Monday, February 06, 2006


i was boring like hell with piles of work to be done. suddenly i thought of this true-story joke from a good friend many years ago. so i guess better post this to have some mind relaxation :P

it was many years back, when i was working in a hotel in sj. i was damn close with lynn. this joke was told by lynn's ex-bf whose still friend with lynn. sorry i forgot his name. but then let's just type it as A in order for me to tell the joke here easily. read on-

A said this story happened to his friend B when they were both studied in the states way back then. B was damn good in playing football thus he was one of his college' player then. one evening A was waiting for B outside the field. suddenly the situation on the field became so damn havoc when B twisted his leg. within minutes B was sent to the hospital with the help of the coach and A with some colleagues. once reached the hospital, the medics placed B on the wheeled bed (is this rite lol). a doctor came to the rescue and they brought B to the emergency ward. B's leg was really painfull.

A followed them. B was screaming like hell. he held his leg while saying, "adoii... adoii...".

"WHAT?", asked the doctor.

"oh no... no... err... oucchhh... oucchhh...", B answered.

A was laughing like hell.

"apsal engkau ketawa ha?", B asked A.

"tak de lar... yang engkau pi jawab tu buat apa. dah tengah sakit tu, sakit je lar", said A.

both B and A laughed then. the doctor was puzzled rotfl...