Sunday, February 26, 2006

kewl weekend

hello people, actually i wanna post about the 10-tag that Nah did on me. unfortunately i'm too excited to post the pictures that i've just took hours ago. never mind lor, maybe i'll do it next ;)

the first set of pics were taken at auntie yan's place in kampung kuala dal. she called us (grandma, my cousin sarah's maid susi and me) for tea. puteri and megat followed my parents for a day-trip to kl. i decided to stay because i have so many things to get ready for my absence during my course in ipoh in the next 4-days.

look at this... auwww... cream-puff, my fav ;)

l-r: cream-puff, mamak-style fried mee and fruit cake, all made by auntie yan.

while the other set of pics were taken from our visit to another auntie, enda teh's home in bukit chandan after that. ohh... look at baby anisha, she's much different from the last time i took her pic.

kuE's note: weekend were spend with family and relatives only. i cancelled my trip to kl for pgl-the musical because a staff' father passed-away yesterday morning that's why. i visited the family accompanied by my puteri. it was so funny that i wore my black 'abaiya' (full gown) with matching veil for the first time hehe... my dad bought for me few years back when he performed his haj in makkah. puteri wore hers too.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

so sweet

isn't this cute auww... megat did this for me. i was so surprised at first as he never done such a good drawing like this. he said that its just a drawing of a girl, not mama as "my mama got brown hair"... lol. btw check-out the cute hibiscus people. here's another one that he did few months ago. i laminated all his drawings that specially made for me and placed it on my desk at the office ;)

Friday, February 24, 2006

prepare for thunder

kuE's note: pic taken from pitstop.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


the day is almost over. it was so late +/- 1645 hrs that only i remember its cousin nivin's birthday! i quickly looked for my fon under all the papers, then sms nivin the birthday wishes from chor ;)

i'm sure she will be going out tonight with her mom, bro and sista. her dad died few years back of cancer.

here's the same girl cousin' pic that i posted last year held at shanaz's bbq, for her house-warming in putrajaya :P

kuE's note: l--r from back- my sister illa, cousin ida, another sister ina, cousin nivin (the birthday gurl), me, cousin sarah, cousin shanaz and cousin liyana. luv ya' all mwahhh...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

nana's engagement day

i went to my friend nana's engagement ceremony last night in ipoh, with my daughter puteri. then i thought to myself that i should place some pics here to give you people an idea of how a malay engagement ceremonies like especially for Qatar Cat and Matt. i do not want to say much. as usual like the proverbs said- "a picture speaks a thousand words" ;)

pic #1- this was a basket of cream-puff that i brought for nana. according to my grand-ma, its always good for us to bring sweet kueh or cakes if we attend any engagement ceremonies.

pic #2- the days prior to the official reception ~ ‘bersanding’, is a complicated yet immensely graceful display of human bonding. beginning with ‘merisik’ and ‘bertunang’ (engaged), the ties between both families are firmly planted. parents of the soon-to-wed couple would meet and discuss various matters on the wedding and determine the right date. gifts, knowns as ‘hantaran’ are exchanged ~ these gifts usually include a ring, perfume, fruits and other sweet offerings, signifying blissful years ahead. here in nana's case, i counted that nana's side prepared a total of '21 hantaran' ;)

pic #3- this was one of the hantaran on the bride's side. can you guess what was it?

pic #4- here's a pic of nana, waiting patiently on the dais.

kuE's note: i am so excited. i will post more pics if i attend any more engagement/wedding ceremonies through-out the year. that includes my lil' bro's engagement and wedding on this june and december respectively :)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

the gossips

most of my house chores done. so i was juz browsing thru most of the blogs on my list for an update. at the same time, i simply thought of sending an off-line "hi" for V. then i keep on browsing. suddenly...

