Tuesday, March 28, 2006

it's time to save

this post is in reference to my post recently about a leading pest control company to save their cost, with regards to the fuel price hike exactly 29 days ago. the dpm also has urged "malaysians to change their lifestyle and adapt to the inevitable fuel price increase". maybe i will do the same in some ways here too i.e. i will stick a notice on the cashier counter with a note saying 'receipts will only be given upon request'. other alternatives maybe to advise my staff to use recycle plastic bags on certain days of the week. hmm... what else?

what i could see from my last and today's visit to a local bank here also, that some changes had been done on their part as well. i do not want to say much, just look at the difference between the two numbering tickets below-


present (only measured +/- 3 1/10" by 1 1/20" )