Thursday, September 11, 2008

great american seafood cook off

Seafood - YUMMM...

Seriously, it’s delicious and generally healthy -- salmon is my absolute favourite fish, I have it once a fortnight as a treat if possible… it tastes real good and coupled with some pasta makes a really scrummy meal. Plus I am forever snacking on crab sticks and the like. I love getting local produce whenever I can as it’s so fresh.

I don’t know how any one doesn’t like it.

A chef I am not hehee... I have only the basic skill level in the kitchen. That doesn’t stop me trying though, I love looking at recipes and the like. This brought me to -- a site where people submit their own seafood recipes and you can win prizes just by voting on which you like the best - it’s a Great American Sea Food Cook Off!

Having looked through the options, the Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice, created by John Currence from Mississippi gets my vote, mainly because I love the little pot it comes in -- shallow I know, but I love all sea food so it takes a little something extra like that to make one stand out for me. Why not go ahead and browse the recipies yourself, vote for your favourite and you could win a holiday -- that’s a pretty sweet deal.

And now my mouth is watering *glurp*

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