Tuesday, January 29, 2008

eye needs online

if you are looking for posh-fashionable glasses, you can find what you are looking for at ZenniOptical.com . they have chic glasses that starts for as slow as $8. read this: Zenni Optical: Sell Rx Glasses $8 with case! now that's a great value for your hard-earned money. when you purchase a glass, you have the option to change the frame colors, its tint, clip-on polarized or AR (Anti-Reflecting) coating; this coating improves the vision and appearance of glass. i found it really amazing because you get to have your pair of glasses straight from the manufacturers themselves, thus making it affordable and easy on the pocket!

i'm way too cool for this...

Saturday, January 26, 2008


hi there people!

guess what... here i am blogging from living quarters @ the curve in mutiara damansara right now. i am waiting for the LQ staff to wrap the wedding present for our new AM. check out the pic of the dining set by han fine dining i bought for him. its not from me but from our n7 group occay?!! ;) one of the LQ staff were good enough to help me to compile the loose pieces for me to complete the set for 4 people, amounting to +/- RM518 i.e. the $ collection that i managed to collect from the group is RM550. well the difference would be good enough for the cost of gift wrappers and a wedding card! i was lucky enough also to buy the set for 10% discount under MJ member (me, of course!), in conjunction for the CNY promo. the wedding reception for menyambut menantu will be held on next sunday, 3-feb. so i might be coming over here in kl again, insya allah. thus i thought of just leave the gift at my sis place in KD for the time being--the box is quite big and looks like heavy too i tell you!

well, some of you people may asked of what am i doing here actually. i was at marche earlier, for OLD club's 1st gathering. okay lor... i will blog about it when i reached home (kuale) tomorrow in my baking blog. there are quite a number of pics to upload you know ;)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


while we were waiting for my staff to join us for lunch this afternoon, three of us, were chit-chatting non-stop; especially megat who asked so many questions like 'who would join us?' or 'why they can join us?' and when he knew from me that one of them was working relief shift i.e. 10.30 am to 6.30 pm, he wondered, "why abang farhan can go out while working?".

so i explained to megat that "farhan was having his break".

then megat was like, "screetttt!!!..." .

puteri and i immediately laughed and told megat that its NOT that break. well, eventually he understood me... gosh!!! its just that he was trying to tease me again! lol... suddenly the move incident came across my mind. so i told both puteri and megat about it. woh!... we laughed like no one business lor lol...

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no other story meh?

i am sure some of you people would think that i do not have any other story than yut loy! lol... well, what to do... if its among the best, its sure still the best! if you would have been realized it, we just went there last friday hehe... i remember that i had mentioned before that megat's main school is very near with yut loy.

i am still not in the good mood ever since that day actually. so i am having this miserable feeling, in fact more at home, thats why i decided to just have our lunch there at yut loy, after megat finished his school. not long after that, three of my staff joined us. they are worry about me :~)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

hong kong hair & beauty saloon

puteri and i just came back from doing our hair at a local saloon called hong kong hair & beauty saloon. puteri had her wash and blow-dry service at RM9.00, while i colour my hair for RM80.00 only. go here to view my current hair length. believe it or not, mind you people... i ain't kidding occay?... thats why some locals who work elsewhere would take the chance to do their hair here when they come back to hometown for holidays or sort.

its one of the oldest shop in kuale, other than... yut loy!!! the shop is managed by three sisters who are still available ehem... but they are old enough to be called auntie ;) they would always do the hair and make-up for the royal family when there are special functions at the palace. the three sisters do not have any helpers. so i am not sure whether they would close the shop when they have to attend to the royals. i guess i should have ask them about this someday right.

their customers are from all over and race i.e. malays, chinese, indians, not forgetting others like thais, myanmars etc. who mainly are workers at some of the local factories here. guess what people... some of the customers do not mind to wait for hours for their turn especially during peak periods. like this mother and daughter (puteri and i [can you spot me? hehe...] ler... lol), they came at 11+ am and left the shop around 3.30pm *glurp*

as you could see from the pic, the shop has been decorated with chinese new year deco. and its a norm also that the three sisters would wear something reddish during the CNY fever. when i realized this at the shop, i was like, "eh... i should have start to get my staff to help me decorate our premise too!". hehe... well for me its not wrong for us to decorate our premise for the CNY season; as we are malaysians, and also, chinese are among part of our customers. besides, we do decorate our premise during other holiday seasons too like hari raya aidil fitri, deepavali, national day and many more. alright... enough said, i won't place any pics of our premise when we have complete decorating it--dangerous woh!... ;)

important points to be remember for PPP

i got this email from PPP. its about this post that they didn't approve because there's some third party links in it huhu... i have removed the links and resubmit. we will see how it goes now. so this is a lesson for us for not placing any third party links when blogging for this kind of site ;)

