Saturday, May 31, 2008

all ready to go...

megat's 9th birthday

kuE's note:
but i am just gonna start baking the birthday cupcakes-- gotta wait for the boys to sleep first hehe...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

roaring my way to nuffnang wild ‘live’ blogging

i have NEVER try any of the nuffnang contest' before. but this one sounds interesting though. so here i am just trying my luck with the pic below--

i chose tiger because its like one of the many fierce animals on earth. in a world dominated by rational goals and common sense, we have not only forgotten to listen to our heart, we have forgotten how to listen to our heart. in other words, "my tiger" is asleep... thus this post is dedicated to waking up the tiger in me ;)

as you could see, wild 'live' blogging will be a part of southeast asia’s first ‘live blogging’ gathering! it is specially gonna brought to us on 21 june 2008 (time: 6.30pm to 10pm) at modesto’s/rain, desa sri hartamas; by nuffnang, powered by maxis broadband. we would expect to blog ‘live’ at the party and tell our readers of the fun we are having at the gathering. read more about this here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

at last she's in!

wohooo... after much persuading, finally i was so damn shocked earlier to see my bff kay accepted my invitation to join me on fb *phew* now for the next step is to get her in to the blogosphere. "i guess its already been quite some time since i first introduced you to it right?" hehe...

fyi people... kay is one of my readers but its been so hard to get her involve into this world too. the excuse: she dunno of what to do, or busy. well tell me people, whose not busy in this world right? at least once a while this thingy can get you out of your stress... believe me! do correct me if i am wrong :P

Monday, May 26, 2008

kuE's new red ribbon shoe

hmm... cantik tak? i really lurve this new red ribbon shoe of mine so much (label: nose). although its a local made, its not a problem for me at all, as long as its good and nice, also lovely. i am not that type of buying imported ones only.

actually i have been eying for this shoe for quite some time. every time i go to ipoh especially KC, i would make it a point to drop-by at the nose shop. i find that their range of shoes now are much more better than vincci. even this one and this one were from nose too. what say you people? in fact there are about two to(/or) three more shoes that i wanted to buy from there too. they are so beautiful i tell you. wait ler... i will be going there some day again soon :P

eventually i was very much hunting for nice and great looking red shoe to be worn during my cousin nikki's (charlie's big bro) wedding in early july. this shoe also is to be matched with the red lacey fabs that i bought from PrettyMommie! go and visit her online shop here.


megat was left at home with his cousins. since he will be 9 this sunday, we looked for his current fav stuff also that is ben 10. i am sure those of you mothers with small boys are also aware of this cartoon too hehe... we chose the omnitrix. its still in the car boot anyway. i will bring it out only after megat went to sleep. as some of you may know, i lurve surprises.

megat's classmate hakeem called him the other day, asking about his birthday. i am so sorry boy, there won't be a big party like last year. besides hakeem, all of megat's other school friends were looking forward for it too. well this time only very closed family are involved. probably next year occay? pengsan ler... if we wanna do it every year :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

1... 2... 3...





alright people... thats enough finger exercises for today... :P

see you all again soon...


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

kuE in áo dài

i wore áo dài for teacher's day celebration in school today. its specially tailor-made for me and bought by papa during his vietnam holiday trip few years ago ;)

the story: one morning at the shop, he just pin-point to a few ladies in the shop for the exact sizes that he wanted i.e. mine was same size with the shop' lady owner, her sisters were same size with both my sis, while puteri's size to follow the lady's daughter. then he went back to the shop the next morning to collect all the four áo dàis that he ordered.

the handbag is from vietnam too, one of my 36th birthday pressies from Mr Z :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

its teacher's day!

may 16 is teacher's day (malay: hari guru) in malaysia.

this date was chosen because in the same month in 1956, the federal legislative council of the malay states had received several suggestions (documents) from the education committee regarding teachers' day as the base of education in malaysia. the document, known as the razak report, has become the foundation of education in malaysia ever since. although it is not an official school holiday, celebrations are usually held on this date, or earlier, if it falls on a saturday or sunday.

