Friday, March 03, 2006

this week stories

kuE's 4-days life in ipoh- ISIS course at hillcity hotel & condo.

day 1: 27 february 2006

i woke-up a bit late, guess i didn't hear my fon's alarm. i was rushing like mad. i didn't take my breakfast as i knew the company never fails to give us enough "makan" (food) whenever they called us for seminars, meetings, trainings etc. if we talk about makan, i would always remember the days when i was attending a week training-cum-course at the STC in june 2003, two months before i started this job. 20 of us then (STC) had our meals 6 times a day mann...

ok, so that morning (day 1) i just drank two glasses of plain water as soon as i woke-up as usual. then i drank a full glass of milk, that's it. by 7.10am, we already went out of the house. i sent puteri first (megat was not feeling well), then i drove straight away to ipoh. i reached ipoh at exactly +/- 7.50am. gosh... long time i never faced that kind of traffic like those days when i was in subang/kl. i knew it. that's why i have to leave home early. the journey from the traffic lights at kinta city to jalan (road) raja dr nazrin shah (formerly jalan gopeng) took ages mann... that makes me reached the hotel at 8.15am *phew* surprisingly i was the first one to reach there. my cikgu (teacher) in subang was there waiting for us with another new cikgu. i was searching for a good place to sit. then the teacher pointed to a seat labelled with my name. oh wow... a few minutes later, a group of friends came in. "hahahahaa... here also got name arr?
", one of them asked lol.

from what i understand, our team was the second batch for the northern region. the first thing that we have to do was sitting for an ISIS pre-test ahahhahaa... "wahh... macam budak sekolah balik ler (like back to school) ", one of the pakciks mumbling lol. then i guess it was nothing much during that first day- we received the ISIS manual hand-outs plus some damn good thorough explanations hehe... in between of one of the talks, cikgu announced our pre-test results. i got 48! lol.

day 2: 28 february 2006

i was the first one to reach the hall for the second time- again 8.15am right on the dot. cikgu complimented me for being the first one there again hehe...

not much more things than the day before. more talks, yes. but the most important thing was that i gain more knowledge from this course. maybe i saw some of my older colleagues whose a bit boring, sleeping nicely like hell lol. we did some exercises though to ensure that we knew what we were learning. this one was a bit tough lar cuz we have to calculate the figures ourselves using the calculator. instead back at our place everything all are computerize ;)

day 3: 1 march 2006

i was entering the hall when suddenly i heard someone' voice from the back, "awak lagi (you, again)?". yea, it was me lol. terkezut (surprised) i. it was cikgu. he said that when seeing me as the first one again! don't play play arr... i am very punctual in my appointments UNLESS if things occured without my obligation. fine.

everyone were talking about the fuel price hike. hah! what to do... no comment lor.

more talks and exercises.

a colleague' attitude towards me that afternoon tickled us. we were all just had our lunch. cikgu was already standing infront at his place. we were waiting for the rest to get in including johan, a colleague from bandar baru kampar. within minutes, johan entered and immediately facing me without bothering cikgu whose already waiting.

"kak, pakcik tu (while his right thumb pointing to another old colleague) bukan bapak akak ke (kak, that man is not your father is it)?", johan asked me.

"eee... ada ke (no) ", i told him.

johan was puzzled, "abis tu... selalu nampak macam sama je datang (usually like seeing you came together) ". kak ina who sat besides me heard us. she smiled and laughed a bit. then he turned to sulaiman who sat next to him and said, "bang, selama ni aku salah pancing lar (all this while i hooked the wrong one)".

"itulah engkau, tak nak tanya-tanya (its your fault that you never ask) ", sulaiman scolded him. everyone was laughing like hell including cikgu lol. both johan and me are from a different trading area, thats why we seldom meet. i was so damn shy with johan since then hehe...

almost less than 1/2 an hour before the course end, a colleague approached me to discuss about some labu sayong gift for our cikgu. wa lau ley... i hate last minute thingy grr... why on earth he never asked me on the next day (last day of the course) lol. so i immediately called one of my staff to go to the shop at "tepi sungai" (by the river) and asked him to get four of the medium size labu sayong. its exactly
the same one that i ordered last time but with different plaque of course. the shop charged us at kawan-kawan (friends) price.

day 4: 2 march 2006

as usual, i reached there first. fuiyo... this time they arranged the desk apart from each other for us to do some test later. i waited at the entrance where i collected RM9 each from each of us who came in for the gift for cikgu. "ai... pepagi hari dah mintak duit ni, dah lar harga minyak naik (early morning already asked for money, on the other hand, fuel price increased) ", one of the pakciks mumbling while teasing me lol. normal lor... i was just doing my job :P

the first 1/2 an hour of the day was spent with speeches. also presentation of certificates to all of us who attened the 4-days ISIS course. followed by some labu sayong gift for our cikgu, presented by one of us. they were so stunned. it seems that they never recceived such thing before during their trips to other region ;)

then it was examination time the whole day! gosh... i dunno whether i could score good marks *drool* anyhow, by this time i have already known whats ISIS all about thoroughly. i knew that i could do all that by myself after the course. great.