Dear kuE,

This is a notification to let you know that your post, i signed up for PPP!, at url
http://kueee.blogspot.com/2008/01/i-signed-up-for-ppp.html, has been rejected for the following reason(s):

Hi kuE,

Thanks for the post! However, we cannot approve it at this time because there are 3rd party links within the post. Please remove the links under keywords 'blogsvertise', 'bidvertiser', and 'nuffnang' in order for this sponsored post to be approved. If you have any questions please contact us at any time. Thanks again! John

Please log into PayPerPost.com (https://payperpost.com/login) to either correct this issue and resubmit the post or to delete the post. If this post is not corrected within 3 days, it will be deleted.

Thank you,

The PayPerPost Team

If you have any questions or comments regarding this message, please send us a note by clicking on 'Contact Support' at the bottom of any page within your PPP account. Thank you!!

150 N. Orange Ave.
Suite 304
Orlando, FL 32801

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the day working malaysians smile from ear to ear

ain't this a good news for all of us working malaysians, people? --

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 22 (Bernama) -- Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop Tuesday announced a 5.8 percent dividend for the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) for 2007, higher than the 5.15 percent in 2006.

read more here or click the screen shot image below for a larger view.

Monday, January 21, 2008

i have reasons to hate him

first of all, it sucks when some of you people say that hate is evil... it's not, it's a normal emotion or reaction.

p/s this is why i need to talk with someone closed to me. the only thing is that the time always jealous with us... you know what i mean :P

talking about vacuum cleaners

choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your needs can be very difficult. do i need a canister vacuum, stick broom or hand held, and how much power should it have? does the engine power (in watts) tell me all about the power of the vacuum cleaners or is there more to it?

there are all kinds of vacuum cleaners out in the market today. of course, everybody is starting to make the change to newer technologies. more people are now using upright vacuums less but they are not completely out of the picture. still, it's out with the old and in with the new. and the new fad in household cleaning is the canister vacuum. go here, here or here for some of the best canister vacuum products on the market today.

the day when my brain is sooo miserable

tqsm to my dear darling V for being there when i need you! he just called me from a 'private number' that normally i won't response. but since i followed my instinct because its always right i.e. here, i was so happy when heard V's voice--"gurl, are you okay?".

i text him very early today at +/- 1:36 am--"i need sum1 to talk to ler...". swear to Him, i can't sleep last night. now i am damn sleepy... blerk! there's something in my brain that makes me haywire :(

i guess V must be sleeping that time. he was on his way to work when he called, "sorry ler... i woke up very late today and now only am going to work lol... so what's up gurl?".

"well actually its very hard to say... i dun even know of how to start", i told him.

"ler... i thought that you wanna invite me for your wedding", he said. this statement really showed you people of how truthful our friendship are all this while :D

"oik! not that ler... there's something else".

"so you not marry meh?".

"well, planning tu ada, but we shall put that aside first, as...".

i didn't even could finish my sentence, when V already cut in, "...there's more important stuff to look into is it?".


i am so glad to have V as my long time best buddy. after some more talks, we decided to meet up on sunday morning for breakfast insya Allah, during my kl trip this weekend. there are certainly a lot of things to up-date! saturday is his biking day you... fyi he owns a harrrleyyyyy! so now i am booked up for sunday morning too, other than a meet-up this saturday evening.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

cousin (dr) sarah announce pregnancy

my cousin (dr) sarah and husband FOB (safiya's parents) are expecting. congratulations! i would like to wish all the best to both of them on this wonderful news.

so basically whether you found out yesterday or a few months ago, here are a few tips about sharing your status. you'll also find some creative, fun ways to announce your pregnancy.

  1. know that some women wait until a little further along, in case of an early miscarriage. if this is a concern for you consider waiting until after the first three months, when the rate of miscarriages drops.

  2. understand that some women call everyone they know the minute they find out they're pregnant. this group feels that in an event of a pregnancy loss, they'll cope better with informed friends and family to support them.

  3. tell your partner first then decide who else to tell. do you want your co-workers to know about your pregnancy? how about your friends from high school? grandma and grandpa? be careful who you tell, and in what order.