teacher's day around the world is not celebrated on the same day. in some countries, teacher's day is celebrated on working days. whereas, in other countries, it is celebrated on holidays. however, the day of celebration, itself, holds no significance. what matters, is the feeling behind the celebration of teacher's day.

so me being one of the PTA's committee member, was rather damn busy running around here and there to get things done with our activities. one of them is this high quality towel gift for all the teachers of puteri's school (pssttt... also mine). we just hope that the teachers like our gift, although we know that the gift can't be compared to what all of you teachers have done so far. really. we will present this to the teachers next week as the school will only celebrate their teacher's day then. take note that for this year we have decided to make this as a surprise for the teachers. so for the time being, they are all been kept at my house ;)

i would like to wish happy teacher's day , especially to cik hajjah nazipah, puan hajjah zawiyah, mrs silva, mrs wong, puan maimunah, my classmate fau whose now being called as puan fauziah ahmad and all teachers in malaysia. we've met many teachers in our life journey some just pass by but some leave a mark in our life.

i wish there is a way for me to ask for forgiveness from all my teachers for all the wrongdoing i've done to them. i, kuE, ex-student of SK Datin Khadijah (1979-1984) and SMK Raja Perempuan Kelsom (1985-1989); would like to ask for forgiveness from all my ex teachers-- "maafkan saya cikgu di atas semua kesalahan saya dan halalkan ilmu yang dicurahkan selama ini".

so what about you people, who do you remember right now?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the 36th years

my birthday this year falls on a weekday. so we just make do with a very simple, great and nice birthday with my two wonderful kids, my darling princess and my hero megat. that was so meaningful for me.

we headed off up north to penang around 3.40pm. we were lucky enough of not to get caught in the traffic jam cuz by the time we reached the penang bridge' toll plaza, it was almost 4.45pm only *phew*

guess what people... even though it was my birthday, but i leave it to my kids of where they wanna spend the big day with me. so just like the previous year, we went to queensbay mall again! well as you could see people, its certainly one of our favourite shopping malls, that's why hehe... i guess i have been talking about queensbay mall like dunno how many times in my blog right. surprisingly we didn't buy anything. in fact i also dunno what to get for myself. so kids also were strolling around happily with me without asking anything. it was my birthday remember? well for them, its kinda not fair to ask me to buy something for them on my birthday. owh... how sweet...

we had an early birthday dinner at none other than TGIF!... just a great place to wind down after a long week!

poor megat... he just recovered from fever and cough, where he didn't attend school for the whole of last week :(

look people... at how fast my puteri has grown ;)

that was my tossed tomato basil chicken hmm... i like...

this pic has been taken by puteri arghhh... do i look tired here :P

i would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you people for your birthday wishes via sms-es, emails, fb, etc. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

regards to the PROJECT #36, i don't think i have had enough 36 guest bloggers yet. to those who dunno, i was not well for the past one week plus or so, thus i didn't get the chance to follow-up anything on this. anyhow i guess i will still open this up till the 36 counts, to commemorate my 36th birthday this year. its kinda fun actually to have guest bloggers with all sorts of life and thinking, taking part in this project. so posh_post, since you have written a great review about me, would you like to join in too? i knew posh_post from SocialSpark. read more about it here and here. to those of you people who wish to be my guest blogger and contribute for my PROJECT #36, why don't you email me, and i would be much glad to add you too!


I know we should not be talking about non-happy moments now..
But i really want to share what have been bothering me..
About what have happend to our neighbourhood country.

Could u ever imagine this thing ever hit us? (Nauzubillah)
Mungkin ini bala yang tuhan tentukan pada mereka
Mungkin mereka ada melakukan sesuatu yang di murka

For that.. i pity those who have lost their family
For that.. i pray&wishes they shall continue their life normally
(Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul)
Fir that.. i hope they stay stronger everyday

As for ur that still breathing,
cherish every seconds you have, coz we never know when god will take us back
if you have a dream.. try to make it happen
Always say "i love u" to those you care & love

kuE.. Happy Birthday...
Thanks for being my friend ..
May all your wishes come true!

