Saturday, April 29, 2006

something to do

puteri's schedule rather tight until her upsr examinations, we have to sacrifice ourselves of not going out for our weekend outing so often. so this idea of doing some baking at home sounds interesting right ;)

for a start, last night puteri baked (oh yea... of course i was around to supervise her) a butter cake covered with her own version of the chocolate butter icing. guess what she loves to do this again anytime today or tomorrow.

Friday, April 28, 2006

a' chaa...

i was out the whole day in ipoh yesterday with my mother. we were looking for some stuff for lil' bro's engagement day in june i.e. fabs., sequins (i chose gold colour butterfly cuz' they look gorgeous auww... lol), etc. i'm sure lil' bro will be surprised seeing butterfly on his hantaran too hehe... my mom gonna sew the lapik semerit herself. maybe i'll help her a bit here and there ;)

azah called when we were in ipoh parade. "must be something", i thought to myself. hahahaa... yea... it IS something.

azah: *tut*, you kat mana tu.

me: i'm in ipoh.

azah: alone?

me: no. i'm with my mom. you know, my lil' bro's engagement is around the corner- in june. so both of us are here looking for some stuff for that lor.

azah: o ok. its about the dinner next week.

yes, there will be a staff' award night on next wednesday in penang.

me: yea...

azah: we have to present something. and as usual our group have to do lor... you, me, shaidi, nizam and nana to name a few. plus a few others lar.

what? we have to perform? i'm sure our staff will be laughing at us like mad lol.

me: what we have to do.

azah: we gonna do some bollywood thing.

both of us giggles.

azah: so okay lor. we gonna meet at nana's place on monday at 10am for practise. see you there!

me: a' chaa...

mwahahaaa... bollywood huh?!! who gonna be
aishwarya rai, shahrukh khan, preity zinta or saif ali khan. now what should i wear for that nite. i have just bought a damn cute butterfly blouse that made of sequins. maybe i'll wear the punjabi suit just for the show. and guess what people. last night i dreamt that i borrowed a punjabi suit from our neighbour! all set with the glass bangles, that gundu thing, some accessories etc. hahahaa... i can't really imagine how is this gonna be like. we'll see...

o yea... i saw a card with green envelope on my desk. i was not in the whole day yesterday, remember. i unsealed it. tadaa... its my first birthday card! and its from people of the ipoh sales office (ISO)! i.e. my area managers. thank you guys ;)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a mother's hope

i was down-loading pics from my fon, taken earlier at megat's school. at the same time i was browsing-through my friend's blog when suddenly a latest post by qatar cat sadden me.

yea just imagine... i just came back from megat's school, brought what ever he wished for his recess time- yesterday i fried nuggets and today he wanted the sausage bun from a local bakery. then before i left we kissed each other. while on the other side of the world huhu... what when wrong?

btw here are some pics that i snapped at megat's school. i can't resist my eyes looking at those kids. they are so damn cute aren't they. with the name of Allah the almighty we just hope that these kids won't be the one like those mentioned by QC ;)

i can't read that hehe...

so cute ler ;)

megat completing his mathematics in mandarin

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

what's your favourite TLA?

modern life is awash with TLAs or Three Letter Acronyms such as:

• LOL - Laughed Out Loud
• OMG - Oh My God
• BTW - By The Way

so people what's your favourite one? or do you just hate them? please let me know with a good ranting post.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

weekend in kualer...

yes, we spend our weekends in kualer this time.

on friday...

puteri showed me a paper from school. she has been selected as one of the 15 students to join a free
upsr workshop organized by a 'someone/organization'. this workshop will be held on every sunday until end of august, including school holidays. hmm... its definitely a no-time-for-play girl.

on saturday...

i brought my puteri and megat to the water sports festival along the sungai (river) perak. that was one of the 'must' yearly events held during the sultan's birthday. unfortunately the sultan was not around that day. his place has been replaced by his son, the
raja muda dytm raja dato' seri nazrin shah, along with raja di hilir, raja kecil besar and raja kecil tengah.