  4. remember this is his child, too. with rising home pregnancy test usage, your partner may have been there with you, holding your hand and waiting for the results. if your husband, boyfriend, or partner doesn't know yet, consider more than just "hey, i'm pregnant". this is an exciting and special moment, one the both of you will remember forever. if this is an unexpected—and possibly undesired—pregnancy, be as calm as possible and allow the other person time to digest the news. the first reaction is not always indicative of the true feelings.

  5. choose a way to share your news so that you do not just come right out and tell people that you are pregnant but use a creative way. leave the pregnancy test on the bathroom counter.

  6. make a romantic dinner for the two of you. while your partner is expecting a four-course meal, you'll serve baby-esque food: baby-backed ribs, baby carrots, and baby's apple juice served in little sippy cups. for dessert, serve baby teething cookies.

  7. have a movie night and rent baby-related movies: nine months, junior, baby's day out, etc. write your good news on a piece of paper and place it inside a dvd or vhs case. choose the first movie—not the one with the note. when the movie ends, get up to go the bathroom and tell your partner to put in the movie you selected. wait for him to read the note. come out of the bathroom, smiling and saying, "it's true!".

  8. wait for a holiday and literally "give" your partner the news. buy a t-shirt with DADDY written on it, a baby-related key chain, a baby book, as well as a few baby items, and put them in a gift bag. cover with tissue paper and then have him open it.

  9. take bubble bath. run your partner a bath adding lots of bubbles. write a sweet letter announcing the news, wrap it in a plastic baggie, and pop it into a baby bottle. hide the baby bottle under the bath bubbles. when your partner gets into the bath they'll feel something, find the bottle and read the note.

  10. play scrabble. do your best to choose only words that are baby-related.

  11. take a shower together. write on your belly in washable marker, "Baby On Board" and allow your partner to get in the shower first.

  12. order a cake from a bakery. request the word, Daddy to be written on it. then ask your partner to pick the cake up for you and bring it home because you're too busy to go yourself.

  13. send a card with the good news, chosen name, and a copy of the sonogram. this depends how far along you are, of course. otherwise you could just take a picture of you and your partner and include that, with or without your proud belly showing.

  14. have a backyard BBQ. while everyone is eating, stand up and make a toast. say, "we just want to thank everyone for coming here today. it means a lot for us to have our friends here. by the way, we're having a baby. so, who wants dessert?". everyone will burst out laughing, ask if you're serious, and then celebrate!

  15. leave a baby name book out somewhere around the house.


  • the sooner you share your news, the sooner you can begin planning the baby shower, choosing names, and buying essential baby furniture and clothes. there is a lot to do in the nine months before your child is born.

  • get creative and brainstorm some ideas of your own. personalize the announcement in any way you choose. this is your child and you can have as much fun as you want!


  • if you want to wait to share your news, keep in mind that vomiting, a growing belly, and multiple visits to a doctor may inadvertently spill the beans for you. if the pregnancy becomes too difficult to hide, you may want to announce your pregnancy now, when you can still surprise people. otherwise you may lose that exciting element.

  • be aware of your timing. your good news may rub salt in someone else's wound. did your sister-in-law miscarry last week? be sensitive to her feelings as well. imagine how you would feel.

  • never announce your pregnancy while in an argument. this is tacky and ruins what should be a special occasion. screaming, "well i'm pregnant, so you'll never be out this late again! kiss your friends goodbye!" is a horrible memory for the both of you. having a child is an adult decision, so act like one.

  • again, people's first reactions aren't always their true feelings. don't be offended if people are surprised. weren't you?

  • know your partner. some men would enjoy the methods described above, and some would prefer a more serious approach. make sure that you make a night to remember for a good reason, and not a bad one.

kuE's note: sarah's pic taken by my sister last month.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

malaysians’ paypal dream comes true

there are so many people asking me on how to cash out from their PayPal account and now this post is making your dreams come true because PayPal is allowing you all to withdraw your funds into credit cards and debit cards with Visa® logo. read more here. i found out about this myself when i was browsing thru the PayPal site... yay! let’s follow me for the step-by-step:

first, you click “withdraw” to go to your withdrawal page.

you will be directed to a page where you will have to enter your credit card or debit card details which includes your billing address of the card you have entered. as you could see from the screen shot below, i do not have to type in my Visa
® card details, as they have all my informations during the registration process last time. ain't that kewl people?

this means i shall use my PayPal money to pay for my Visa
® credit card' outstanding balance ;)

the withdrawal fee is USD5.00 per transaction.

to those bloggers who are writing for sponsored post, no more worries of thinking how to get your hard earned money to pay for your credit card bills now.

so what are you people waiting for, start cashing out your funds and treat me nice food. anyone successful? tell me! any failure? tell me as well! for those who applied for those expensive cards i.e. VMI to withdraw your PayPal funds, what are you having in mind? i have just applied one for myself anyway. i guess i will blog about it once i have received the card in +/- 5 to 7 days or so, then its easy for me to explain everything.

