Saturday, April 01, 2006

it ain't no april fool

everyone knows that today is the april fool's day. well, nothing is great about it anymore after more than 30 years living on this planet. we used to fool around our school-mates during our school years. who to fool now, huh?!! lol. thats what makes me lonely here, thus i tried doing this quiz just for the fun of it and here is my result :P

we won't go anywhere this week- relaxing at home. the excuse was that i brought the kidz for a quick holiday last weekend, so we need to just chill-out at home this time. i promised them that i will bring them out 'jalan-jalan' next week instead. my plan is to bring them to watch the magical world of disney on ice. i know that they have been begging me for this but i didn't give any answer just yet. in fact i have already bought five tickets (last tuesday) for the show on sunday morning. the other two are for my cousin liyana and cousin sarah's maid. shh... this is kinda' a surprise for them.

i went to last year'
the disney on ice princess classics with puteri and megat too, just the three of us. i also remember, with a pair of kidz around me, they were asking for this and that stuff of the disney on ice thingy before we entered the hall. by the time we wanna go in, both of our hands were full with disney on ice stuff i.e. popcorns, candy floss, mickey binoculars etc. we met with a young grand-auntie's friend with her kids. wow... i dunno that she has five kids. btw her kids were rather quiet, just waiting there patiently for the time to go in. while puteri and megat were already felt happily with the goodies that i bought for them earlier. seeing the five kids were looking at mine when they had nothing, i quickly excused ourselves from them, of course in a nice way :(

kuE's note: the pic of the tickets above created with fd's flickr toys.