Sunday, March 12, 2006

decorating ideas

NAH and Leilanie' comments about my bedroom last week inspired me to post this. fyi i love interior design so much besides my other self-taught hobby that is quilting. i pick-up all those skills from magazines, tvs and other source of media. never learned them professionally anyway.

regards to the feature wall of my bedroom, i got the idea from an overseas magazine that i bought-
better homes and gardens spring/summer 2003 issue ~ 100 decorating ideas under $100. i have longing for that type of design but it took me quite some time because the paint in my room was torn. besides my life commitments doesn't let me to. so during a school holidays about two years ago, i asked one of my staff to help me doing the paint work. it was an easy job as no one was around the house that time except my dad. whatever it is, we completed it the whole day from +/- 9am to 9pm *phew*

my plans for my bedroom not finished there yet. i have ordered for a laminated floor from a shop in ipoh. they are just waiting for me to fix an appointment for them to come over to do the measurements, quotations etc. i'm a busy-woman i tell you hehe... then, i will get someone to do a built-in cupboard i have been dreaming of, like those in one of the magazines i bought too! omg... i hope this will all be completed by this year or maybe early next year.

here's some of the pics that i took/scan this morning. what do you all think people ;)

taraa... this was where the idea came from ;)

this is my version hehe...

a view from the room door- day and night curtains and the lamp-shades also the white fabric roman blinds from where else but
ikea. check-out my other antique item that is my late grand-pa's desk. its still in the original colour but i'm gonna paint it white and turned it into a dressing table. guess what i'm gonna paint the antique bed white too!