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flame-grilled it mexican style!

i heard that the secret to el pollo loco's success is their great tasting food. their menu has a broad and deep consumer acceptance across a wide span of demographic and socioeconomic sectors and is a healthy alternative to traditional fast food.

el pollo loco's chosen motto is "flame-grilled mexican chicken". i'm not certain what's so special about mexican chickens, but i ought that they sure are tasty! el pollo loco sets itself apart from other fast-food restaurants with its flame-grilled chicken, marinated in a combination of garlic, citrus and other spices. this flavorful and juicy chicken is the staple of basically the entire menu. granted, i've never seen so many delicious options for poultry dishes. perhaps that's what sets the mexican chicken apart!

owh!... when ler i could try this... perhaps who ever going to US can tapau some for me? blerk! ;) lol...

Friday, January 18, 2008

the day when no one is at home

mom followed dad to kl this morning. she will be attending a cousin's engagement ceremony this weekend. at first i thought of going too, but megat has to go to school tomorrow as usual to replace the extra holidays for the upcoming chinese new year. megat goes to a chinese school, remember? ;)

so here's what we normally do on a friday-- puteri's school ends at 12.10pm, while megat's is at 1.05pm. both puteri and i rather spent the extra time together rounding around town instead of going back home and forth. then when its almost 1pm, we would normally be at none other than yut loy!!! hehe... told you people before that the school is very near with yut loy right :D and since no one at home today, we had our lunch at yut loy-- we approached one of the twin bros from the back door and ordered our food. then after we fetch megat, we walked back to yut loy (yes! you read me, that we walked there)... and voila... the food were all ready on one of the tables! simple as that...

i had chicken cutlet with two sets of buttered toast bread (thats four pieces altogether you know... hah!) and two glasses of iced nescafe. i was lapor giler (damn hungry) occay?!! ;)

while puteri and megat had chinese fried rice with egg and iced milo, hmm... yummy!!!...

so... can you all people see the stairs behind megat? fyi that's lead to a secret location that only budak koleq knows *glurp* lol... :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

the day V turned 41

it was V's 41st birthday today. wahh... it was a very long time ago since we last met... missing each other like crazy woh... woit! no gossiping occay? hehe... for those who dunno him, do check out more about him on the archives or here. fyi he's from a mix parentage. so basically memang handsome giler orangnya... lol...

kuE : Hai! Happy Bday! So u r 41 now kan hehe...
V : Hi... Thanks... Ha Ha dah tua la
kuE : Tua pun handsome lagi what? Ada someone tu je still owe my last year's bday pressie... blerk!
V : Ye la... Nanti kita square off la ya... He he
kuE : Meaning this year's one kena double ler :P
V : He he boleh je...!
kuE : So, aren't u celebrating 2day
V : Hvng a relaxing day je...

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the happy faces...

...said it all!

thank you so much to all team mates (grik and kuale area) who also came as far as grik, for the great help. for sure, i will be there next week. we are all in a team right? so basically its like you helped me, and i will help you thingy hehe... the best thing is he decided to reschedule the event at his place on friday 25-jan., instead of saturday 26-jan. when he told me this, i was like--horayyy and yippeee!!! its all just because the power root man can only do the sampling on friday, for next week--my colleague from grik asked him to do some sampling at his premise too... blerk!

this also means that i could depart early in the morning from kuale, so that i can join the rest of the OLD club members at our first gathering... auwww!!! can't wait to meet all you ladies. now you people know, that its my style, that i do not mind at all to drive long distance all the way for some good reasons that you can think of like here and here. some said that i do all this kind of thingy because of friends i.e. i treat friends as important as family too :D yes... true! even this makes me so damn dissappointed... hah! enough said... i really hope that she will change for the better no matter what.