V: whey
kuE: oikk lol
kuE: terkezut i lol
V: apasal
kuE: ye lar. i thought saje2 wanna send off-line msg 2 u, but suddenly u pun appeared lol
V: tengah uploading pic... nak tengok?

kuE: what pic
kuE: ok
V: dah?
kuE: ha ah
kuE: nice
V: ok la
V: ride masa chinese new yr
V: d day yg
u cerita i gi bkt merah to pujuk my wife pasal gaduh
kuE: so got nothing to do wz me rite. jahat ppl kan. so damn big mouth. mulut tempayan pun kalah.
V: biasa la.. cari cerita glamour
kuE: hmm... aritu pun u tak singgah kan
V: tak sempat la... plus it was raining most of d way... tak larat
kuE: i was telling abt the recent one lor
V: oooo
kuE: :)
V: at home ke?
kuE: yup
kuE: why
V: tanya je
kuE: u?
V: tak.. at friends place
kuE: oik
kuE: i thought u dok relaxing at home
V: tak la.. things a bit heated at home
V: malas duduk kat trumah

kuE: not gaduh rite ;)
kuE: jangan marah k, u know i like to tease u a lot lol
V: not really gaduh la... but when people like to butt into our life with all sorts of lies... things can go a little bit crazy
kuE: m sorry
V: tak pe la
V: used to it already

kuE: hmm no wonder lar that day when i told u, u gelak sakan je huh?!!
V: a'ah
V: but that was a new 1... tu yg i was curious sikit
kuE: why, got so many old gossips meh? tak cite pun.
V: msti la... but not worth repeating. I know i m no angel but some of them are quite overboard also
V: ;)
kuE: susah lar, jd one of those ppl kan i bet.
V: what to do.. bukankita boleh control mulut org
kuE: i mean u r one of THOSE ppl ;)
V: what do u mean... ?
kuE: ya lor, one of those well-known one *not talking*
V: ala... mana ada
kuE: ye ke
V: i dont think so
kuE: ye lar, i know but saje usik u. its not that i juz know u yesterday meh? lol
V: ok la
kuE: btw abt this morning sms'. we know that we cld depend on u too, other than my friend kay. ok kan.
V: ok.. of course
kuE: thats what friends r for. tu yg sayang tu *mwah*
V: :D
kuE: nice teeth, what type u used lol
V: pakai kapor je
V: *rotfl*

kuE: *lol*
kuE: wheyy... is it alrite u lepak sana lama2
V: abt to go sat lg
V: no water here cos ada some pipeworks down d road
V: so kena cari lunch outside
kuE: alright np. apa2 as usual contact ler...
V: wokey
V: anyway... good to chat to u again.. take care ya
kuE: ok. u take care too.
V: byez
kuE: *mwahh*

kuE's note: i'm going to ipoh tonight for a friend's (a dato's daughter you) engagement. wonder what i'm going to wear grr...

Friday, February 17, 2006


i need a clone of me!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

kuE's 4-tag...

...on a day before 14 February 2006-

i was tagged by
Leilanie, (who else) hehe...

Four Jobs I Had In My Life
1. Receptionist*
2. FO Guest Relations Officer*
3. Asst Front Office Manager*
*kuE's note: all these positions were from the same hotel. i climbed-up through the jobs from the bottom-line.
4. Secretary to the Sales Director,
Stone World Sdn. Bhd., previously located at Holiday Villa Hotel

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
Summer Holiday
Pretty Woman

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch
The Bold and the Beautiful
2. CSI (all of them)
3. Little House on the Prairie

Four Places I've Lived
1. SS19,Subang Jaya
2. USJ11, UEP Subang Jaya
3. Bandar Baru Sepang
4. Kuala Kangsar

Four Places I've Been on Vacation To
1. London, England
2. Langkawi
Cameron Highlands

Four Places I'd Rather Be In
1. the comfort of my air-cond room auww...
2. Vancouver
3. -ditto-
4. -ditto-
kuE's note: i'd rather be in those two places right now, can i? cuz i dun have the answers for number 3 and 4 lol...

Four of My Favourite Foods
1. Sushi
2. Lasagne
3. Char-kuay-teow (mo chioq lol...)
4. Pasta pasta and more pasta hmm... mama mia

Four Websites I Visit Daily
2. (work)
3. (basically, still for/about work)
4. all blogs on my favourite list

Four Victims To Do This Tag
NeoTech v2.0
Qatar Cat

kuE's note: nizam called this afternoon to remind me about the farewell lunch tomorrow. yea... no problem as i do not have any date for valentine's day :P

