Sunday, January 15, 2006

good friend and future

V: hi..
kuE: alo
V: sorry missed u just now u still havnt told me what u wanted to say
V: at home?

kuE: yup
V: cool
V: know what??
V: damn frustrated and dissapointed

kuE: what
kuE: why
V: the notebook i picked up just now ada defect
V: screen doesnt go on
V: bengang btul
V: now 2moro have to send back

kuE: relax relax, dun be mad
V: if they say can replace immediately ... ok
V: but usually takes 5 to 7 days replacement on warranty
V: hot betul la

kuE: relax lar... i tak pernah tgk u marah
V: no la... been thinking of replacing my notebook for so long.. when i do.. d damn thing doesnt work
V: been there 3 days in a row
V: 1st day.. check it out... then ordered
V: yesterday went to pick up.. then they say all out of stock
V: but gave me a deal on another model same spec but better price
V: so i say ok.. then when i wanted to pay.. bloody credit card cannot go thru... do know why.. funds sufficient
V: then i said i had to go... so came back to day

V: came back.. the idiot sales man gone for makan.. had to wait 30 min
kuE: woik...
kuE: first time lar dengar u membebel like this lol
V: then all ok.. the stupid card that didnt work now can work.. miracle
V: then try ok all light went on but then batt konk

V: balik.. put all together.. nothing comes on
V: hot hot hot
V: x-(

kuE: really lar... first time dengar u membebel mcm ni
V: no la... was looking forward to this..
V: the planning
V: taking all d specs
V: making sure i had d right thing

V: the last time i bought a notebook was like 3 years ago..
V: it weighs a ton compared to this 1
V: not expensive but i like it
V: now that i dont have an office here in kl.. i was gonna make it my mobile ofc
V: take everything with me when i travel

kuE: when i was in kl i usually find puter stuff @ apple shop, jaya supermarket. now dunno whether they cld still remember me lol
kuE: so u really got no office.
V: but they quite expensive la
V: no anymore

kuE: wah best lar dok umah je ;)
V: no la
V: i go to ipoh la

kuE: tak nak bgtau pun, bz ekk
V: so far been on day trips la
V: been going up to alor star cos project there on accelerated basis
kuE: u still work in the same company? (bz body plak *duh*) lol
V: same... but i took over ipoh side
V: no longer under ... (tut...)

kuE: wheyy...
V: ?
kuE: that story can put on hold sat arr... segan lor... i wanna ask for a favour can or not
V: ok
kuE: i mean, my story
V: ok
V: ?
kuE: its abt my friend, he's looking for a canadian company based in kl or sort. that one he cld handle. he's planning to come over this year and start a new life here. this part u blh tolong? maybe u cld be on his side as well :">
V: what do u mean as 'being on his side'?
V: u mean masa ... nikah?

kuE: something like that lor... can arr? in fact he's still learning more abt our religion wz his muslim friend there
V: that 1 no prob
V: just let me know when la
V: ok?

kuE: ok. tqsm.
kuE: 1 more...
V: no prob
kuE: if he wanna buy a hse thru u, dpt discount tak lol :))
V: can... kat mana?
kuE: dunno yet... maybe he needs our advise too, cuz we know best kan
V: ok.. let me know when je
kuE: oik semuanya ok
V: eh.. tengah in a good mood
kuE: tu yg best nak cite tu kan lol
V: :)
kuE: since u r in d gud mood, got another thing to tell ya' lar... (that d 1st thing still on hold arr...)
V: ok
kuE: this time u read frm d blog je lor... http://...
V: ok
kuE: he called me this morning, wanna recfrm abt what he posted d last
V: so... u going ahead with it?
kuE: i hvnt tell my fmly yet thats all
V: ouch....
V: so when r u gonna burst d bubble?
kuE: but both my kids knew him already
V: then shld be okay..
V: :)

kuE: i was supposed to go there last xmas. tp u know lor... here bz giler during ph also school holidays. so maybe next holiday ke.
V: maybe u shld break it to ur parents slowly
V: maybe a few hints from now on.. so it wont b a schock

kuE: gud idea
V: tackle ur mum 1st
V: ur dad wld prob ok it if ur mum is comfortable

kuE: oik like nujum pak belalang plak u nie lol
kuE: btw what u said is true
V: tak de la.. experience je
kuE: u know what i was thinking lately
V: what?
kuE: i guess fmly i shd b ok. maybe my auntie/grand auntie in hometown here... sure depa bising said that i dun wanna find local ppl . my x pun was not a muslim b4 married.
V: ala... dun worry la
V: if u serious abt it then go for it la
V: its ur future
V: whey.. i gotta go jap..
V: maybe catch u in awhile.. sorry to run off like this

kuE: u pun can help him anytime rite.
V: of course
V: brb

kuE: np