Monday, May 12, 2008

the one with happy thoughts...

hmm...its' been ages since i last wrote an entry in a blog. yups, since i shut down my own 2-year old blog a few years ago.. but you see, the blog was competing with my fotopages for attention and with the continuously increasing demand of work, i couldn't maintain both and made a tough decision to shut down the blog as my passion for photography is much greater.

so it came with a pleasant surprise that this lovely lady who i met only in the cyberworld, invited me to her guest blogger in conjunction with her birthday. i actually missed writing in blog and in my old blog i could just rant and rant my thoughts and got away with it…hehehehe.

it’s gonna be 36, eh? well i celebrated mine last year. after many years, i feel that my birthday is getting less and less significant to celebrate. Is it because fear of old age? have other priorities? getting less presents (hehehe)? combination of all? or maybe because there are too many birthdays out there to celebrate – including agong’s birthday, sultan’s birthday, merdeka’s birthday, prophet muhamad’s birthday (which i like coz they mean off days for me…hehehehe).

but i couldn’t be helped but being reminded of my own birthday every year coz i share the same birth date with my mum. yups, yours truly was her best birthday gift when i was born (that’s actually a self-proclaim statement rather than my mum’s but i trust she’s gonna say the same if asked…kehkehkeh). one year i almost forgot my birthday until that flower shop in ipoh called me up (coz i use its service without fail for the last 15 years to send flowers to my mum on her birthday and mother’s day) ….thanks ah, auntie.

so what i hope as i aged? last week, my tok passed away. it’s sad but not that unexpected. he was almost 85 and had various ailments associated with old age. but i believe he had enjoyed his life to the fullest and had watched his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren grew up. i love him so much as i could still remember when i was in the primary school, he used to pick me up from school with his “basikal tua” and sent me home which was like 10km away, under the hot sun. i had nothing but happy thoughts for him. yups, that’s what i can hope for – happy thoughts.

not just my own happy thoughts but also for people to have happy thoughts for me. wouldn’t it be lovely whenever people think of me, they’d feel happy? wow, i think that’s the best man can ask for. it reminds me of the movie troy when the mother told archilles “if you stay here, you will live long, marry, have children and great grandchildren, but later you will die and soon they will forget you. but if you go to this war, you might die but your name will live forever” ( or something to that effect….man, i love the fight scenes of this movie).

oh, i don’t think that i need to go to a war for people to remember my name, though sometimes i think that’s actually not a bad idea. but with the state of current army (where i see the more and more generals on golf courses), i don’t think that i’ll get a chance to die as a hero. hmm…a trip to palestin, perhaps? oh, that i idea would have been great if i’m still single. for now, i’ll resort by being nice to people around me and try to make good changes, whatever i can….even if it’s just a cast of vote.

so, here’s to you, ku E. happy 36th birthday and i wish you the best in life. i wish you to have many happy thoughts and for people to have many happy thoughts of you. i sure have happy thoughts for you, especially for inviting me to the guest blogger here. hope you’ll invite me again, next year.

i end this entry with this picture which i shot in tawau a few weeks ago. i love this picture coz it reminds me of old age, friendship, to relax and enjoy life.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

kuE's favourite pics

they say a picture is worth a thousand words. i have been a keen photographer since i had my first digicam as my own birthday pressie last year. hmm... so what am i going to get myself this year? let me see... anyhow let's get back to our main topic here i.e. kuE's favourite pics-- i think that many people look at how and why a picture was taken. i try to take photos naturally, as i believe people are at their best when they are not aware they are being photographed. as for anything else it is about lighting and position for me. its so true of what some pros i know were saying about anything goes. thank you so much for your help. you know who you are.

