Tuesday, September 16, 2008

nuffnang sharing session @ the apartment downtown

i have read some of the entries of the event that i went last saturday night, nuffnang sharing session at the apartment downtown. everyone agreed that it was truly a splendid event to be remembered indeed. there were about 25 of us nuffnang glitterati bloggers including two of them from the nuffnang office, robb and fairuz. that was my first time meeting fairuz though. he really reminds me of my cousin totam, whose now studying medical in medan.

everyone (mainly my mom, bah, and the kids) followed me to kl, but i dropped them at bukit bintang instead. my lil’ sis made a reservation to break fast with them at an arabic restaurant. while at the nuffnang sharing session, the invitation was for one pax only. the idea was for us to mingle around and get to know other bloggers. that’s the main reason of attending such events though. i guess i do not have any problem with that.

although i reached klcc a bit early, i managed to spend a little bit of time there and make sure that i headed straight to the apartment downtown right on time. i saw a few other people with robb (first met him at nuffnang wild "live" blogging), so i thought that they must be bloggers too. i managed to have a quick chat with robb and sultan muzaffar while waiting for the rest to come. wahhh… some of them came with all those DSLR. not me ler… am not good in those photography thingy, a little bit can lar hehee… well to all of you klites, you people can join my sister whose also the founder of kl flcikr; on the 3rd saturday of the months. i baked kl flickr cupcakes you know? for their first year anniversary meet-up ;)

alright enough of that. back to the nuffnang sharing session— the introduction speech was done by robb as timothy was in penang. then followed by a quick speech by the apartment downtown’s chef mr richard. i joined fairuz, myasefia and jannah during the break fast session. at this stage, you’ll know a blogger is a blogger when you could see almost everyone was like, snapping their food pics as soon as they placed their plates on the dining table. gosh… i should have captured that situation too! like i said before, the food were tremendously awesome. i specially lurveeeeeeeeee their apple and pear crumble. even the guys lurve it too occay? i also like their white mousse hmm… yummy… not forgetting one of their signature drink, flavoured coolers. i had more than two glasses of strawberry cooler, you know…

after break fast, we adjourned to the bar section at the first floor for a sharing session with sultan muzaffar and redmummy. blimey… i didn’t expect at all that each of us have to introduced ourselves too… hmm… on my part plak, ada ler a bit than nothing hehee… from what i understand, sultan muzaffar started blogging since 2002. he’s now working with astro, all because of his AF blog entries. see, even blogging can make you lead to such a great job. the important thing for us to remember is our desire to reach for the best. redmummy also shared with us a lilttle bit about her life, blogging experience etc. i like her courage to face all the “lalats” (lalat in malay is flies) in the blogosphere. those people were referred to as “lalat” cuz they were the one who can’t see other bloggers succeed :P dun worry redmummy, we are all right behind you!

we had a Q&A session after that with mr richard, followed by robb.

we were then been entertained by billy & tuxedo. they were such a great musician. its so nice to listen to them.

now juz look at the pics, i bet all you people can see of how great the event was—

tqsm nuffnang and the apartment downtown for such a great event.

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