
    time : 9.00 pagi
    venue : arena square, kuala kangsar

*information excerpts from here

so see you people there?...

Friday, April 10, 2009

butterfly catcher(?)...

do you know what is this thingy people—

inverted ponytail

well for those who dunno, its actually a hair styling device. eventually we used that to create an inverted ponytail (or also known as an inside-out ponytail).

follow these three easy steps:
  1. gather the hair into a low ponytail
    smoothing hair, gather it all back into a low ponytail near nape of neck. fix with hair band, tying more loosely than you would with a standard ponytail. tip: use a band that matches your hair color.

  2. create a hole above the band
    using the hairstyling device, insert it in the hair just above the hair band. twist the hair in the loop to make it easier to thread through in the next step.

  3. thread hair through the hole
    thread the twisted ponytail through the hole at the front, pulling it out the bottom with the hairstyling device. slide up the hair band to tighten for a strong hold.

inverted ponytail

guess what people... i wanted to create this hairstyle for puteri this morning. when megat saw me putting the hairstyling device in puteri's ponytail, then he asked me, "mummy, why are you putting that butterfly catcher thing in chor's hair?"

"butterfly catcher?!!", i asked him back.

"yaaa...", megat replied in his serious tone.

puteri and i looked at each other and laughed like hell. well sorry darling... so i explained to him of what that thingy is actually meant for.

"o ok!" hehee...

kuE' note:
look for more jokes with megat here 8)

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

quake: grandmother 'crocheted' during 30-hour wait

(ANSA) — L`Aquila, April 7 — A 98-year-old grandmother rescued 30 hours after Monday`s earthquake in Abruzzo said she had whiled away the time "crocheting" amid the rubble. Firemen on Tuesday morning found Maria D`Antuoni waiting in her bed surrounded by fallen plaster in the small village of Tempera. D`Antuoni ate some crackers and told television crews "at least let me comb my hair" as they waited for an interview.

"What did I do all this time? I was working, I was crocheting", she said.

news excerpts from here.

kuE' note:
as the matter of fact, as long as you know that the time is gold... this actually makes a lot of sense. because gold is rare, if you have a piece of it you should treasure it. time is gold because every second time is passing and you can't go back to change it so you must treasure every second of life.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

where's your mommie?...

mama was cleaning the store and found two (abandoned?) baby squirrels! euwww...

where's your mommie?

so i asked ms google for some information about it and these are what i found useful:
now i wonder whether we should lend them a helping hand...

but if you are in my shoes, i am sure that you will find it damn ticklish to even touch them! hehee...

why sponsored conversations can make sense

i'm ready to weigh in on a very controversial topic: is it ethical and appropriate to pay bloggers to post about your products?

some thinkers savaged the idea. but for me, i would prefer to tell marketers to go ahead — if they obey some very clear rules about the right way to do it.

when you look at Sponsored Conversations (paid blog posts/sponsored posts) in context, you can see it fits into a nice spot in the groundswell between PR and advertising. in PR, you try to get a blogger to talk about you, but your chances of success are hit or miss. in advertising, you can be sure to get a placement, but it's not in the blogger's voice. sponsored conversations — paying a blogger to write about your product — fits in the middle — it guarantees a post, and it's in the blogger's voice.

the challenge, of course, is can bloggers do this and retain any credibility?

they can, if — and only if — they obey two rules.
  1. they must disclose that they are being paid.
  2. they must be able to write whatever they want, positive or negative.

these are requirements, since any blogger or marketer who violates them will not be credible. but for marketers to succeed, there are two other suggestions:
  1. pick blogs that match your products.
  2. build a relationship with these bloggers, so you can extend this connection.

