Monday, October 29, 2007

of refurbishment works...

i asked my staff to stick these notice since few days ago--

the thing was, we only got the fax letter from our area manager on last thursday grr... previously it was scheduled on last august. and with those, our premise were officially temporarily closed from today at +/- 2.15pm until 10 december 2007, for some renovation works. wohoo... thats about 6 weeks mann... maybe its a great time for holidaying? hehe...

or maybe anyone of you people wanna meet-up? just holla!

of my life...

hey, you!

yes... whoever you are, i hate your style. i hate you... terribly!!! don't dream of being that close to me... blerk! :P

this guy (yes, i supposed it was a guy) text me last nite-- "Samekom org disana".

since the number not in my list, i asked of who was that on the other end (via sms, of course). wahh... it seems he got my number from a friend. i really hate it that way and when asked, he said that he can't tell me cuz he already promised the friend grr... he told me also that he always saw me in our work meet mostly in the northern region i.e. seberang perai, prai, cameron highlands and ipoh.

then my mind thought about johan. well i guess thats cannot be, as i heard he already married to his clerk (surprisingly) few months ago. i even saw them together the last time we met at northern 2 region' family day in damai laut.

after exchanged a few sms, i 'make dunno' after the last sms he sent me. btw it was late too! he was asking me (in malay words), to open my heart widely to accept a guy in my life. its my routine to check my mobile whenever i awoke. i got a missed call from him! he sms me asking of why i don't wanna answer his call. it was good that i was already sleeping that time. well, even if i was awake, i won't answer the call from such people too!

halo! its none of your business occay?!! its up to me whether i wanna tell people that i am alone or not. who are you to talk with me about this?

at first i thought of publishing his number together in this post. what do you think?

alright people, the thing is like this-- "in reality, people thought that i am alone; but in my real life, people dunno of whats really happening in my life". read more
here. its not that i wanna hide about my life, but soon or later... we will see ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i love you today and
i will love you tomorrow

just some words
to clear the sorrow

that will never
leave my heart or yours

from this day forward
you are so special to me

i love you
with all my heart

always have
and always will

from family and friends
that never end

you will always be with me
as i will always be with you

until we cross the gates of heaven
there we will always be

together until the end

Monday, October 22, 2007

of kechik's engagement day

her blog is called little miss kechik! hmm... nama je kechik, but so efficient one you know. i reached kuale from my damai laut trip (i will blog about it later) before 3pm. i checked my email around 6 something or so. and to my surprised... she already loaded the pics! i also received a thank you ecard *grin*

i like the kind of event... simple but nice... very good planning. everything was done perfecto! ;) good job dek! i especially sooo lurve the small vase made with 'tin susu'. cute. here's some pics from my oly. view more pics here.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

damai laut here i come...

i am gonna deliver this later with megat. puteri is in kl since wednesday, enjoying her raya holidays. megat has to stay cuz his school started on wednesday. take note that megat is studying in a chinese school. whatever it is, no harm what, cuz school is more important.

about raya this time, i guess its a bit different from the past as i was busy baking cupcakes that people been ordering. its all started from wednesday, few days before raya till last night! anyhow i enjoyed doing it. thats why you didn't see any raya updates here hehe... check-out my baking blog for more on my raya cupcakes ;)

guess what people. since i have been invited to kechik's engagement too (well, i thought that my job is to just deliver the cupcakes hehe...), i will take the chance to take a quick break here -- didn't had the chance to enjoy it the last time though. hope that you people will have a great weekend with your loved ones too.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the KL flickr

if you people happened to flip through this month's KLue, take note that my sis has been featured in the magazine. no pic of her but its just a short article about flickr (mainly 24 hours of flickr meet in kl), where she's the founder of
kl flickr. they meet on the third saturday every month if i am not mistaken. i have been asked to bake some cupcakes for their first year anniversary meet-up. read more here and here.

Friday, October 05, 2007

of eja's birthday & break fast outing

i almost forgot that i haven't bring my staff for the buka puasa outing yet. my schedule is damn packed this time, thats why. we went to gurney hotel last year. click here to read about it. eventually they would never know of where we gonna buka puasa as i always kept it to myself until we reached the destination.

so this year i have to make do with a nearer place (here), being that i am terribly busy this time of the year. plans were immediately made yesterday, where i booked the place with abang ali via sms. some of my staff went today, while the rest will be going on this coming monday. take note that our business aren't easy for us to close shop anytime we wanna, just like that. if not... hmm... you will be seeing these people coming uninvited grr... btw it was such a co-incidence that one of my cashier' birthday falls today too. i only realized it yesterday! some of you people may know already by now that i love to surprise people and make them happy, especially my closed ones. i went back home early from work yesterday for us to bake some multi-colour swirl cupcakes, to surprise eja today. i made an arrangement with abang ali, to keep the birthday cupcakes in their kitchen as soon as i arrived. then they are to bring it out after we finished our main break fast meal.