well as you people could see from the above pic, although we were tired, but we were so relieved that today's event could be considered as successful, even though it was just a simple one ;) just imagine people... some customers i could say, dropped-by and joined us to have some meals during tea time even though they didn't purchase anything. well at least we gave something back to the community this way, for helping us to increase our business... amin. our new AM en rafaie (the one in white, next to daddykins) also commented the same. he was also glad indeed that we managed to attract many people here. insya allah next month would be much better, as we will be doing it on a saturday morning.

as usual we catered the food from none other than ej catering. one of the reasons that we ordered from them every time is because of their very good service, besides great food too! we will certainly order from them again for our future events. so kechik, are you coming next month? :P

good morning world...

i am having my breakfast right now ie half-boiled egg with buttered toast; at our patio. my schedule gonna be real busy today.

we are organizing a community programme at +/- 4 to 7pm. some big companies will be here too, to support us. its all thanks to the great relationship that we had all this while. our next venue that is next week, on saturday. we will be doing almost the same thing in grik. alright lor people... i have to get going, many things have to be done. wish me luck people ;)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a visit to the barber

the last time i took a pic of megat at a local indian barber was this one. hah! its not much different for the current one taken this afternoon (below pic), right? hehe... "maaa!!!... no photograph pleaseee", megat requested. i am sure he knew that this gonna be published here. unfortunately it was too late ;)

i was damn busy nowadays. today in fact is the first time i brought megat to cut his hair since the school starts. so now you people know that megat went to his first day of school this year without cutting his hair :D

and here's a pic taken at the same type of place about six years ago by my sister. the different here is that both the indian barbers have moved to a new nice and better place (refer above pic).

Saturday, January 12, 2008

the day i got my first payment

i browse through my blogsvertise site, and how happy i am when i found out that they have paid for my first assignment via my paypal account. to prove it, here's a screenshot pic of it--

some of you people may say, argghhh... only USD8?!! what the heck or not, its true of what kechik said, "sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit you... kan?". in fact i have also just registered for another making money site via blogging. read more about it here. i also knew someone who have make a lot of money this way, and she's just a housewife! i am sure you people must be wondering of who is she. i will blog about her some other time ler... i am going to send puteri for her math class now... byeee!!!...

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slow cookers make life easier

one of the easiest ways to make stews, soups, bbq meats, and a variety of other recipes is by using a slow cooker or as it is commonly known a crock pot. one huge advantage is that once you put the ingredients into your pot, you can go about your day without having to worry about your meal again until it is time to eat.

how does a crock pot work?

the basic idea behind a slow cooker is that you cook your food at a low temperature for a long period of time. the slow cooking time results in tender, moist meats and vegetables without fuss or hassle. flavours have the time to thoroughly infuse through all of your ingredients, making chili, curries, and beans particularly delicious.

the standard design for a crock pot is a ceramic inner pot which is encased in a metal shell. a lid, which is usually made of transparent glass to make it easier to check the progress of the food, covers both sections. the electric heat is controlled by a thermostat, allowing you to easily select the temperature at which you want to cook.

liquid is added to the raw ingredients inside the inner pot to transmit heat and flavors evenly throughout the meal. depending on your recipe, you can use water, chicken, beef, or vegetable stock, or wine for your liquid.

the benefits of slow cookers

  • it is difficult to impossible to overcook foods in a slow cooker, although the flavor may not be as good if foods are cooked too long.
  • slow cooking is cost-effective, because tougher, cheaper cuts of meat can be used to excellent effect.
  • generally, you will need less liquid for slow cooking than you use with traditional methods, because the heat does not rise high enough for the liquid to boil and evaporate.
  • meals can be ready at a time to suit making evening meals a pleasure for those that work all day.
  • there is no need to constantly watch the meal to ensure that it isn’t burning as you would if you were cooking on a stove top.

how to choose a crock pot?

crock pots vary in size, shape and material but they all essentially perform the same task. nevertheless you might want to consider the following when deciding on which crock pot is for you:

  • size – the size of the crock pot is an important factor. first of all will it be enough to feed your family? for singles a 1.5 quart will probably be sufficient but for a family of 5 or 6 then a 6 quart is recommended. most crock pots come with a removable insert so any leftovers can be stored so also consider whether your crock pot inner liner will fit into your fridge or freezer.
  • transport – is it likely that you will be cooking meals for friends and relatives? if so, then look for a crock pot with a removable liner (i.e. here), that can be transported safely and securely.
  • features - look for added features such as a delayed start time and a keep warm option.
  • ensure you purchase a crock pot with a glass lid as this will ensure that you don’t need to constantly lift the lid to check on the contents.

