Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the meets @ the royal town

today is already the third day of chinese new year. its also the awal muharram for muslims. i met with someone special yesterday.

it was about noon. i had a call from cikun, a forumer at
mckk8286.com to inform that they will drop-by my place that afternoon. he was in town for the long break. i knew about this earlier from rose who told me via sms few days before that. well, the wait the better rite. soon after that cikun called me again saying that he was already here with hasnul and baby hanif. we just said hi and talked a bit. they wanted to buy something in town. that's why they thought of just dropped-by to see me first. we decided to meet again at 5.30 for laksa at 'tepi sungai'. eee... baby hanif was so damn cute ler...

unfortunately they were late. yea... don't worry, i'm an understanding person. i can cope with any kind of situation, remember. cikun called me after 6, saying that they would be here again at 6.30 to fetch me. i brought megat too. since it was already quite late, there's no laksa. also most of other stuff. in the end we only ate some cendol. it was nearly 7. megat was cursing me to bring him to the playground nearby. cikun said ok. so i told megat that we could only go there for a while. all of us walked there. both megat and baby hanif (with help from cikun of course) ride down the slide. i was shocked seeing megat was holding baby hanif. cikun went up there too! hasnul and me was talking like nobody business.

by 7.30, they (cikun and family) already send megat and me home. although its a quick one, but its also a memorable one... until i didn't even think of taking not even one pics! ya lor... dah sedap sangat bersembang, sampai tak ingat dunia rotfl... never mind, there's always a next time kan.

anyway, i'm off for a makan-makan again. an auntie invited us for lontong! auww... its one of my favourite yummy...