Tuesday, December 27, 2005

sleep well my dear...

about the same time like yesterday, i chatted with david again. as soon as he reached home which is a four hours drive from his mom's, he attacked his puter, uploading pics and videos for me to see and watch. check-out one of the videos below-

after a while he told me that he was tired and need a rest. it was only around 9.30pm (tue) or so there and 1.30pm (wed) local time. so we decided that he should go to bed while i continue my work. not long after that, my cell fon rang. it was from a private number. my instinct thought that it must be david.

"hello... [my nick] -he pronounced it differently than locals hehe... "

i knew it!

"i cannot sleep hun. really. i have to call and tell you this before that so that i could sleep well."

"what's that abang *drool* ", i asked.

"i am so truly in love with you. eventhough we are so far away from each other, different continents, 16 hours apart, you are my only one. i am so glad that mom saw you. she even talked to you. we are blessed hun. i do not have anything to worry no more. she likes you. "

"i wanna marry you hun. this would be my second marriage (and yours too) and it would also be the last. you would be my one and only wife not two (he knows about dad).", he continued.

"okay. i wanna sleep now after a long drive. now i feel so relieve after telling you all this."