Wednesday, March 08, 2006

once upon a time...

V: hi.
kuE: aiii...
V: how r u?
kuE: a bit relax this week
V: good. btw.. i m in ipoh
kuE: tomorrow morning i've to go there
kuE: work?
V: *smile*
V: yup. got in this moring. ada meeting 2 moro.

kuE: hmm... tak cakap pun
V: ni la br cakap
kuE: i juz came back abt 2 hrs pun tau
kuE: *tongue*
V: *smile* fr ipoh?

V has signed out. (3/8/2006 6:08 PM)

kuE: ya lor
V: *smile*
V: kalau tau boleh lunch sama

kuE: *sad*
V: tak pe.. there always 2moro
kuE: u tu alwiz bz
V: cari makan beb
V: *smile*
V: how u've been?

kuE: like that one lor
V: *winking*
kuE: d u know what m gonna do 2moro?
V: what?
kuE: i've an appointment at nokia ctr, to re-configure my fon. my work friend johan frm bdr baru kampar lar punya pasal. i last met him during d course last week. u wanna know what he did?
V: ?
kuE: alrite, one hint: i just knew it frm some friends last week (during d course of course) that johan got a crush on me *blushing*
V: *smile*
kuE: all this while since i knew him, i mmg dunno at all u know, excpt some work friends, but they didnt tell me cuz johan asked them not to.
kuE: chewah... cite panjang plak lol
V: *winking*
V: so...

kuE: so... on the 3rd day, he wanted to borrow my fon nokia 6680 (the new one after i lost my nokia 7250i) "kononnya" he wanted to look at the fon' function. i really dunno nothing that time k, if not i won't give the damn fon to him *sad*
kuE: opss... sorry not the 3rd day, but on the last day. now i remember cuz we wr doing our test that time
V: so he stuffed up ur new fon huh?
kuE: my fon corrupted
kuE: yea something like that
V: but did he confess 2 u he had a crush on u?
kuE: abt an hr after i gv d bloody fon, one of our TAM came to me & gave back my fon
V: dia tak berani jumpa u ke?
kuE: well, he did ask me but style lawak dia lar (the day before)
kuE: u know what my TAM said
V: ?
kuE: "c... he (johan) said he wanna borrow yr fon to check on d functions, but he already download all yr pics (self-taken)". grr... i was damn angin but i controlled, wanna jaga imej konon, infront of all the cikgu.
kuE: when i checked, he didn't download them via mms or what. then i didnt bother yet, cuz m still in the mid of the test.
kuE: when i was driving back home, "angin" je


kuE: wheyy... u there? or dah boring wz my cite lol
V: still here
kuE: ok hehe...
kuE: so i did a thorough check
V: and
kuE: he did it via my blue-tooth, spread virus somemore, thats why my fon corrupted
V: tu la
kuE: i hv 2 get d nokia ppl to svc my fon tomorrow and install anti-virus function
V: hv to b careful with bluetooth. hv to reset.
kuE: i never on it u know.
V: worse thing all data will b lost. must hv come fr his fon la tu.
kuE: maybe he did and off it himself, not to get me notice it.
kuE: ya lor
V: ya la... he should hv just copied it straight fr ur sd card. wld hv been faster too
kuE: tu lar, i ni plak "konon" nak jaga imej punya pasal grr...
V: *winking*
kuE: ok wanna know how i knew abt it, on d day before?
V: ?
kuE: it was after lunch...
V: who told u?
kuE: it happened after lunch, after i saw johan's weird re-action, then only sulaiman told me
V: *raised eyebrow*
kuE: i was already in, suddenly when johan came-in (his seat was infront of me), he asked me whether "that" pakcik (d other dealer kk1) was my dad. i denied. he recfrm wz me so many times. he never seen my dad yet thats why he was not sure.
V: dia ni macam tak betul je?
kuE: then he turned to sulaiman who sat next to him and said, "bang, selama ni aku salah pancing lar". then the whole class laughed like hell including cikgu2 excpt me yg blur lol.
kuE: "ohh... rupa2 nya they all sume dah tau", i thought to myself grrr....
V: so what happened in d end?
kuE: i was one of the 4 who stayed to complete the test. he was the first. before he left, he gave me some choc. i asked whether he got "jampi2" (tanya direct woh...). "kalu jampi pun apa salahnya", he said. lagi lar i angin berapi.
kuE: then he left.
V: so what next?
kuE: after i saw him left, i took the choc and threw it away
V: apart fr d fon la?
V: *winking*
kuE: "takut kena jampi lar tu", one of the TAM teased me
V: tp cite johan habis gitu la?
V: dia tak follow up call u ke?
kuE: yea...
kuE: i dunno whether he has my fon number. i do not hv his myself.
V: tak pe la kalau gitu. kena just wait n c what he does next
kuE: one co-incidence thing here...
V: ?
kuE: his name same as my x-hubby lor
V: *winking* perangai sama tak?
kuE: tu lar, gila2 punya budak lol, but i guess this johan more gila2. and i bet his younger than me.
V: *winking*
kuE: so... u bz tomorrow ke
V: mainly meeting in d morning.. then ofc till lunch time
V: getting a new piece of land.. so bz negotiating terms with landowner
V: petang shld b ok since i nak balik kl for a discussion at nite..
V: u free to meet up ke?

kuE: ptg tu bila. i pun ptg lar free. release tension yg drooling like crzy mad cow lol
V: maybe after 2 kot
kuE: yea shd b ok
V: ur fon dah ok ke kalau i nak call to confirm?
kuE: i pinjam my staff' fon hehe...
V: no same?
kuE: of course ler
V: ok then
kuE: or u wanna call my other number, that supp number i hvnt use it yet lor
V: tak pe la.. i can call d usual no
V: no prob
V: u wanna come to d hse or meet 4 drinks outside?

kuE: what say u
V: i anything.... *winking*
kuE: like what
V: *big grin*
kuE: if meet at d hse pun ok, since u pun nak blk later after that kan *big grin*
V: ok then...
V: i call to confirm then.. i try to wrap up by 2 or 2.30 latest & make sure my hsemate balik after morning meeting

kuE: ok boss
V: *big grin*
V: ok then.. i nak mandi la.. got to meet DO taiping tonite.. hope got good news for me

kuE: u going to taiping meh?
V: no la. he's here
kuE: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol
V: he played golf with my GM td. i malas nak main.. but got to entertain tonite
kuE: sorry lar, my mind's been hay-wire bcuz of johan and my fon hehe...
V: *big grin*
V: takpe.. tomoro we sort that out... *thinking*

kuE: thats what friends r for kan (hehe... mcm pernah dengar je kan? lol).
V: biasa la kan?
kuE: alright all d best 2 u
V: thanks
V: c u tomoro then
V: take care..

kuE: ok byeeeeeeee
kuE: u too
V: hey..
kuE: what darling hehe...
V: tak pe la.. esok je la
kuE: what? ni yg i marah ni. gigit nnt hehe...
V: tak pe la.. malu nak cakap.. esok je la
kuE: hmmm.... ok better keep yr promise *winking*
V: ok.. hint hint,, something kinky je..
V: *blushing*

kuE: *thinking*
V: esok je la...
kuE: byeeee
kuE: like i said earlier, better keep yr promise lol
V: ok
kuE: byeeeeeeee
V: maybe can help to release ur tension too.... he he
kuE: *winking*
V: bye
gurl13572: bye