hints and tips
  • don’t remove the lid during cooking – this can dry out the contents and also
  • if you find that your meal has turned out dry it may mean that the seal between the lid
  • don’t overfill your crock pot. it should be no more than two thirds full as it could boil over.

so people, if you ever thought of getting one, drop here is a must! as obviously theirs are worth your money... :P

Friday, January 11, 2008

three years of blogging and not giving up

today is the 3 years anniversary of my blog. in three years i have been able to post 516 entries including this one. thats a little more than 1/2 an entry every day. in other words, all in all it hasn't been the most active blog in the blogsphere.

but it still has been able to function in many ways. both as a voice for my own very strong opinions in life as well as place for me to just rant and rave.

there has been active months with many entries (i am too lazy to sit down and make statistics, sorry); and there have been slow months, but i have been posting every month since june in 2005.

this blog has slowed down a bit at the moment, although i have been posting more frequently lately. what the future will bring for this blog is hard to say. at the meantime its shifting towards more focus on making monies via blogging. but i am also brewing the urge to write about other topics that is close to my heart (not the old kind, the new - that involves conversations and keeping it real).

if you are just joining or have joined in on the way, feel free to check out the archives. there might be some gems there ;)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

the end

i lost a sis/(or) friend (?) because of this. how sad. dun worry about me people, i'm occay... let's just hope that she will change for the better and may Allah bless her alwiz, amin...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

i signed up for PPP!

i have been blogging for almost three years now and recently the only thing i know how to monitize a blog is through blogsvertise, google AdSense, bidvertiser and nuffnang. up to until now i am looking for alternative and good source of income. doing web development is a pain and maybe trying to venture into writing and blogging may help and save me from gruelling hours of coding and programming and designing.

why i signed up for PPP?

one word: ka-ching!

i simply trying to earn some cash while blogging. that’s what blog advertising i.e. PPP is all about; giving bloggies or posties like me, earning some money to review advertisers’ sites.

i joined PayPerPost out of curiosity many months ago, as i have seen those PPP badges on various blogs and they all raved about the wonderful opportunity. as a starters, you get paid US$20 to blog about PPP. that’s easy money i say, so get register.

plus if you got nothing to post or having one of those ‘writer’s block’ moments or your life is not that interesting, you can always check out PayPerPost and review the opportunities given to bloggers and earn some dosh.

at least i get some extra income while blogging. hey, i’m happy! i just need to be more active and review more; as every money earned, i get to buy more stuffs online.

why PayPerPost (PPP)?

PayPerPost is a pretty cool program that enables bloggers to earn cash by writing articles about new products and services. essentially, PPP acts as a middle man between companies and bloggers. companies go to PPP in search of free lance writers who will write a review of their product for a specified amount of dollars. bloggers have the option to choose whichever product or service they like best to write a review about.

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i highly suggest joining the PPP program as a means of generating extra income online. if you’re interested in joining the PPP program i’ve left a button on the side bar. good luck... and if you find success with PPP don’t forget to come back and let me know!

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Monday, January 07, 2008

liar, liar

i'm not sure what possesses us to lie. why we assume that no one will ever find out and how we arrogantly let ourselves believe that we are above reproach because our lie is so much smaller than anyone else'. why do we even think that who we are will be so much more perfect if we only embellish a little to make the edges seem not so sharp?

its not cool and its not easy enough to make it worth the trouble.

okay, i know i'm not much different from the average "joe", and i do not consider myself better than anyone else, except if there are points in life for not lying. personally i come to really dislike people who lie. on a religious level i know it is a sin. however i know that not everyone is inclined to profess a religion but there are those that are not devout in any religious persuasion who do not lie. so why is it that people can reach a certain age and they stop doing things like lying, and others can not? what is so appealing about lying that makes people continue to do it no matter what age they are and yet still expect that everyone will just simply believe every word? or better yet, what is so unappealing about being honest with everyone?

typically there is no real benefit to lying. yes, you may get ahead for a short time, but nearly all lies are eventually found out and there is no excuse, nor is there an easy way to face those you have lied to. i assume i am allowed to have this opinion.

i previously have an individual which has been working with me that has an apparent lying problem. i am not sure what they have to cover up and i am not really sure i want to know. i suppose i would like to be able to help them understand THAT they don't have to lie. THAT they would be accepted without the embellishments. THAT they would be allowed to remain if they could only tell the truth, but alas it seems that they are not interested in truth, except as they assume it. but who does it really hurt?

