Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm a Guest Blogger, I am

Hello EVERYONE.......................

It's me, Leilanie from the SweetLeilanie blogsite.
A lot of people call me Lanie, but some just call me Leila - pronouncing my name as a whole, Leilanie, seems to be a mouthful to some people. So, I'm pretty much OK with anything as long as it's not Leleni, or Lennie, or Lelaki, or Elaine (yeh! the lady who does my hair calls me that).

How did I get here............ hmmm...........
Here's my SMS conversation with kuE at 9.55a.m :

kuE :
gm dear. fyi m hvng bfst wz pu3 @ coffee bean. she has 2 b at d dance centre at 10.20, jus a few blks away. i'd like 2 b my guest blogger if u r free. my id-xxxxxx n password-yyyyy. mwahh....

Leilanie :
Huh? Tak paham. :)

kuE :
fyi m having bfst wz pu3 @ coffee bean. puteri is hvng her ballet test 2day. i'd like u 2 b my guest blogger if u r free. my id-xxxxx n passwrod-yyyyy. mwahh.....

Leilanie :
oh ok. But what do you want me to write about? Anything specific? I have a meeting to attend now and can only do later, ok. My love and luck to your sweet Puteri for her ballet test.

kuE :
anything that comes out frm yp mind ;)

Leilanie :
Orait dear

kuE :
pu3 said tq. hugs n kisses 2 u.

Leilanie :
She'll do well......... Tell her she will........ Because she's an angel :)

So, I'm done with the 10am meeting with CXXX and the 12pm meeting with Bank MYYY, and am now happily typing away for kuE.

Then, I realised that I keyed in every single word - I spelled everything in full (look at the SMS above) .............. I crossed every single T and dotted all the I's; while kuE was just selamba-dek using all the shortcuts. No wonder I couldn't understand what she wanted me to do when I read her 1st SMS. hee hee.
But it's not her, it's just me. I'm such a %#$@&(*^#.
I admire people who can come up with such creative ancronyms.

So, to Pu3 from Auntie Leilanie - here's a special message to you, with love :
Gd luck 4 ur ballet test 2day. I knw U will ACE e' test. U R 1 talented girl N U will do well rgdless. Dance l'tle princess dance...... Study smart N play hard! Hugs N kisses 2 U fr aunt Lei.


kuE's note:

Leilanie dear, thank you so much for being my guest blogger yesterday. it was such a fun and great idea isn't it. hmm... wonder whose my next victim lol. i guess you'd be wondering of how i came across all those ancronyms very well huh? well, i used to be a secretary and P.A. many years ago thats why hehe...

FYI i didn't change a thing on Leilanie's post except my cyber-nick name. it was supposed to be typed as such to emphasize the pronounciation correctly i.e. kuE ~ pronounced as ku - E ('e' as per the letter E) ;)

i am so sorry people for the misunderstanding. my nick-name kuE was given by an auntie whose also my dad's koleq's friend' wife. of course my real-life nick name is different. i guess maybe a few of my new friends knew like cikun, hasnul, rose (?), Leilanie (?) and Sheryl (?). Annamox also dunno my real-life nick name even if we have met once. sorry people i do not want to use my real-life nick name here in this cyber world. i hope you all understand me.

p/s- pics of puteri to be posted soon.

hugs, kuE
24 March 2006 (10:17)