Sunday, April 16, 2006


wow!!! i just wanted to blog about my visit to ipoh on friday with mom, to see my cousin oyeen's baby. then only i realized that this gonna be my 199th post. what a co-incidence, huh?!! i remember that i posted my 99th posts sometime in december '05.

both oyeen and baby went back to ipoh for a week. they will fly to abu dhabi on monday night to join the husband/dad whose a pilot with
etihad airways. formerly he was with malaysia airlines. he went on for a better offer since the local airlines didn't provide him enough eventhough he has worked with them for so many years. oyeen didn't tell me anything when we met last week. then only i knew that she has quit her job (stewardess with the same airlines) for good too. here i include a candid pic of oyeen and baby natalia nadine ;)

kuE's note: to all you malaysians, does this face looks familiar to you. hmm... mati i (i would be dead) if oyeen knows that i posted this pic here hehe...