as usual almost all the rakyat (people) of perak were there to meet their beloved raja-raja.

one of the 'must' sport that day was the
perahu rowing contest between the 'oxford and cambridge of kualer'- clifford school and mckk. clifford won, as expected ;)

kuE's up-date on 26/04/06: no wonder koleq always lose, check out about this here hehe...

btw here are some pics-

a view from far

can you spot the team in black? that's koleq's.

it was already almost 6.45pm when we left the place. puteri and megat look so damn tired, including me. so we headed to the new kopitiam in town before we went straight back home. kinda' nice place tho' ;)

my point of view from inside the new kopitiam

on sunday...

first sunday of puteri's upsr workshop. can't lepakking no more lol. anyhow, of course i'll find time for friends and leisure.

surprisingly out of the blue moon, my god-father whose also winnie's dad, dropped-by just to say hi ;)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

mom vs daughter

good morning people,

can you all guess what i was doing with puteri this morning, before she get ready for school. hehe... so shy lor to tell you all. alright, to tell you the truth both of us decided to compare our vital-statistics ;)

if you are unable to read puteri's writing, here's the results-

puteri ~ 30-27-31 1/4

me ~ 29.5-26.5-33 1/4

this shows that puteri really gonna be bigger than me lol. btw we also decided to do this monthly. i will surely up-date it here too.

it was raining during last two nights. so no pics of the panjut contest from me. we heard that it was actually held for two nights. but since last night was raining until so late, i don't think people will light the panjut. pity megat. the night before was raining too but they started after the rain stopped approximately 9pm. unfortunately megat slept early, so we didn't go. maybe next time i guess. anyhow, i will surely bring kidz to the pesta "ayor" (read: air) / water festival this saturday. this is gonna be their first time!

before i go off, here's a self-taken pic of me, taken last night. can you spot the butterfly on my pillow case? cute kan :D

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

perak delicacies

introducing my grandma's "ayor tangan"...

my most favourite local food- on my plate (ref. above pic) - rendang dinding (middle) and gulai tauchu sotong (right).

it is said that there is no idiomatic phrase in english to best describe ayor (read: air) tangan, which encompasses both the cooking style and skills of the chef. the term also refers to the food prepared to correct ingredients and measurements.

in the malay culture, air tangan ibu broadly refers to mother’s cooking and it is to describe that "special touch" that makes food tastier.

hmm... wonder why i thought of blogging about our local food today? well, tomorrow will be a public holiday for perak state only as it is the birthday of
our sultan. me as a perakian, are so proud to take this opportunity to invite all of you people to visit the sultan's office' website. it is very informative i tell you. while you are there, you could read more about the perak sultanate and its heritage. there's also a page showing his royal highness' official programs.

usually there will be quite a number of events that will be held in perak through out the month. one of them is the pelita panjut contest tonight among the government and private sector i.e.
pdrm, bomba, mckk etc. i'm going to bring puteri and megat out tonight to see the event. they are so excited, can't wait for it hehe... while on saturday, i will bring them to see the pesta air (water festival) along the sungai (river) perak.

alright, back to the food. i really can't resist my grandma's rendang dinding and gulai tauchu sotong. they are the best. no one could challenge her. i remember when grandma used to come over to my place in subang last time. she really likes to cook a lot eventhough there were just the two of us in the apartment. so we always invited my former colleagues to join us. they loved her food so much that she almost cook for the hotel during a perak food festival ;)

Monday, April 17, 2006

the wild & gubra

wahh!!! this gonna be my third post of the day hehe... so much to blog about i guess ;)

we went for a movie marathon yesterday- two movies only anyway. we watched
the wild at 11am (+/- 1hr 20mins). then we headed for our lunch at the newly-renovated secret recipe. then we went into the tgv kinta city again to watch gubra (2 hours) at 1.35pm.

the wild

disney's the wild shows off some of these impressive, cuddly characters, but unfortunately, the writing doesn’t hold up when compared to recent – and classic – animated films.