Sunday, February 12, 2006

puteri gunung ledang -- the musical

i know that i supposed to post about the 4-taggy-thingy yesterday, but i didn't have the time for that. kids followed parents to kl for one nite as both mom and dad got something on there. while i went off to pamper myself :)

actually i was so damn eager to post about puteri gunung ledang-the musical. what when after i read suhaimi sulaiman's and afdlin shauki's review about the so-called "Yes... MUST SEE for everyone" and "OUTSTANDING MALAYSIAN ACHIEVEMENT!" respectively. that makes me telling myself- i wanna go!!! but who should i go with? ahh... better start asking around if not i'll go myself alone :)

the first time i went to istana budaya with puteri for
wild zebra, last year. the show was tremendously fantastic especially the props, costume and of course the ballet dancers were very good indeed. puteri is into ballet so much. so it was like a mother-daughter outing. we came all the way to kl from here just to watch it. it was on saturday, just before i went for my beijing trip if i'm not mistaken.

back to pgl-the musical. fyi my lil' bro was one of the crew for pgl-the movie. an auntie dropped-by on her way back to kl this afternoon. we talked about this. according to her, our relative ayah... *tut* is involved. he is in charge of the props and such. fuhh... that makes me more excited. proud u...

so who wanna go with me, please let me know via
email asap. the show will be held from 7 to 26 february 2006. i understand that there are 3pm and 8.30pm shows, depending on the dates.

Friday, February 10, 2006



maybe i will do the
4 thingy tag tomorrow. watch-out people!

but friday is the most day that i drive a lot i guess. schools in the morning, banking (if i'm in the mood, if not i juz ask my staff to go), also megat's mandarin tuition class, puteri's ballet class etc. we went to a local cafe for some snacks. here's a pic of my darling princess-

i went for a meeting at ipoh sales office yesterday. that's why no blogging, stressfull got lor... what when i've been told that i'm one of the 20 selected one for the ISIS course from 27 february to 3 march 2006, at the ipoh sales office. its from 9am to 5pm some more! auww...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

wake-up my dear :)

i was so terrible this morning. i really thought that its tuesday huhu...

"cepat adik. today you have an essembly in school, if not you will be late", i told megat hehe... btw chinese school' weekly essembly on a tuesday meh?

we went out of the house before 7.20. as usual i sent puteri first then megat. as usual also megat salam and kiss my hand, then both of us kiss each other. i waited for a while to see megat walked into the school. he was half-way there. suddenly i saw his classmate came with his mom on a motorcycle. i clearly saw that he wore a school t-shirt. then i thought, "oikk... why the boy wore the school t-shirt today?". my mind was boggling. "oh my god... its wednesday lar stupid". megat has p.e. classes on wednesday!!!

well megat already more than half-way there. then i thought to myself again, its not that i cannot take his t-shirt and give it to him because our house is so near. i just wanna megat to be independent. let him do his own decision. i'm sure he will make so much noise when he comes back ;)

kuE's note: the main reason i thought so was that megat just started school yesterday only, after a long chinese new year break. other schools started theirs on last thursday.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the HOT one

i was sms-ing with V whose in ipoh right now. he will be going to alor setar tomorrow for work. we were discussing about something not good that i heard. he was persuading me to tell him the truth. suddenly i was shocked when he called, after i last replied his sms. he was driving and sms-ing! he was looking for a parking at jusco when he called; can't wait to talk to me. this happened about 10mins ago. he has an appointment with a dato' there who supposed to meet him in kl but can only make it in ipoh instead.

so we talked for a while, to discuss more on the hot gossips around. the worst part was about a story saying that he's been sued for RM90 million if i'm not mistaken *phew*

both of us were laughing like hell. so V told me about the real thing happened during the last chinese new year holidays. he was so tickled about those gossips.

"oii... gelak plak dia yea...", i told him.

"ye lar... suka i dengan cerita-cerita macam nie", he answered. he still laughing, while i just smiled. "anyhow, sape yang cite kat you nie. was it staff... *tut* ".

"oikk... why on earth you thought that i know your employee".

"tak de lar, lagipun who else kan. alar cakap lar. bukannya i nak hantam dia. i juz wanna know was it our perak office staff ke or kl staff ke".

"i guess not now lor...".