the conversation up to this point in the blogosphere has ranged from rational to polemical (words like sluts and whores are being slung about) but you know, bloggers gotta eat, and marketers gotta market. the forces leading to this spot were inevitable. the highest value in the groundswell was supposed to be authenticity, and acknowledging who paid you and then telling the truth is sufficiently authentic, in my opinion. if you are a blogger in the journalistic mode, it's fine for you to take the pledge and not take this money. but there are lots of ways to blog, and many of them will allows for this type of paid but authentic posting. bloggers who do this too much, or sound too much like company shills, will lose their credibility, but there is room to accept payment and retain your soul.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

nuffnang music bash 2009

caution: this is a long blog post with stories and quite a number of pics. don't say that i have never warned you! ;)

i received an email from nuffnang about this party when i was in kl for the "blogging & law" conference. then i thought to myself that maybe ok lor... i would gave it a try. so i came out with this simple entry... nothing special also one. i just used some of my old pics, then voila! i got an official invitation to nuffnang music bash 2009 about a week before the party.

since i could bring a guest, so i brought puteri along. don't get the interpretation wrong ya... i know puteri will be sitting for her pmr exams this year. she has never been out of town since the school started this year, but perhaps maybe to the nearest one ipoh for some weddings or something. other than that, she has been concentrating on her studies. she didn't even go anywhere during the last one week school break last month. so this time i was just like giving her a chance to have a short break to ease her mind. we all need it once in a while ourselves don't we?

we reached jalan yap ah shak around 6pm or so. for a person who-has-never-been to maison, i could say that i am very good at reading a map although i glance thru it at the website once only!

we went straight inside after registered ourselves. we didn't expect to see anyone anyway, just hentam-keromo je pi... :)

when i was sitting at a corner with puteri, i realized that i probably saw someone i maybe knew. like a blogger you see. we bloggers read other blogger's blogs and saw each other's pics then became blogger friends. obviously its not that hard actually for us to recognize ourselves when we meet in reality. so that's roughly how its like if you go to any bloggers' meet. its no different with the nuffnang music bash 2009 recently as well. because she is not living in kl anymore; but still make it a point to go to kl once in a while, i guess i am very good at finding the place by just glance thru at the map on maison's website once only. how kewl was that huh?!! eventually we left mama and megat at my auntie's (mama's sister) place in taman tar, ampang.

nuffnang music bash 2009

so after quite some time i decided to go outside to check-out of what's been happening there. puteri stayed inside because she was a bit shy, that's why you won't see her face in any of the pics.

guess what people when i walked out, i bumped in to the girl that i thought i recognized earlier. we were right in front of each other face-to-face, and oh my god!... she's Diese!!! apparently she was there in UM too for the "blogging & law" conference. besides that we went to the same movie premiere screening in penang some time last year. and finally we met on last saturday hehee...

nicholas of nuffnang also remembered me from many of my facebook updates :)

nuffnang music bash 2009

as you could see from the above pics, outside situation were more havoc. you know... bloggers tend to do what most bloggers always do—camwhore!!! including me of course—

nuffnang music bash 2009

with Diese as Salomie

nuffnang music bash 2009

with Greg and Diese

nuffnang music bash 2009

i heard someone asked Robb of who was he impersonating, as soon as he put on his sunglasses. he replied: "dunno lar... probably one of the gay boy band group or something!" *glurp*

nuffnang music bash 2009

with Nicholas

nuffnang music bash 2009

nuffnang music bash 2009

with Cindy, Jac (we first met at nuffnang sharing session last ramadhan) and Diese

we went inside when the party was about to start. we have been entertained by none other than emcee Liang (again?). it was not surprised as no doubt he's very good in handling his job very well.

nuffnang music bash 2009

MC Liang in action

nuffnang music bash 2009

first things first—ice breaking session, where there were 8 people to a team. the first person of a team need to whisper a song lines to another team member and so on. the last person in the team who could sang the song right won.

nuffnang music bash 2009

more camwhoring: with may from maxis

nuffnang music bash 2009

now what with the chandelier pic? because i lurveee it!...

nuffnang music bash 2009

Tim, the co-founder of nuffnang giving out his speech

nuffnang music bash 2009

with Tim. read here to know of how i knew him :)

nuffnang music bash 2009

there were two sets of this thingy (that i can't seems to know of what was it called) where you can make your own music videos

nuffnang music bash 2009

bloggers music jam! performance by bloggers

by this time i already went upstairs. 6 laptops have been set-up for bloggers to do live blogging. bloggers will get the chance to win a canon digital ixus 870 is.