the wild isn’t terribly funny by any means, unfortunately, at least to an adult. there are a few laughs to be had here and there.

even with the funny moments, the wild is still missing that special something. while every pixar film to date has appealed to both young and old, disney has yet to get that concept right on its own. now that disney has bought out pixar, projects currently in the works certainly have a chance to reach the standard set by films like toy story and monsters inc. as for the wild, well, it’s really just for the little ones.

that aside, the animation in this film is truly some of the best i’ve seen. the brilliant presentation of times square, the realistic view of the dense african jungle, the smoke billowing from a volcano facing imminent eruption – all these things considered, well, it’s easy to see why the visuals are the film’s strong point. the animation in the opening storytelling sequence, as well as during the clever charting of the transcontinental journey across the atlantic, was also extremely well done.

for the kids, they may certainly get a kick out of the wild, with its colourful cast of characters and its typical Disney ending. but there are certainly some better options.


as you all could see, i do not watch stupid local films/movies. i only watch a good quality one like yasmin ahmad's. i know she has been through the ups and downs in the industry. what when the recent mysterious thing happened to her film in theatres. read about it here :(

gubra continues where
sepet (whom my lil' bro was the music/sound editor) left off, delving further into inter-racial relationships, racial issues and religious acceptance and tolerance. it was not a surprised, of me sitting next to a chinese girl who came to watch the movie alone.

“gubra is basically about love and betrayal, and the inevitable question of whether or not to forgive the people who betray us and why is it that we tend to hurt the people we love most,” - yasmin.

gubra is bound to create some waves as it also raises the “sensitive” issue of the friendship between a wife of a bilal (religious figure) and two prostitutes, one of whom is dying of AIDS.

sharifah amani, ida nerina, harith iskandar and adibah noor, from sepet, reprise their roles in gubra.

psst! people who havent watched yet, stay back for after the credits. you will so kiss me for telling you this. REALLY.

if i have to compare gubra with sepet, i’d have to say that gubra didn't make me sit down and just think, like how sepet did. sepet just completely jilted me. but that doesn't make gubra a lesser movie, cos i think they’re both in two very different categories. if you exclude the art direction and the filming techniques and the obvious yasmin ahmad element, gubra wasnt like sepet at all.

gubra was filmed fantastically. i especially love how there was so much play with doors. it made me feel like i was an intangible observer, like a ghost, but yet *there* at the same time, in the heart of what was taking place before my eyes. like being in two places at once - both on the inside and outside.

the powerful and jarring scenes from sepet were succeeded in gubra - the scene where temah held her son from behind while he was sleeping, the scene where arif enveloped orked while she cried, the scene where the car was being washed after orked walked out on arif, the scene where the religious man walked past the prostitutes .. i loved them all. gubra was good cos of scenes like those. cinematography and screenplay at its best.

gubra was a feel-good, soft film. beautiful like black calligraphy on yellowed parchment, intimate like pressing warm hands softly on tired eyes. i give it a 4/5.


happy birthday

you are such a special friend
and i wanted you to know
just what your friendship means to me
and how your love does show
you hold a special place with me
deep inside my heart
for that my friend i want you to know
our friendship will never part
i want to wish you a happy birthday
on this most special day
i ask that Allah will bless and keep you
for this i'll always pray

happy birthday ROSE
love, kuE, puteri & megat

kuE's note: pics created with fd's flickr toys using images taken from here, here, here and here.

kuE's up-date at 3.50pm: there's also a special entry for rose on CK's and KC's blogs. check it out people.

