Thursday, December 22, 2011

sneak peak: dance for good health, peace & joy 2011

here's something to share to brighten-up your thursday morning peeps: flash mob— proud mary burnin' line dance, choreographed by sobrielo philip gene; in conjunction of the event dance for good health, peace & joy 2011 ❥

eventhough i was hidden behind the christmas tree (dunno whether you could see me on the right of the video), it does not matter at all i know i was... ecstatic! i was so touched to see the joy on line dancers face that evening ツ

and the thought of having fun meeting and dancing with old and new friends from everywhere.............

watch one more here~

eventually i could visibly seen in the second video. hint: second row from the front! more updates very soon, peeps. at the meantime enjoy watching us line dancing..........

Saturday, December 03, 2011

waiting... and waiting.... and waiting

its just when someone says they are going to call and so you spend the whhhoooollllleeeeee day waiting on the phone to ring. which it doesn't. no matter how much you stare at it. it doesn't. so you think if you trick it and leave it somewhere where you're not... like in your handbag, it just might. but nope. you threaten, plead, cajole, beg, bribe and even pray to the gods of telecommunication. but..... nada.

nope....... still nuthin.