i thought i would make a post with my favourite picture i have taken so far and one of the one that i like, taken by others.

so as you could see, this pic of a group of chinese secondary school dancers has been my favourite ever since i own my oly for almost a year now. can't you see of how natural the red handkerchiefs look especially after they have been thrown up away by the dancers. i lurve it! this pic that has been taken during the last chap goh meh, can also be viewed here.

while the one that i like most so far, taken by others was this one by my sister. its a pic of part of me, taken at my god mom's (also my mother's elder sis) place in pj during hari raya haji about three years ago. fyi i was not aware about this until my sis load it in her flickr album. take note that i like this one not because it has been taken by my sister, but i just like the contrast of the objects featured in the pic i.e. my sarong, the white bricks, the stones/pebbles and the grass. what say you? on the other hand, she's really one of the great photographers i know on earth, whose also the founder of kl flickr. go here to view more of her pictures or here for her personal web site.

why not you visit this photograph site Pho-Tog-B-log, of wonderful pictures like this one! one of the pictures is so fantastic, it could be on a scenery postcard! go here to read a review she wrote about me ;)

now tell me people, what are your favourite pictures YOU have taken?

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! - Glitter Graphics

FAITH makes all things possible;
HOPE makes all things works;
LOVE makes all things beautiful;
May U have all this in ur journey as a mother...


Saturday, May 10, 2008

more on SocialSpark!

this post is more or rather like a follow-up to my previous post--

for years the internet has been awash with get rich quick schemes that turn out to be a waste of time. or plans that promise big rewards if you click on enough pages, but turn out to be a complete waste of clicks. things have changed though. the internet has matured and advertising opportunities that offer a genuine cash reward to everyday users now exist.

which program offers the best rewards? you'll have to decide for yourself, if you care to hunt around for all the different companies providing that sort of service. but you should definitely look into SocialSpark, which in my opinion is definitely the best community. it's new, but it is backed by one of (if not the) biggest names in blog advertising. new opportunities to blog about products, services and hobbies that you already love appear everyday. but more than just writing an ad and taking the cash, SocialSpark is about communication. getting to know the advertisers and your fellow bloggers. you can visit my profile at add me up to your list of friends and i will add you up in return. people like Archit, is one of my first SocialSpark's friend. he help me get around on my SocialSpark account because i was actually confuse on how to get opportunity the first time. SocialSpark is a good place for bloggers who are new to sponsored blogging. this will help new bloggers to get to know the system, become familiar with advertiser requirements, and develop their own preferences and style.

there are also great chances to earn bonuses which really encourages good, creative writing which is what it should be all about! and some advertisers even have goodies to give away to a few of their best bloggers! there are blog sponsorship opportunities, message boards and so much, much more. if you have a blog, a passion for writing, and a desire to earn some extra cash, then look no further than SocialSpark!

kuE's note: this is a sponsored post.

introducing... SocialSpark

some weeks ago, i was very lucky to be invited to use this new service in its alpha phase. SocialSpark is a new service of the IZEA’s people, who we know because of services like PayPerPost or RealRank, but what they are offering with this service? let’s find it out.

SocialSpark, with the tagline “get everyone talking”, is a new service very similar to PayPerPost because you can make money by blogging about opportunities, created by advertisers. but it has the difference that it is more social, you can interact with all the members, adding them as your friends, voting for posts, recommending a blogger and another interesting features that i will let you to explore.

as you can see, SocialSpark is a kind of blogging community, where you can make friends and at the same time you can make money by writing about those opportunities. the best thing is that by this way, you can meet potential partners to work with, because you can “Prop” the users, which is the new way of giving someone your vote of confidence or high rating. you have the choice, in many areas, to offer a “prop” or “drop” to other users, opportunities, blogs, etc. basically, a prop is a positive vote, and a drop, a negative one. and how these props will help you to find potential partners? simple, because you can search members by filtering their information, as number of props, views and friends, which could let you to determine who is an active blogger, and who is not.

also, beside to searching members, you can search blogs by average page views a month, real rank, blog props, and other factors which let you to know, as in the case of users, which are the active or inactive blogs.