17th april visit

kuE's note: more pics and stories can be found
here, here and here ;)

kuE's up-date on 18/04/06:
" arthurteng says:
It is rare to have hornbills as companionship within our house compound. Perhaps the ideal environment makes the birds feel safe for frequent visits. " - taken from kuE's flickr.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


wow!!! i just wanted to blog about my visit to ipoh on friday with mom, to see my cousin oyeen's baby. then only i realized that this gonna be my 199th post. what a co-incidence, huh?!! i remember that i posted my 99th posts sometime in december '05.

both oyeen and baby went back to ipoh for a week. they will fly to abu dhabi on monday night to join the husband/dad whose a pilot with
etihad airways. formerly he was with malaysia airlines. he went on for a better offer since the local airlines didn't provide him enough eventhough he has worked with them for so many years. oyeen didn't tell me anything when we met last week. then only i knew that she has quit her job (stewardess with the same airlines) for good too. here i include a candid pic of oyeen and baby natalia nadine ;)

kuE's note: to all you malaysians, does this face looks familiar to you. hmm... mati i (i would be dead) if oyeen knows that i posted this pic here hehe...

Friday, April 14, 2006

typical malaysian

i hate to talk about this (ref- title) among us over and over again. what to do. its the facts of malaysian life.

story #1 ~ i know some of you may wanna know of whats the out-come of
yesterday's. sadly to say, it has been postponed to 15 may 2006 :( quite a number of friends called to ask about this. when i told them about the postponment, they were not surprised. besides they said, "hmm... normal lor... malaysian like that one, dunno how long this gonna last. in fact its almost one year already since the incident last year". its true! like most of the court cases we heard on local papers/tvs that took so damn long to settle i.e. months/years grr...

p/s what ever it si, thank you so much too all my hamily, relatives and friends for their kind words before i went to the court yesterday morning. all you people really makes me so relieves ;)

story #2 ~ one of the examples of malaysian life could be found
here in my post last month.

story #3 ~ an indian neighbour of my auntie in ttdi complained about a bird that frequently flying around her house, that makes such a loud and lousy noise (?). my oh my, such a stupid fellow complaining about His creation. jabatan perhutanan people came to the house you know but unfortunately my auntie was not at home. my cousin (my aunt's son) told them that he dunno anything. it was his mom and their opposite neighbour mwahahahahahahaaaaa rotfl...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

apples of my heart

first of all, before i say/type any further, i would like to thank my darling rose for being my guest blogger today. i had tears in my eyes when reading it. you said so many good and nice things about me. are you sure darling. anyhow that's me! i am who i am. thank you so much dear mwahh...

about last sunday, please do not feel regret about it at all. i am fine here. maybe next time you let me know your situation. who knows i could come over to your house and fetch you or something yea...

btw i am not gonna tell you people about what happened this morning yet. let us keep it for tomorrow. at the meantime, here's pics of my puteri and megat, taken this morning before they went to school.

Another guest blogger in the house :)

Hi people :) This is Rose, blogging on behalf of KuE. I was surprised when i read her sms last nite.. but really feel honored to do this bit for her :) Thanx for the trust dear *hugz*

As all of us know from KuE's recent post, "Sapina", she's in court with her dad since 8.30 this morning for the first hearing. I really hope things will go on smoothly for them *crossing fingers* As for now, i'm sure many of us just wished the culprits will change their stand to accept the charges so that things will be very much easier for both KuE and dad. Can't wait to read her update on this matter later. Soon, i hope :)

Anyways, what else should i write? Hmmm... my reasons for not meeting up with her during the weekend? Oh well, i better not mention them here bcoz some may think those reasons are actually excuses, excuses, excuses rather :( Sometimes i just can't help comparing my life with KuE's. Her ever friendly self really makes me admire her more and more. Her thotfulness, kindness, sweet smiles, encouraging words, strong soul, are only small fraction of the good things to mention abt her. She'll always have time for frens who come from near and far. Also, she never fails to invite frens to come over to her house, and even offers her ground to frens to have their gatherings :) Hope one fine day me, C and kids will be able to spend some precious and lovely time with her, Puteri and Megat. Be it in KK or KL :) One day dear, one fine day *wink*

To a such a lovely lady by the name of KuE, hope we'll stay frens for many many more years to come dahling *mwahs mwahs*

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

look at this people!