i, on one hand will lose a little money. i don't particularly like or appreciate that, but it is actually a small price to pay considering the loss the other person will endure. IT will mean the loss of a possible friendship. IT will mean the loss of income for them. IT will mean the expense of their reputation in the eyes of others that know us. but more importantly, what will be the true cost to that person, if they do not recognize the problem and they continue the lying pattern for years to come? i always wonder if their family realizes how bad it is or do they just not care? or do they even know at all? but how could they not? how long will they go from place to place pointing the finger at others?

there is no reason for anyone to lie! some will say that it is better than hurting someone else. that is so far from true. anyone will be much more hurt in the end if they find out they have been lied to. the truth is far more easy to live with. it's easier to remember than a lie and you don't have to worry about making anything up to go with the truth. if you lie, you will have to tell another one in order to cover up the first one and it becomes a stupid, endless cycle. you will just have to believe me when i say that people really do not like liars. not even little ones. the truth allows people to function normally in the real world. and the truth does have a way of keeping you free from guilt and shame. and remember, there is no room for liars, not in the hearts of people and not even in Heaven.

hello... hello...

megat's school already started their sports practice today, with the blue house on monday. i waited for him inside the school gate around 5.20pm with an umbrella in my hand. yes it was drizzling... also my oly in the other hand. and while still waiting there, i thought why not i snap a pic of my view there, as its kinda nice. besides that i wanna show you people yut loy's location, thats so near to megat's school -- ref to the pic, its the one that the first shop house of the other block. you could see an old type of shop house' window, its right in the middle of the pic ;)

in fact we went there to have our tea time. as soon as we ordered our food, megat asked about kechik. oik! like as though he knows that we were just sms-ing with each other earlier, before i drove there. kechik, fyi megat was the one who wish to talk to you beb...


"this is not kuE, ini cik lan*!"

hmm... entah apa diaorang sembang...

bior ler depa... i am damn hungry and wanna eat my roti kahwin... yummy!!!

*kuE's note: one day i will blog about of why the name cik lan. i wonder whether kechik still remember hehe... :)

say NO to advertlets

at first i thought i was the only one that got this problem -- then i figured out that those blogs that has advertlets code will be redirected to adbaaz.com, including mine. if you remove the code it will be OK. that's what i did myself, cuz i thought if my blog has been redirected to something that gotta do with advertlets, then i have to do something about it. hobart lim faced the same problem. read more about this here and here. from what i understand, advertlets didn't renew their domain *glurp*

to ween, minny and sweettooth, hmm... who else? i could see that you have the same problem with your blog too.

so with that simple mistakes, i don't think i am gonna continue putting advertlets code in my blog. my advise to you people is that "say NO to advertlets". now i prefer the other one. what's the other one i.e. blog advertising community, you asked? i will blog about it soon... tungguuuuu... ;)

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

simple important tips on blogsvertise

i received an email from cheryl of blogsvertise, informing me of some new enhancements they recently introduced to the blogger profiles.

so i add some of these to my profile as suggested--

Enhancement 1: A place to add a full description about you and your blogs

- Describe what your blogs are about.
- Who your typical audience is.
- What themes you like to write about.
- Your hobbies, interests, career, etc.

This detailed information will be presented to the advertisers when they select blogs for advertising on. We will also be featuring these blogs through out the public website for those bloggers who have uploaded their photo as Blogsvertise Blogger Profile.

to kechik and DNAS, have you upload your real pic in the profile? if not yet, please do so asap to get feature in their public website. it has to be approved by the admin also you know. mine's there (refer the above screenshot pic) wohooo!!!... did you realize there's blue border on some of the blogger pics that featured on their public page? well that means thats the only one that have links to their public profile including mine ;) don't you think thats a simple trick there?

to advertisers, click here to advertise in my blog :)

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

breaking up, or staying together

i think so many dating relationships reach the point where you come to think do you break up, or stay together. what circumstances or guidelines do you use to judge these things. reading a book a few months back, Epp's how not to marry a jerk, had one of the most telling or helpful suggestions in the book. he suggested that you should be in synch in three areas for a relationship to work. they are honesty, trust, and intimacy. he suggested that all three areas should be in synch for you to know a relationship is in line. when it is not, the relationship may go sour.

