Thursday, April 06, 2006

kuE = 1!!!

arghhh... i am so exhausted- running up and down, here and there. its all because of the police' usual attitude. they like to call people for a last minute thingy. i really hate that. why they think i'm so free meh? grr...

earlier in the morning nizam called for a short discussion at shaidi's place at 11am. alright, fine. i told myself that i could go for a while but then i have to come back as early as possible as i need to attend 2006-2008' first pta committee meeting at puteri's school at 3pm.

the thing that makes me very 'bengang' today because sargeant tajuddin called me at 10.30am (i was already on the way to ipoh), asking me to be at the police station for a 'kawad cam' session at 3pm(?!!). asp nazri did the
same kind of attitude before. he (asp nazri) came about a week earlier before the date of the proceedings but only called me in the morning itself (?) to reconfirm. anyhow i told sargeant tajuddin about my appointment that was at 3pm also. some more he could ask me whether it was important for me to be at the school. wa lau ley... do you want me to speak in tamil (sargeant can speak mandarin lol) or what?!! lol.

when i was about to leave ipoh, i sms some of my friends asking for their opinions. as usual, some of my victims were included V,
leilanie, rose, abg ashraf etc- most of the feedback were same. i know for me, the school is more important than any other. but then the follow-up of the case is important too. its true of what rose said, i am just one, can't be in two places at one time ;)

i was still thinking about the best decision to make, during lunch. omg!!! please help me. at last i decided to go to the school. i went upstairs, switch-on my room air-cond, dragged my towel and off i went for a nice and cool shower. i reached the school about a few minutes before 3. we started the meeting as scheduled. i changed my fon to a silent mode. about 3.45pm, a policeman interrupted us at the meeting room, asking me to be at the police station. i was so damn mad. i told him that i could co-operate with them but i need to come back to the school asap.

so i drove as fast as i could to the police station. sargeant tajuddin introduced me to a police woman. she ushered me to a special room (hmm... don't even bothered to know what's the labelled on the room door). to tell you the truth, i was so damn gabra as soon as i stepped in the police station' compound. more panic when i went into the room. there were about 11 guys which one of them was the culprit already standing in a straight line, all facing infront. there were also about six or seven police' in the room too. i was asked to walk few times from one end to another. i was shocked when i reached at one of the guys. "oikk... he's here too?", i was asking myself upon looking at the proton edar's salesman. he smiled at me. "oii!!! mana boleh bercakap, pandang depan!", shouted a voice. i guess that must be from one of the policeman. i was more scared. it took me about 10-15 minutes or so. i was supposed to place my hand on the culprit's shoulder but i was really scared i tell you. one of the policeman told me that i could point to the guy if i want. i did by pointing my right thumb to the last guy on my left. the guy was big size, like a commando with moustache. but then i heard another policeman said i still have to place my hand on the shoulder because the camera man need to take some pictures grr... i faced infront (i was still scared of course). as soon as he finished, i walked off from there and told the police woman that i have to go. sargeant tajuddin reminded me to come back after my meeting :(

i went back to the police station after 6pm. i saw sargeant tajuddin as promised. he took my statement by asking a few questions, printed it out and asked me to sign it. luckily his office is with air-condition. we finished before maghrib.