our breakfast this morning was interrupted when the five hornbills came to our house to look for food. that was because we usually eat our meals at the patio. as soon as i came back after sending kids to school, i saw one of them was sitting on the roof near my room. not long after that, came another and another flying around the house. lastly, all of them were eating bugs near our patio. before that my cousin' maid trying to sweep away all the bugs (kelkatu) that came into the patio last night. since we saw that the hornbills were eating that particular bugs outside, so we asked susi to stop sweeping. my grandma asked me to open the patio door with hopes that the birds would come in. they did, four of them!

as usual, i loaded all the pics to my flickr account. my mom called my sister to let her know about this. she was so excited, immediately told most of her 'environment' friends. within minutes, my flickr page of the birds pics been viewed by many. within seconds too, my sister have added more tags about the birds to my page-
bucerotidae, coraciiformes, anthracoceros, anthracoceros albirostris and oriental pied-hornbill.

see, i told ya... only
environment people know these. how on earth i know those scientific words lol :P

kuE's up-date at 10.34am:

i copy and paste this tag that has been added by my sister to my flickr page (pandai-pandai je... lol). i guess she's the one that was really excited hehe...-

" they have started to visit our place for many months now but much more frequent the last couple of months, and this morning has been the most exciting visit!

there are 2 adults and 3 juveniles in the group. these are 2 of the juveniles (ref. to the 4th pics i guess) i suppose.

last night the patio or breakfast area were 'infested' by flying termites (or what are they called?). this photo was taken against the mosquito netting but you can see the couple of photos when they came inside the house to feed on the insects (my grandmother (alo... me lor, not grandma) opened the door).

so in other words, my family had to wait to have their breakfast after these guys had theirs
:-)) "

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


i received my first sapina (left pic) yesterday morning. a representative from a local magistrate court here hand-delivered both my dad's and mine. we have to attend the hearing of our case on this thursday, 13 april 2006 at 8.30am. the first time i attended to a court was like 6.5 years ago when i went to settle my divorce case.

for this time around, it all started when my dad and me faced with a very bad incident- robbery on
25 july 2005. see, i could still remember the exact date correctly. but i am sorry people, i still do not have the guts to tell you all about the whole story. if i do, i guess it will be flooded here with my tears.

at first i guess things won't be this bad because the police have managed to catch the culprits. anyhow since they (the culprits) have denied it, thats why things would be carried-on for hearing. while my dad and me are the most important witness' for this case grr... wish me luck for this thursday people!

kuE's note: click here, here, here and here to read more about my journey of this case :D

Monday, April 10, 2006

disney on ice 2006

caution: although this post is not that long, but it's gonna be quite a number of pictures. be patience people unless if you use broadband hehe... i love to share them with all of you people around the world. it really shows of how happy we were yesterdy!

the weekend is over. it was one of the best one indeed. kids still dunno about my plan until when we were almost reached the stadium putra bukit jalil, when megat saw the disney on ice' banners on the street lights pole. he was very excited. well puteri as a big girl now did some right guess' earlier, but all my other beloved cousins just make dunno to her questions hehe... tqsm cousins for helping me ;)

as we all know, anything that got to do with disney productions would surely be the best. that include this one. no doubt about it. the show was tremendously wonderful i.e. the props, the costumes, everything you name it. they were absolutely gorgeous. no wonder some people still adore disney' even when they were all grown-up like leilanie (click
here) and also me hehe... i bet some of you people out there are among us too ;)

i do not have to say much about the show because "pictures paint a thousand words"-

"snow ice" (disney' version of 'ais kepal' hehe...)

a self-taken pic of us

megat as woody of toy story ;)

i like this part a lot. it makes me felt like i was in the fairy tales.

here's puteri and my cousin liyana (puteri's auntie) during the 15-minutes break.


everyone love them

puteri, megat and liyana were among the kids and adults down there, taking the chance to shake-hands with the disney characters :)

Zzz... i love this shot. they were all flatten within minutes, when we were on the way for lunch.

