Wednesday, September 24, 2008

penangan mamma mia!

i had a quick nap with megat at the family room yesterday evening. and upon awoke, i realized that puteri was taking her nap too on the sofa. she was online earlier. then i saw this on the coffee table

i immediately thought that it must be puteri who went down the basement and took the ABBA dvd from her tok's collections (take note that my father still have collections of ABBA's old records). so we happily watched the dvd together last night. well i guess if it's not because of mamma mia, i don't think its easy to make them listen to the 70's kind of music ya... besides that i also found out that puteri has download mp3 files of ABBA songs in to her fon and iTunes. in fact both puteri and megat can sing-along to some of ABBA hits already by now :)