two out of three, while it ain't bad, is like a stool with three legs and one leg is way shorter than the other. things are always going to be unbalanced, and the party that is more engaged in the relationship than the other is always going to feel on edge, simply because they are on edge. what do you do at this point? if you want to hold on to yourself, and not waste time, you should openly discuss this with someone rather than sitting around waiting, and feeling like you are tolerated rather than being wanted. it is difficult to feel that you are barely tolerated and not wanted. when this is the case, the relationship is can not be sustained.

if you two have been together for awhile, and have had some good times and you may feel that this is only due to a stressful situation at work, or perhaps some emotional immaturity on that other person's side; it may be possible that things can work out, and that relationship can turn back into balance. if after a conversation things don't fall back into place it is time to move on.

Friday, January 04, 2008

translate them boy...

i have been wanted to blog since morning but only He knows of how busy i am... hence now only i have some time to breath *phew*

its the second day of schools today. i am sure megat will bring more homeworks later... in fact he brought two homeworks yesterday, even it was the first day of schools. its well known that school children in chinese school in the country intense to get more homework than national school. i know some malay parents (of those who send their children to chinese school) got so many says on this but for me... no hal! at least megat would do something good at home during his past time. well if you people don't like that then don't lar send your children to chinese school kan? we could see nazmi, megat's malay friend from kindy since 2003... all his bro and sis (five of them including nazmi) study in chinese school, now the eldest is in form three. the thing is if we can't do it the hard way, then forget it! if you wanna the best for your children and you think you can get it at chinese school, then face it!

megat came back from school yesterday with so many stories. even during lunch time, he told us so many things. he's excited! yes... especially when he starts going to the main school, the one in town from this year. from what i understand from megat, the children at the main school there get to have malay bahasa melayu language teachers, not like the previous one where chinese teachers teach all subjects except agama, where an ustazah from the main school will go there when they have agama classes. a malay guy teacher came to megat's class during the bahasa melayu subject. according to megat, he got problems to communicate with chinese children. luckily megat and nazmi were there, so both of them helped him to translate to their chinese classmates, of what the teacher wanna say lol... funny or not? teheeheee...

mama is so glad of you boy! ;)

kuE's note:
pic showed this morning when megat was walking in to the main school. take note that the side entrance is just behind yut loy! ;)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

welcome 2008...

this is the day children from all over the country started their school days for the year 2008.

we went out of the house about 6.50am. there were some traffic jams when we were heading to sekolah atas bukit, as expected. wa lau ley... some people still send their children to school right up to the front (i mean... they would parked the car, and go down personally with their children in to the school'
compound) even though the children are big enough to do everything her/himself. i saw that situation at puteri's school, when some parents (both father and mother occay?!!), came out from the school' gate :P don't tell me they wanna pay for the children's school fees. even megat can do it himself already. fyi megat now is in year three, while puteri is in form two.

anyhow for megat, i did send him to the classroom, since this is his first day in year three. on the other hand, starting this year, his school is located in town thats specially for year three to year six children. take note that the one near malay college is only for year one and two. while there, we discussed of where i shall drop him and wait for him every day at school from now onwards. oh... forgot to mention to you people that the school also is only few blocks away from none other than yut loy! thats even on the same row, of the main road in town occay?!! hehee... now we shall expect that i will drop-by yut loy more often :) hmm... senang ler nak order pau ek? lol...

owh... how time flies so fast... megat is such a big boy himself now. megat was busy talking with his friends when i interrupted him, saying that i wanted to go home. "okay... bye ma!", megat said while waving his right hand to me. "oik! no more salam and kissing your mama?", i asked him. megat just smiled. i know that he was shy, kissing his mom infront of his friends. but when he realized that i was a bit dissappointed, he came to me whose standing at the classroom door, then salam and kissed me.

oh yes... as you could see from the pics, megat's school is one of the oldest schools in kuale, besides rpk (sekolah atas bukit), koleq and clifford. so don't be surprised to see an old building there. nonetheless, the classroom is already equipped with projector set with slides, hang on top of the blackboard. yes... blackboard! i know i know... some of the new schools these days don't use blackboard no more but they use whiteboard instead.

guess what people... some parents were looking at me one kind only... ya lor... no other parents especially mothers snapped pics of their children at school like i did this morning hehe... let it be! they dunno that megat's mother is a blogger and like what i mentioned many times before, we bloggers NEVER leave home without a camera!!! bwahahahaaa... :D

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