our very own version of nicole and paris hehe... hungry!!!

kuE's note:

1) to my dear rose- if you happened to read this, it is alright for me that you can't make it this time. i was there for one night only anyway. i'll be going back to kl again sometime next month. see ya' around yea, mwahhh... fyi i enjoyed my saturday night with my cousins
winnie, oyeen (she's a stewardess with MAS and a part-time model, also appeared in quite a number of local TV ads) and some of my former colleagues ;)

2) puteri mentioned that she could imagine the skaters feeling when they were performing the show, especially the one that didn't wear any mask. they have to smile all the way from the start no matter what. same goes to puteri when she was doing her ballet dance. it was more important for her to smile during her ballet test, if not she won't get any extra points. we will know the result (puteri's recent ballet test) within this few months.

Friday, April 07, 2006


this week was a very hectic one. i'm so tired- i need a break!!! i'm off to kl tomorrow for one night only. have a good weekend with your loved ones people. ciao!

kuE's note: mom told us that lil' bro was in putrajaya today for a new movie that he did, launched by our beloved PM. sorry can't seems to remember the title of the movie though. i guess it should be come out in the local news tonight :P

Thursday, April 06, 2006

kuE = 1!!!

arghhh... i am so exhausted- running up and down, here and there. its all because of the police' usual attitude. they like to call people for a last minute thingy. i really hate that. why they think i'm so free meh? grr...

earlier in the morning nizam called for a short discussion at shaidi's place at 11am. alright, fine. i told myself that i could go for a while but then i have to come back as early as possible as i need to attend 2006-2008' first pta committee meeting at puteri's school at 3pm.

the thing that makes me very 'bengang' today because sargeant tajuddin called me at 10.30am (i was already on the way to ipoh), asking me to be at the police station for a 'kawad cam' session at 3pm(?!!). asp nazri did the
same kind of attitude before. he (asp nazri) came about a week earlier before the date of the proceedings but only called me in the morning itself (?) to reconfirm. anyhow i told sargeant tajuddin about my appointment that was at 3pm also. some more he could ask me whether it was important for me to be at the school. wa lau ley... do you want me to speak in tamil (sargeant can speak mandarin lol) or what?!! lol.

when i was about to leave ipoh, i sms some of my friends asking for their opinions. as usual, some of my victims were included V,
leilanie, rose, abg ashraf etc- most of the feedback were same. i know for me, the school is more important than any other. but then the follow-up of the case is important too. its true of what rose said, i am just one, can't be in two places at one time ;)

i was still thinking about the best decision to make, during lunch. omg!!! please help me. at last i decided to go to the school. i went upstairs, switch-on my room air-cond, dragged my towel and off i went for a nice and cool shower. i reached the school about a few minutes before 3. we started the meeting as scheduled. i changed my fon to a silent mode. about 3.45pm, a policeman interrupted us at the meeting room, asking me to be at the police station. i was so damn mad. i told him that i could co-operate with them but i need to come back to the school asap.

so i drove as fast as i could to the police station. sargeant tajuddin introduced me to a police woman. she ushered me to a special room (hmm... don't even bothered to know what's the labelled on the room door). to tell you the truth, i was so damn gabra as soon as i stepped in the police station' compound. more panic when i went into the room. there were about 11 guys which one of them was the culprit already standing in a straight line, all facing infront. there were also about six or seven police' in the room too. i was asked to walk few times from one end to another. i was shocked when i reached at one of the guys. "oikk... he's here too?", i was asking myself upon looking at the proton edar's salesman. he smiled at me. "oii!!! mana boleh bercakap, pandang depan!", shouted a voice. i guess that must be from one of the policeman. i was more scared. it took me about 10-15 minutes or so. i was supposed to place my hand on the culprit's shoulder but i was really scared i tell you. one of the policeman told me that i could point to the guy if i want. i did by pointing my right thumb to the last guy on my left. the guy was big size, like a commando with moustache. but then i heard another policeman said i still have to place my hand on the shoulder because the camera man need to take some pictures grr... i faced infront (i was still scared of course). as soon as he finished, i walked off from there and told the police woman that i have to go. sargeant tajuddin reminded me to come back after my meeting :(