eja was damn surprised when one of the waitress brought out a big plate of the birthday cupcakes. "this must be kakak. thank you so much", she said while looking at me. i am so glad that she likes the idea. she smiled all the way... anyhow, enjoy the pics people--

but back to dinner. the buffet ramadhan, available for RM28 nett for adult and RM19 nett for children, is served at the other section. the usual coffee house area is under renovation.

the ambiance was great. soft lighting, distributed buffet areas and raya music (recorded) makes it a great business dinner venue. you can actually hear yourself talk, and not hear the conversation of others nearby. you don't get elbowed at the buffet, and the staff look you in the eye when they smile at you.

the spread itself was nothing to shout about at first, until you taste the food. dessert, my main interest whenever i go for a buffet, was simple yet distinctive. of course, they had the local fruits, local kuih selection including my favourite, none other than kuih limas, and a mean bubur pulut hitam. i was pleasantly surprised that the teh tarik was not THAT sweet! finally... lol...

to abang ali,
tqsm for the great hospitality. not forgetting the discounts! there were 9 of us i.e. 8 adult and 1 children, but the cashier charged me for 7 adults only plus 1 children. besides that, she even minus 10% from it, that makes the grand total of less than RM200. i knew that it must be you. also a very big thank you to all the f&b staff who were very helpful when we needed your assistance. see you all again on monday!

alright, i guess i would better call it a night then. its gonna be a whole day community event for tomorrow with my N7 team. i really need a good rest. nite-nite people!

kuE's note:
read about our quick get away at bukit merah laketown resort last year

Thursday, October 04, 2007

why ler the 3 digits huh?!!

now we have to get use to all these new numbers grr...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

AZ' lelaki ini

i have been wanted to write this for so long, and here goes--

all i could say about
anuar zain or AZ in a word is that he's superb! correct me if i am wrong ladies hehe... click here for you people to know more about him -- wikipedia.

lelaki ini (this guy) is tremendously more famous with his latest song lelaki ini. click the 'play' button below to listen. even i am sooo into this right now also.

i still remember when i first knew AZ way back in my younger years. i was in the primary school if i am not mistaken. he started his career as a duet singer with ellina. one of the famous song was that of lala lala... ;)

the best thing was i studied music (keyboard) with ellina's father, cikgu razak who was also a music teacher at mckk. take note that i started to learn music even before ellina became a singer. so basically cikgu razak taught music from home as his part-time job. the fees were not that expensive. anyhow he loves music so much. not surprisingly thats how ellina and her sister elliza started though. i used to go to cikgu razak's place at least once or twice a week depends on his availability. i was still the plain me when ellina started to sing. AZ always spend his school holidays at their place. he used to see me and cousin played keyboard.

"main lagu apa tu bang (what song are you playing)?", he asked my cousin.

"entah ler... cikgu suruh main, main je ler (i dunno. i just played whatever song the teacher asked me to play)", my cousin brother told him.

hehe... that was just part of the 'ol memories i guess lol... guess what people. all four of us (AZ, ellina, my cousin bro and me) even played 'police sentry (is this spelling correct? lol...)' in the house compound, while waiting for my father to fetch us. o yea... 'konda-kondi' too! ;)

every time anuar and ellina's album released, cikgu razak always kept a signed copy by anuar and ellina for me. i didn't even unsealed the plastic wrapper of the cassette (no cd here yet that time). unfortunately i dunno where its gone wahhh!!!...

i did tell puteri and megat about this memories. puteri once (about 5 that time) asked me, "so dia (AZ) ingat ke lagi kat mama (does he (AZ) still remember you mama)?". i dunno ler dear, he's such a big celebrity now :)

let me tell you people this -- i was walking around subang parade many years back with my former colleague during lunch time. we were window-shopped when suddenly i saw a guy who was standing right behind me and said, "excuse me". i was already faced him at this time.

omg!!! "it was AZ", i told myself.

"i think you look familiar girl", he said while looking straight into my eyes.

"err... no, yea...", i told him. gosh! i was thinking of what i supposed to do, especially in front of my friends. i was nervous giler you know. tell me who doesn't right, especially when a very well-known celebrity talked to you. the last time we met that time when he and ellina went their own way.


"WHAT?!!! he called me 'girl'?", i asked myself.

"well, if we really supposed to know each other girl, please let me know. at least our friendship won't last there", he said. i just smiled. while he continued, "ok lah... maybe you are not up to it now. but if you changed your mind, you know of where to contact me". we shook hand then he walked away from me.

i dunno why i was silence -- terkedu lidah i you (can't say anything)!

my colleagues were clueless. they blamed me for being stupid grr...

the thing was probably my appearance that time was way much better than when i was young. ya lor... i was wearing my office attire, so how do you expect him to recall me in an instant right :P

so tell me people, if ever i told him about me and how we developed our childhood life together, what do you think would be happened huh?!!

kuE's note:
all pics not mine but from here and around the net.