"hmm... whatever lar. i know you. ok lor... i'm gonna meet this dato'. i'll call you later okay", he continued

tickets... tickets...

who wants free tgv kinta city passes? calling once, calling twice...

hmm... do i have to share these hehee...

p/s- i've just received the above from my sister via snail mail this afternoon. auww... wonder what's good movies screening now. check-out the butterflies that my sister placed in the envelope as well- my favourite- cute ;)

Monday, February 06, 2006


i was boring like hell with piles of work to be done. suddenly i thought of this true-story joke from a good friend many years ago. so i guess better post this to have some mind relaxation :P

it was many years back, when i was working in a hotel in sj. i was damn close with lynn. this joke was told by lynn's ex-bf whose still friend with lynn. sorry i forgot his name. but then let's just type it as A in order for me to tell the joke here easily. read on-

A said this story happened to his friend B when they were both studied in the states way back then. B was damn good in playing football thus he was one of his college' player then. one evening A was waiting for B outside the field. suddenly the situation on the field became so damn havoc when B twisted his leg. within minutes B was sent to the hospital with the help of the coach and A with some colleagues. once reached the hospital, the medics placed B on the wheeled bed (is this rite lol). a doctor came to the rescue and they brought B to the emergency ward. B's leg was really painfull.

A followed them. B was screaming like hell. he held his leg while saying, "adoii... adoii...".

"WHAT?", asked the doctor.

"oh no... no... err... oucchhh... oucchhh...", B answered.

A was laughing like hell.

"apsal engkau ketawa ha?", B asked A.

"tak de lar... yang engkau pi jawab tu buat apa. dah tengah sakit tu, sakit je lar", said A.

both B and A laughed then. the doctor was puzzled rotfl...

Sunday, February 05, 2006


kuE: *not talking*
V: hi
V: whats up?

kuE: hie
kuE: u lar. how's life. me as usual lor...
V: same here
V: not well past few days

kuE: nak kena kiss ni baru ok kot lol...
V: *big grin*
kuE: tak betul?
V: ok la tu
kuE: hahahaaahaha....
V: so whats new?
kuE: nothing. juz some changes in work.
kuE: i.e. wef feb, all orders wl b done thru asr. according to my friends, other words for this is "top-up" system. hv 2 work harder to ensure enuf funds
kuE: i guess yours yg kat mana, sg buloh (is this rite) already started months ago including those in southern of perak.
V: yup
V: but i thnking of selling out to my partner

kuE: oh...
V has signed out. (2/5/2006 7:00 PM)

V: tired la
kuE: lama tak massage kot *glurp*
V: let him settle everything
V: *blushing*
V: kena tunggu demam habis dulu la

kuE: macam tak tau i lurveee to tease u lol
V: *smile*
kuE: u wanna know something
V: at home ke now?
kuE: yup
kuE: wanna know something tak

silence... i wanted to tell him about the 'black magic' moment thing. he dunno about it yet. never mind lor... maybe next time :P

Friday, February 03, 2006

the historical experience

my visit to one of the nearest commercial bank earlier was really a one not to be forget ;)

the last time i went to the local mbb was last saturday to change thousands of RM10 notes for the long weekend holidays. that time i went with two of my staff-cum-body-guard. so for today its not that i cannot ask my staff to go but i wanted to do some personal banking stuff myself also. normally early of the month especially after the pay-day, i will make sure that i pay-out all the needs for bills and savings. after all this has been done then only i would use-up the balance for shopping and other stuff. that's roughly hows my monthly financial flows are.

i looked at my guess watch- 3.38pm. yea... still got a lot of time. mbb now opens until 4.30pm as what my staff F told me yesterday. he thought he was late and can't make it, but then he saw the guards were so relaxed lol. ya lor... maybe mbb extended their office hours to accomodate with their
new working days as announced by the association of banks in malaysia (ABM) last week. moreover mbb here already installed the latest on-line cheque deposit machine, just hope that publics will use them in the correct manners. in fact the bank has been doing a major refurbishment and already has a new look since december last year-

kuE's note: have to scan the slip in a different lay-out for security purposes.

