Monday, December 26, 2005


i am sooooo happy today...

happy happy happy.........................

i dunno what to say... really, i really dunno how to say this-

david was at mom's since friday to celebrate xmas with his family. i was at work and my pc was on as usual. i send my love via off-line message to david. suddenly he pops-out. we chat on ym for a while. i tried to on the vid cam. so david saw me. even his mom joined in towards the end. although i'm using broadband in office sometimes i do get dc arrghhh... so at one time it was paused. what happened? i was worried. then i realised that it was mine! restart. but still nothing. then my heart said that i should try to call david's cell fon. it took me few mins to think. i dialled and wait. no answer. err... cannot be. so i tried again. "hello...", a lady's voice answered. i was nervous. she's david's mom! we talked a bit then, "you hang on, i'll pass the fon to david". *phew*

omigosh... my hearts beat so fast. that was the first time i talked to david's mom. i dunno what i was thinking. but as far as i know that i'm really happy. he told about me to the whole family. in fact he showed my country's location to his niece and nephew. it shows that he's really damn serious with our relationships. david' the one! i knew it.