Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another guest blogger in the house :)

Hi people :) This is Rose, blogging on behalf of KuE. I was surprised when i read her sms last nite.. but really feel honored to do this bit for her :) Thanx for the trust dear *hugz*

As all of us know from KuE's recent post, "Sapina", she's in court with her dad since 8.30 this morning for the first hearing. I really hope things will go on smoothly for them *crossing fingers* As for now, i'm sure many of us just wished the culprits will change their stand to accept the charges so that things will be very much easier for both KuE and dad. Can't wait to read her update on this matter later. Soon, i hope :)

Anyways, what else should i write? Hmmm... my reasons for not meeting up with her during the weekend? Oh well, i better not mention them here bcoz some may think those reasons are actually excuses, excuses, excuses rather :( Sometimes i just can't help comparing my life with KuE's. Her ever friendly self really makes me admire her more and more. Her thotfulness, kindness, sweet smiles, encouraging words, strong soul, are only small fraction of the good things to mention abt her. She'll always have time for frens who come from near and far. Also, she never fails to invite frens to come over to her house, and even offers her ground to frens to have their gatherings :) Hope one fine day me, C and kids will be able to spend some precious and lovely time with her, Puteri and Megat. Be it in KK or KL :) One day dear, one fine day *wink*

To a such a lovely lady by the name of KuE, hope we'll stay frens for many many more years to come dahling *mwahs mwahs*