SocialSpark seems like a great place to be, i have made a couple of friends through this way and taken a couple of opportunities. effectively, the payments are made through PayPal, as they does at PayPerPost. however don’t wait no more and join to this social network, which also brings you the chance to make some money!

go here to request for an invitation.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

big apple now in ipoh

yes people... you heard me right! Big Apple Donuts & Coffee is now available at kinta city, ipoh since last saturday, 2 may 2008 hmm... yummyy!!!... unfortunately i only knew about this yesterday hehe...

yes, i know its a little bit late for me to blog about this shop. who is not familiar about Big Apple donuts in malaysia? but since its just opened here in ipoh recently, i guess its still not too late for me to blog about it. i didn't take any pic of the outlet cuz i looked around and found that ipoh people are not into pic thingy yet. i also think that they are still new with this kind of foodie though. so i thought maybe i'll save that for my next visit there hehe... well for me, i am so glad that Big Apple is the one to make its first appearance in terms of donuts business in ipoh. before that, just imagine people... ipoh don't even have Dunkin Donuts!

people often compare Big Apple with the JCo Donuts which has lesser chain stores here in the country. i have tried JCo before anyway. its slightly sweeter than Big Apple. the dough taste is not as good on the JCo. what do you think?

well, Big Apple stores are now everywhere, almost all of the big shopping malls. they even have it in penang and east malaysia. you can check their website for the list of stores, but now i think the site is still under construction.

what i like about this shop is its donuts and coffee. Big Apple served ILLY coffee. their coffee is at an absolutely affordable price and it comes with a free glazed donut. my favorite donuts are the one with oreo and also the glazed one. their donuts dough are soft and spongy when you bite on it. the flavors are not too strong, and you certainly do get the dough taste out of it. its not overly sweet, just nice for those who don’t like sweet foods.

for those who have not tried it out, i strongly recommend that you must try it--

big apple donuts
location: 1st floor (food court area) kinta city shopping centre, jln teh lean swee, ipoh garden, ipoh or anywhere near you
food: donuts - RM2.00 (per piece), please note that if you buy in half a dozen or a dozen, the price per piece will be cheaper, coffee/tea - from RM4.50

kuE's 15 pet peeves

you know what people-- in my absence from blogosphere since last week of a slight fever, i have never been doing nothing... and i was really bored for not blogging i tell you... life was just lying down there, feeling down... what when this kinda bad sore throat came lately, that really makes my life more sick... dang!

anyhow i found out yesterday that i have been tagged by Sweettooth. i guess 15 counts are ain't enough for our pet peeves, don't you think so people. i must say that its just part and parcel of our life. so here goes mine--

  1. racists.

  2. people who don't realize how incredibly lucky they are to live as well as they do when there are so many people in this world living terrible lives beyond their control.

  3. when people call me a prick because i have a new cell phone etc... i work for a living dang it.

  4. people that bitch at me for NOT parking in handicap parking (legally i can park there but i choose to leave it open for someone that REALLY needs it).

  5. people who do not know how to speak or to write, they will use "u" for "you", and use terrible grammar. listen, i know it's just ranting (in blog particularly), but if you really talk the way some of you write, you look like a stupid socially ignorant asshole!

  6. selfish yuppie scum who want everything now, not later. that sense of entitlement and arrogance goes only so far. they think they are better than everyone else, and have all their million dollar houses and trophy bitch wives to support, so they just walk all over everyone else, and tell them what to do.

    11:00 pm on a Saturday night! 4:30 am on a Sunday morning! STOP IT!!!!!