while i was up there, two more games were going on like celebrity trivia and nuffnang music bash 2009 hall of fame.

nuffnang music bash 2009

grand feast: i was still upstairs. while i was typing away (read my live blog post that night here), a gal blogger next to me wanted to get some food downstairs. she has more to type. so she was asking whether i could help her to watch out for that laptop she was using. you know what people... i told her to click 'save now' from the new post page, so that the blog post will be saved in the draft folder. but when my kinky eyes saw her screen name on top left of the page, i was like: "haaa... BLue? so you are BLue?" see... how happy nye when bloggers met each other lol...

nuffnang music bash 2009

nuffnang music bash 2009

Bryan who was one of my teammates in samsung innov8 run, was there too. hey... i wore high heels but he still looks taller than me hehee...

nuffnang music bash 2009

makan time!!! there were also free flows of beers and soft drinks all night long

after makan, the party continued with more games in show me the spotlights! session.

nuffnang music bash 2009

congratulations to BLue8118 (you can sing very well girl!) and Bryan for winning the first game: they were asked to sing any chorus song then hold-the-last-word-as-long-as-you-can. they received a pair of sunglasses each.

as for the second part of the game, contestants had to dance exactly as per beyoncé' single ladies video—

thank god i didn't join this ya... if not just imagine of how was i supposed to cope with my long dress right *phew* and the best part was when Liang was damn excited to see of how the contestants do 0:53. everyone were laughing like hell i tell you rotfl...

EV@yenniedoll was one of the winners. i am not sure of who was the lucky guy. yes even guys have to do it to win as well! they won an armani belt each.

nuffnang music bash 2009

liang danced too, when he was forced to dance by the crowd lol... click on the above pic to watch the video

i didn't take pics during the nuffnang all stars show, where nuffies entertained us. here's a video of the guys singing that i recorded—

while the girls did slumdog millionaire dance number to the song of jai ho.

and last but not least was the prize giving session:
  1. the best impersonator overall - bob marley; didn't get the chance to take pics with him though huhuu... btw have you guys done the malaysian blog survey yet? if not please do it before 10 april 2009 by clicking on the above banner or just go here; no matter whether you are a malaysian bloggers or a malaysian blogs readers.
  2. the best dressed female - lady gaga
  3. the best dressed male - john lennon

nuffnang music bash 2009

the impersonators: pink of lady marmalade, lady gaga, britney spears, eminem, bob marley and john lennon

there were also prizes given to best blog post and uninspiring blog post(?). ya... you read it right ;) even Liang was stunned when reading "uninspiring blog post" and asked Robb for confirmation lol... well at least the lucky blogger won a gold class tickets!

nuffnang music bash 2009

look who i met!

i would like to thank nuffnang and maxis broadband for the great and wonderful event as usual. i could see that everyone walked home happily. hope to see you all again next time!

to all the bloggers i met: it was nice meeting you all.

we didn't wait any longer when the party ends. i brought my school-going daughter remember? see, i still know my responsibilities as a mother. anyhow i simply drove along jalan bukit bintang, jalan imbi and jalan tun razak before we headed to jalan ampang. aiyaa... its been quite some time since this lady haven't seen kl life on saturday nights you see hehee... of course its so much different now than those times i.e. the yellow guy! and all those shuffle dance lol... madness!

we overnight at my auntie's place that night. mama already text me earlier that my auntie didn't let us drive to denai alam (lil sis' place) in the middle of the night! huhuu... so when we reached my auntie's apartment at around 11.30 pm, mama and megat already in their slumberland.

both puteri and i slept quite late anyway. i took the time to upload the pics and videos; and also some browsing etc. what when i could get online easily from there! without the hassle of finding places with wifi facilities. the best thing was even though my auntie do not have computer or even any internet access, i was damn lucky that someone in the building used wifi weee~