Wednesday, April 12, 2006

look at this people!

our breakfast this morning was interrupted when the five hornbills came to our house to look for food. that was because we usually eat our meals at the patio. as soon as i came back after sending kids to school, i saw one of them was sitting on the roof near my room. not long after that, came another and another flying around the house. lastly, all of them were eating bugs near our patio. before that my cousin' maid trying to sweep away all the bugs (kelkatu) that came into the patio last night. since we saw that the hornbills were eating that particular bugs outside, so we asked susi to stop sweeping. my grandma asked me to open the patio door with hopes that the birds would come in. they did, four of them!

as usual, i loaded all the pics to my flickr account. my mom called my sister to let her know about this. she was so excited, immediately told most of her 'environment' friends. within minutes, my flickr page of the birds pics been viewed by many. within seconds too, my sister have added more tags about the birds to my page-
bucerotidae, coraciiformes, anthracoceros, anthracoceros albirostris and oriental pied-hornbill.

see, i told ya... only
environment people know these. how on earth i know those scientific words lol :P

kuE's up-date at 10.34am:

i copy and paste this tag that has been added by my sister to my flickr page (pandai-pandai je... lol). i guess she's the one that was really excited hehe...-

" they have started to visit our place for many months now but much more frequent the last couple of months, and this morning has been the most exciting visit!

there are 2 adults and 3 juveniles in the group. these are 2 of the juveniles (ref. to the 4th pics i guess) i suppose.

last night the patio or breakfast area were 'infested' by flying termites (or what are they called?). this photo was taken against the mosquito netting but you can see the couple of photos when they came inside the house to feed on the insects (my grandmother (alo... me lor, not grandma) opened the door).

so in other words, my family had to wait to have their breakfast after these guys had theirs
:-)) "