Friday, April 14, 2006

typical malaysian

i hate to talk about this (ref- title) among us over and over again. what to do. its the facts of malaysian life.

story #1 ~ i know some of you may wanna know of whats the out-come of
yesterday's. sadly to say, it has been postponed to 15 may 2006 :( quite a number of friends called to ask about this. when i told them about the postponment, they were not surprised. besides they said, "hmm... normal lor... malaysian like that one, dunno how long this gonna last. in fact its almost one year already since the incident last year". its true! like most of the court cases we heard on local papers/tvs that took so damn long to settle i.e. months/years grr...

p/s what ever it si, thank you so much too all my hamily, relatives and friends for their kind words before i went to the court yesterday morning. all you people really makes me so relieves ;)

story #2 ~ one of the examples of malaysian life could be found
here in my post last month.

story #3 ~ an indian neighbour of my auntie in ttdi complained about a bird that frequently flying around her house, that makes such a loud and lousy noise (?). my oh my, such a stupid fellow complaining about His creation. jabatan perhutanan people came to the house you know but unfortunately my auntie was not at home. my cousin (my aunt's son) told them that he dunno anything. it was his mom and their opposite neighbour mwahahahahahahaaaaa rotfl...