  8. i can't stand people with bad "eating" manners--
    • i hate the sound of silverware clanking on plates, and it really bothers me when people scrape their fork (or other utensil) around the plate... almost as a nervous habit! noisy eaters just piss me off! you'd be shocked if you knew how much. if i can hear you eating, then you're annoying me.
    • i harbor an extreme dislike for people that pop and smack their chewing gum. the sounds are annoying, and it makes the chewer look stupid, and rather unattractive on top of that. chew quietly with your mouth closed!!!!

  9. family members who do not talk to you for years, but when they need or want something, act like nothing happened.

  10. people who complain about service at restaurant, store, etc. when they themselves have never worked in retail and have no clue what stress is! and all the reasons why that person might have been rude to them at that moment on that day. these are real people with emotions, and lives....not robots!!!

  11. people who will spend all day in a chat room hanging around. they are creepy! get a life, go get a real person to have sex with and not some "fantasy" in a chat room who you will never meet or get to see. did you forget what REAL sex is all about? spending time in a chat room is so wasteful.

  12. the total lack of style that many young women have with their dress today. either it looks lewd and trashy (tight black spandex pats and a too-tight blouse) or dumpy (loose jeans and a tee-shirt). what ever happened to a nice-looking dress?

  13. people who pick their nose in public (GROSS!!)

  14. i hate having to hold my breath at public places just because somebody didn't feel like taking a shower or wearing deodorant! i know that others have to agree with me here!

  15. the fact that companies want you to send $ right away but take 6-8 weeks to send you their stuff. what could they possibly be doing?

need i say more? hehe... now i am tagging--

  1. kechik -- you are so cute and such a sport, thats why i like to tag you
  2. Lich -- i know you can give great answers :P
  3. Hani -- ok for you?
  4. KNizam -- mike berjalan je... sesekali kena buat tag jugak lol...
  5. Lin -- same goes to you my dear... its time to relax your mind ;)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

kuE's flying for RM0.00 fare

that's true! i had booked mine last night, for travel in december (psttt... guess where i'm going). its absolutely RM0 cost for flying, just paying the tax fee... ahahaha... looking forward for my holiday trip... wooohoooo...

its all thanks to PrettyMommie for informing me about the great news via sms yesterday. she even warned me that MAS site was rather jammed during the day and asked me to try at night instead. booking period from 5 to 19 may 2008 ONLY... so act fast people!!! while the traveling date is from 10 june to 14 december 2008. go here to read more about this great promotion.

Monday, May 05, 2008

my darling niece

i am missing my niece so much, so i would like to blog about her now :P
her name is aisya saffiya. she is soon-to-be 3 years old this coming 17th. we called her "apple" when she was small. then we call her 'sofy' that she can talk, she calls herself 'ieya', so now i call her 'ieya' but i also call her by her full name, saffiya.
she is my sister's daughter. she's no 1 cucu perempuan in the family so u can guess how spoilt she is! she is cheeky and naughty. she is adorable and sweet. she loves her baby bro so much (she never kick or pinch him like what budak kecik does when they get baby bro/sis) she loves kissing and hugging him! she is my darling niece..she truly is :)
she has been staying with me for almost 2 years and now she's staying with atok and nenek..that's why i missed her so much! i will go back almost every weekend (sometimes weekdays jugak, my parents house is not so far, like 30mins from here) just because of her (and her lil bro). we enjoy having girly talks, layan2 dia makan, baring2 tengok tv together and she will sleep with me and my other sisters.

that's her getting ready to sleep..

i guess that's all..blogging about her makes me miss her even more!

p/s: i would like to say big thanks to kuE for inviting me to write, i am truly honoured :)

thanks a bunch of cuppies!!!!

How to ask a girl on a date

Dear Miss Ida Walker,

Mr. Charles Westmacott hopes that he may have the extreme pleasure of a ride with Miss Ida Walker upon his tandem tricycle. Mr. Charles Westmacott will bring it round in half an hour. You in front.

Yours very truly,

Charles Westmacott.

Yes so I was reading AC Doyle "Beyond the City" and I came across this letter a young gentleman wrote to the girl he liked, asking her out. I almost died laughing.