Tuesday, September 09, 2008

bah turned 81 today!

bah's 81st birthday

bah's fon was kinda hot liao from as early as 7am, started with my lil' sis. everyone from far and near called in to wish her happy birthday. even right until tonight when we were in ipoh. bah's voice was out-of-control. i have to help her to speak to some of them, no harm huh?!!...

not like last year', we just had a very simple but nice and fun buka puasa treat at pakeeza in ipoh. that's also our first buka puasa outside. gosh... looking at THAT post i realized now that i supposed to write the second part of the birthday story but how come i didn't do so?!!... *glurp* wargghhh... i guess its all with the matter of t-i-m-e!

alright to cut the story short, it was my original plan to gather closed family members and friends for bah's surprised lunch-cum-80th-birthday-party-celebration. the actual date was on a sunday, so it was just nice. food were catered by an ipoh caterer that we called pak adam (i'll check-out the company's details. we catered him for my lil' bro's wedding dinner too) and decorations were done by beauty balloon.

i brought bah to penang on saturday morning, along with puteri and megat. all of us kept the secret from megat too, besides bah cuzzzzz... he can't keep a secret lol... so eventually when we arrived home on that sunday afternoon, megat was surprised too! and of course bah was really shocked indeed, seeing her home had been nicely arranged and decorated tents with yellow and purple balloons. go here for a sneak peek of the party pics ;)

o yes.. before i forgot, what do you think of the baju kedah that i wore in the pic above. it was actually bah's hehee... she bought the material in jakarta if i'm not mistaken. she wore it once and now its mine! well she gave it to me of course. i wore it with a black pants :D