Sunday, February 12, 2006

puteri gunung ledang -- the musical

i know that i supposed to post about the 4-taggy-thingy yesterday, but i didn't have the time for that. kids followed parents to kl for one nite as both mom and dad got something on there. while i went off to pamper myself :)

actually i was so damn eager to post about puteri gunung ledang-the musical. what when after i read suhaimi sulaiman's and afdlin shauki's review about the so-called "Yes... MUST SEE for everyone" and "OUTSTANDING MALAYSIAN ACHIEVEMENT!" respectively. that makes me telling myself- i wanna go!!! but who should i go with? ahh... better start asking around if not i'll go myself alone :)

the first time i went to istana budaya with puteri for
wild zebra, last year. the show was tremendously fantastic especially the props, costume and of course the ballet dancers were very good indeed. puteri is into ballet so much. so it was like a mother-daughter outing. we came all the way to kl from here just to watch it. it was on saturday, just before i went for my beijing trip if i'm not mistaken.

back to pgl-the musical. fyi my lil' bro was one of the crew for pgl-the movie. an auntie dropped-by on her way back to kl this afternoon. we talked about this. according to her, our relative ayah... *tut* is involved. he is in charge of the props and such. fuhh... that makes me more excited. proud u...

so who wanna go with me, please let me know via
email asap. the show will be held from 7 to 26 february 2006. i understand that there are 3pm and 8.30pm shows, depending on the dates.