3.40pm- my staff J and me were already walking up the stairs towards the other floor. hehe... we thought the numbering system was not working. we were shocked that there were so many people waiting to be served at the counter. seats were full, some people were standing here and there. suddenly i heard, "empat satu...". i told J, "oikk... number ok lor...". then i asked him to go back downstairs to take two numbers- one for the normal cash deposit and another for me to do the ASB and ASD. within one minute, i followed him until half-way down. he was smiling when he came towards me. i wondered why. he showed my number. alamak...

look at that! wa lau ley... that was my first time like that lor... there were a long holidays then people came to the bank like mad. i didn't join the people up there. i just stayed from where i stopped. i gave my staff the packs of cash to be bank-in. not long after that he heard of our number being called, "arr... ". so he walked further up and went to the respective counter. i still waited there as i could see the numbering board from there itself-

i thought to myself that it was alright to wait as sabar is separuh daripada iman, ada hikmahnya. i waited there patiently. if not i still have to do it someday kan? or maybe if i comes back another day i was afraid that i've used up all my money. i have to be really good in managing my financial for the future though. my staff J joined me again in less than two minutes. i was already playing klondike on my nokia 6680 by then.

it was +/- 4.10pm when i looked at my watch again. then a lady came down with her daughter maybe around four years old. she went up again, joining and standing besides me. her daughter was so cute but you know lar kids, who could waited for such a long hours like that. she was alreading asking the mom to go back. the lady insisted that there were few more numbers to go for her turn.

kuE's note: gambar curi- look at the unpatience girl, pity her. oh yea... that's my leg there on the left ;)

i smiled to the lady. then she started to talk with me.

"susah le dengan budak-budak", she said. i just smiled again. "ha... dah pukul empat lebih dah. pukul berapa bank tutup?", she continued and looked at me.

"empat setengah", i told her. my fingers were still clicking my fon button.

"oh bukan pukul empat?".

"bulan ni kan ke bank start keje lima hari. mungkin tu lar sebabnya", i told her.

"sebenarnya semalam dah saya nak datang tapi sebab ingatkan mesti ramai orang lepas cuti. tengok-tengok hari ni pun ramai jugak. adik nak buat apa, asb?", the lady asked me.

"ha ah... ", i said. "lagipun kalau tak tunggu nanti nak kena buat jugak".

"betul tu. elok jugak adik menyimpan dari sekarang untuk masa depan", she agreed.

the lady continued, "sekarang ni adik tau ler... banyak nak kena pakai duit- makan minum, anak-anak sekolah lagi. tambah plak akak ada anak kat sekolah menengah lagi pening. bagus, bagus, menyimpanlah dari sekarang. macam adik ni tak kahwin lagi tak pe lar... nanti dah kahwin esok tau ler."

i was like saying to myself, "haaa...?!!". do i looked that young? funny lor... i smiled to her again. i slowly pushed my right leg towards my staff'. grr... he was concentrating on his games on the fon. thus i quickly sms him of what that lady has just said to me hehe... perasan lar kejap kan lol...

soon after that, the small girl went up again. the lady followed as at the same time it was almost her turn too.

4.50pm- the officers asked the customers to just line-up according to our numbers instead. all the other counters were already closed except those two, specially for ASB transactions.

5pm sharp- i was standing at the counter, waiting for the teller to do mine.

*phew* that was really an unforgettable experience for me. by 5.10pm, we were already back here in peace...

kuE's note: okay lor... its friday evening already, gonna have some quality time with the kids tomorrow. i've promised to bring them for a bowling game.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


asr- automated stock replenishment

i dunno whether i'm happy or not.

this system has been started few months ago to those whose getting supplies from the kvdt. while w.e.f. this month, its for those getting theirs from prai. then southern region i.e. malacca and johor, then sabah and sarawak or kelantan, pahang and trengganu; i'm not sure.

we have to start to enter the important data on the asr website from today between 12am to 8.30am, in order for the system to replenish our order accordingly. i've learned this during a briefing session in prai last year.

good- one thing i like about this system is that i do not have to rush to email the preplan every monday morning no more. now the system will do all this. i just have to make sure that i enter the important data between 12am to 8.30am daily. this means that i do not have to worry anymore if i plan to go for holidays elsewhere. i could just log-in to the asr website from anywhere in the world, provided that i get the correct data via my staff. i won't let my staff to do this like how some of my friends practise, as this system is so confidential. i wonder why they never think so ;)

bad- i heard from my friends that, the other word for this system is 'top-up'. looks like i really have to work hard in order to make sure that we have enough funds :)