Friday, February 03, 2006

the historical experience

my visit to one of the nearest commercial bank earlier was really a one not to be forget ;)

the last time i went to the local mbb was last saturday to change thousands of RM10 notes for the long weekend holidays. that time i went with two of my staff-cum-body-guard. so for today its not that i cannot ask my staff to go but i wanted to do some personal banking stuff myself also. normally early of the month especially after the pay-day, i will make sure that i pay-out all the needs for bills and savings. after all this has been done then only i would use-up the balance for shopping and other stuff. that's roughly hows my monthly financial flows are.

i looked at my guess watch- 3.38pm. yea... still got a lot of time. mbb now opens until 4.30pm as what my staff F told me yesterday. he thought he was late and can't make it, but then he saw the guards were so relaxed lol. ya lor... maybe mbb extended their office hours to accomodate with their
new working days as announced by the association of banks in malaysia (ABM) last week. moreover mbb here already installed the latest on-line cheque deposit machine, just hope that publics will use them in the correct manners. in fact the bank has been doing a major refurbishment and already has a new look since december last year-

kuE's note: have to scan the slip in a different lay-out for security purposes.

3.40pm- my staff J and me were already walking up the stairs towards the other floor. hehe... we thought the numbering system was not working. we were shocked that there were so many people waiting to be served at the counter. seats were full, some people were standing here and there. suddenly i heard, "empat satu...". i told J, "oikk... number ok lor...". then i asked him to go back downstairs to take two numbers- one for the normal cash deposit and another for me to do the ASB and ASD. within one minute, i followed him until half-way down. he was smiling when he came towards me. i wondered why. he showed my number. alamak...

look at that! wa lau ley... that was my first time like that lor... there were a long holidays then people came to the bank like mad. i didn't join the people up there. i just stayed from where i stopped. i gave my staff the packs of cash to be bank-in. not long after that he heard of our number being called, "arr... ". so he walked further up and went to the respective counter. i still waited there as i could see the numbering board from there itself-

i thought to myself that it was alright to wait as sabar is separuh daripada iman, ada hikmahnya. i waited there patiently. if not i still have to do it someday kan? or maybe if i comes back another day i was afraid that i've used up all my money. i have to be really good in managing my financial for the future though. my staff J joined me again in less than two minutes. i was already playing klondike on my nokia 6680 by then.

it was +/- 4.10pm when i looked at my watch again. then a lady came down with her daughter maybe around four years old. she went up again, joining and standing besides me. her daughter was so cute but you know lar kids, who could waited for such a long hours like that. she was alreading asking the mom to go back. the lady insisted that there were few more numbers to go for her turn.

kuE's note: gambar curi- look at the unpatience girl, pity her. oh yea... that's my leg there on the left ;)

i smiled to the lady. then she started to talk with me.

"susah le dengan budak-budak", she said. i just smiled again. "ha... dah pukul empat lebih dah. pukul berapa bank tutup?", she continued and looked at me.

"empat setengah", i told her. my fingers were still clicking my fon button.

"oh bukan pukul empat?".

"bulan ni kan ke bank start keje lima hari. mungkin tu lar sebabnya", i told her.

"sebenarnya semalam dah saya nak datang tapi sebab ingatkan mesti ramai orang lepas cuti. tengok-tengok hari ni pun ramai jugak. adik nak buat apa, asb?", the lady asked me.

"ha ah... ", i said. "lagipun kalau tak tunggu nanti nak kena buat jugak".

"betul tu. elok jugak adik menyimpan dari sekarang untuk masa depan", she agreed.

the lady continued, "sekarang ni adik tau ler... banyak nak kena pakai duit- makan minum, anak-anak sekolah lagi. tambah plak akak ada anak kat sekolah menengah lagi pening. bagus, bagus, menyimpanlah dari sekarang. macam adik ni tak kahwin lagi tak pe lar... nanti dah kahwin esok tau ler."

i was like saying to myself, "haaa...?!!". do i looked that young? funny lor... i smiled to her again. i slowly pushed my right leg towards my staff'. grr... he was concentrating on his games on the fon. thus i quickly sms him of what that lady has just said to me hehe... perasan lar kejap kan lol...

soon after that, the small girl went up again. the lady followed as at the same time it was almost her turn too.

4.50pm- the officers asked the customers to just line-up according to our numbers instead. all the other counters were already closed except those two, specially for ASB transactions.

5pm sharp- i was standing at the counter, waiting for the teller to do mine.

*phew* that was really an unforgettable experience for me. by 5.10pm, we were already back here in peace...

kuE's note: okay lor... its friday evening already, gonna have some quality time with the kids tomorrow. i've promised to bring them for a bowling game.