i went back to the police station after 6pm. i saw sargeant tajuddin as promised. he took my statement by asking a few questions, printed it out and asked me to sign it. luckily his office is with air-condition. we finished before maghrib.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

kuE's wish list

actually i've never thought of the above at all! yes, never, not at all. until D called me last week (from vancouver of course), asking what i wished to have for my birthday. i was like... what?!! i do not have the time to think about it yet- really. well darling, i do not mind what ever things you wanna give me. for me, the most important thing is the thoughts that count. anyhow you know what i like abang...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

its not that easy, dear...

this morning my sister sms me asking about the hornbills. she asked me so many questions. how do i know about that creatures lor. she requested me to snap better and bigger resolutions pics next time. wa lau ley... its not that easy, dear... we won't know when they would be coming. the most important thing is- we cannot make any noise! well it seems that her (my sis) friends from wwf are interested to know further about the hornbills that frequently fly-around our home. what i could say is i can't promise, but i'll try ;)

kuE's note: my sister ina is an environmentallist. from what i could see, there must always be at least one kind of this people in every family, right people? :D

Monday, April 03, 2006

go randall go randall go!

i know this must be too late for some but who cares man, i have just watched it on tv here :P

all i have to say is would you all dog rebecca if she had done the same thing to randall? probably not. everyone is saying "it is so unfair" "he should share his win" WHATEVER! he won fair and square and donald should be ashamed of himself for putting randall on the spot like that. if he wanted rebecca to win he should have HIRED her and not RANDALL! or if he wanted to offer her a lower position, do it off camera and not make randall look like the bad guy. who wants to share their winnings with someone else. and for that matter someone who is not even in the same league. in the words of randall- "i run businesses while you only write about them!"

Sunday, April 02, 2006

gmail's birthday!!

hey all, i had nothing to post about for a while, and i logged into gmail today, only to find a new logo, a special logo (it can be seen below).

the reason for this logo, is that it is gmail's 2nd birthday! a whole 2 years old, i myself am now rather curious how many gmail (& googlemail) users there are, because despite the fact that it is by invitation only, it is still in beta, so i am also curious as to when it will finally come out of beta.

anyways, what do you think to the logo (i am also using the chat feature within gmail)?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

it ain't no april fool

everyone knows that today is the april fool's day. well, nothing is great about it anymore after more than 30 years living on this planet. we used to fool around our school-mates during our school years. who to fool now, huh?!! lol. thats what makes me lonely here, thus i tried doing this quiz just for the fun of it and here is my result :P

we won't go anywhere this week- relaxing at home. the excuse was that i brought the kidz for a quick holiday last weekend, so we need to just chill-out at home this time. i promised them that i will bring them out 'jalan-jalan' next week instead. my plan is to bring them to watch the magical world of disney on ice. i know that they have been begging me for this but i didn't give any answer just yet. in fact i have already bought five tickets (last tuesday) for the show on sunday morning. the other two are for my cousin liyana and cousin sarah's maid. shh... this is kinda' a surprise for them.

i went to last year'
the disney on ice princess classics with puteri and megat too, just the three of us. i also remember, with a pair of kidz around me, they were asking for this and that stuff of the disney on ice thingy before we entered the hall. by the time we wanna go in, both of our hands were full with disney on ice stuff i.e. popcorns, candy floss, mickey binoculars etc. we met with a young grand-auntie's friend with her kids. wow... i dunno that she has five kids. btw her kids were rather quiet, just waiting there patiently for the time to go in. while puteri and megat were already felt happily with the goodies that i bought for them earlier. seeing the five kids were looking at mine when they had nothing, i quickly excused ourselves from them, of course in a nice way :(

kuE's note: the pic of the tickets above created with fd's flickr toys.