Tuesday, April 18, 2006

perak delicacies

introducing my grandma's "ayor tangan"...

my most favourite local food- on my plate (ref. above pic) - rendang dinding (middle) and gulai tauchu sotong (right).

it is said that there is no idiomatic phrase in english to best describe ayor (read: air) tangan, which encompasses both the cooking style and skills of the chef. the term also refers to the food prepared to correct ingredients and measurements.

in the malay culture, air tangan ibu broadly refers to mother’s cooking and it is to describe that "special touch" that makes food tastier.

hmm... wonder why i thought of blogging about our local food today? well, tomorrow will be a public holiday for perak state only as it is the birthday of
our sultan. me as a perakian, are so proud to take this opportunity to invite all of you people to visit the sultan's office' website. it is very informative i tell you. while you are there, you could read more about the perak sultanate and its heritage. there's also a page showing his royal highness' official programs.

usually there will be quite a number of events that will be held in perak through out the month. one of them is the pelita panjut contest tonight among the government and private sector i.e.
pdrm, bomba, mckk etc. i'm going to bring puteri and megat out tonight to see the event. they are so excited, can't wait for it hehe... while on saturday, i will bring them to see the pesta air (water festival) along the sungai (river) perak.

alright, back to the food. i really can't resist my grandma's rendang dinding and gulai tauchu sotong. they are the best. no one could challenge her. i remember when grandma used to come over to my place in subang last time. she really likes to cook a lot eventhough there were just the two of us in the apartment. so we always invited my former colleagues to join us. they loved her food so much that she almost cook for the hotel during a perak food festival ;)