Wednesday, February 01, 2006


asr- automated stock replenishment

i dunno whether i'm happy or not.

this system has been started few months ago to those whose getting supplies from the kvdt. while w.e.f. this month, its for those getting theirs from prai. then southern region i.e. malacca and johor, then sabah and sarawak or kelantan, pahang and trengganu; i'm not sure.

we have to start to enter the important data on the asr website from today between 12am to 8.30am, in order for the system to replenish our order accordingly. i've learned this during a briefing session in prai last year.

good- one thing i like about this system is that i do not have to rush to email the preplan every monday morning no more. now the system will do all this. i just have to make sure that i enter the important data between 12am to 8.30am daily. this means that i do not have to worry anymore if i plan to go for holidays elsewhere. i could just log-in to the asr website from anywhere in the world, provided that i get the correct data via my staff. i won't let my staff to do this like how some of my friends practise, as this system is so confidential. i wonder why they never think so ;)

bad- i heard from my friends that, the other word for this system is 'top-up'. looks like i really have to work hard in order to make sure that we have enough funds :)