Wednesday, December 28, 2005

penang... here we come!

we were in bercham, ipoh giving some supports to our new friend. i parked my 4wd at shaidi's place and we went there together with syed. the thing was, i dunno how to get there. never been to such place anyway! azah was among others who reached there early.

we gonna meet again tomorrow for a seminar in sunway hotel, seberang jaya. shaidi and syed were asking whether i wanna go with them. when i met azah, she asked the same thing. i decided to go with azah then. ok set kawan, you pick me up at 12.30.

" ..., maybe we could go to penang after that kan? gurney plaza... eee... ", azah told me. "now still on sale kan. maybe we could go to the new metrojaya in island plaza".

i smiled.

yea... i remembered the last time i went to gurney plaza (with mom and kids) was more than a year ago. at one time, i walked outside the gurney drive somewhere along gurney plaza with puteri and megat. mom was alone in the plaza, still shopping. we breathed the fresh air of the sea. ohh... so damn soothing. that was a few weeks before the tsunami tragedy. we were at home relaxing when suddenly we heard about the bad incident in the tv news (can't remember which channel though). dad was looking at me. my eyes became big, stunned! we were there few weeks before that :(

"oh my god", said mom.