Thursday, September 11, 2008

favicons are fun

i first been introduced to favicon by maro^gal via nuffnang's innit. then i was like-- "holy sh*t... that's soooooooo damnnnnn simple!". before that i was wondering like hell of how ler people do it on their site. and when i go through her tutorial, i immediately placed mine on my blogs since then. it was really easy i tell you.

if you find this thingy new to you, well its a small image that is generally used to reflect the identity of a web site. you can find it in the address bar, in your browser's tabs, in the list of bookmarks or in some feed readers. it's normally in a 16x16 pixels image, a standard size for favicons. worry no more, cuz can help you create or download favicon.ico icons with their cool tools ;)

i definitely agreed with Dragon Blogger. when we click on our bookmarks, all we need to see is the favicon to know what we want to click on, by not even have to read the bookmark title. its very helpful, right? besides the fun-ness of using it.

here's some of the favicons that i like, which is also the one that i most browse daily-- from top to bottom, in no particular order:, scrabulous, all recipes, Facebook, Nuffnang,, Google, SocialSpark and CIMBClicks.

and most importantly... here's my cute favicon. eh... cute ke? hehee... its the same pic that i use for my profile pic ;)