Thursday, June 25, 2009

project 365: 6th week—

project 365 — 6th week

day 36 — the last day of the week before, i snapped a hinting picture of what i sew for redmummy; while this is how i shipped my packages ie via pos malaysia’ pos ekspres! the best part of it is the recipients can keep track of the packages shipped online with the code number provided. i would like to take this opportunity to thank ayu for helping me to arrange for giving out the personalized laptop sleeve to redmummy!!! terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali kita plan lagik ek? lol... the best thing is she lurves the gift sooooo much! *big grin*

day 37 — actually on that morning, i attended a farewell function for my former teacher cik hajjah ramlah who has been officially retired on 22 june 2009. it was a very nice event indeed, unfortunately yours truly forgot to bring her camera!!! eventually i never took it out from my handbag unless i wanna snap or load any pictures. but i did the night before to charge the camera’s battery— importantly to prepare for cik ramlah’s retirement and also a function that i was supposed to attend as well over the weekend. so at last i end up with this picture of a chinese temple near our house. i had a line dance practice for a function on last sunday, at a hall next to it.

day 38 — it was a wedding reception night of my uncle at royal ipoh club. that’s me with my cousin nenen. he can speak mandarin very well occay… just like megat, yes… he went to study in a chinese school in ipoh. besides that he was also a basketball player for the state’ team if i’m not mistaken.

day 39 — it was last sunday night, when i performed for the first time with part of my line dance group. it was for the MCA kualè mother & father’s day celebrations. i was kinda nervous though when I danced the first song, to a zapin tune… walaweiii… what more when i heard a guy shouted: “come one, kuE!!!” wargghhh… i focused to the audience and i saw shafizan, an old cliffordian i knew since my school days. he must be one of the UMNO guys that he has been invited to the function, blerk! anyhow sorry ler dude, i wore my dad’s sampin koleq on that night lol… credit goes to megat for helping me to take some pics and videos :)

day 40 — it was a hazy morning in kualè, and i bet it was the same to other places around the area. luckily i happened to have my N76 with me that I snapped this pic from the river bank, before i started my line dance session— you can’t even see sayong! take note that normally i didn’t bring my mobile phone when i go for my morning exercises; but i did that morning because i wanna show-off my new N76 case to my friend ms tung hehee…

day 41 — busy at work: people take note that kualè is clean thanks to those MPKK guys for making sure that everything are in order and in good condition at all time.

day 42 — work in progress: nothing to capture? must be like it huh… that’s me anyway, trying to finish sewing the “in-the-mood” handbags that i am selling. as you could see, not all parts of the handbags were machine-stitched; thus the prices are as such.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

project 365: 5th week—

project 365 — 5th week

day 29 — i can make those!!!… we were walking around in 1U when we dropped-by this accessories shop. can you tell of how much the shop sell them? its about RM15 okay *glurp* whilst the hair accessories were just the normal bobby pins, then we shall embellished them with cloth ribbons or buttons. how’s that?

day 30 — we wanted to go to klcc; and with thoughts that we sure gonna have the troubles to get parking there (especially during the school holidays), we just parked the car at kelana jaya lrt station. we boarded roundtrip transfer straight to KLCC then, simple as that… on that very same day as well, kuala lumpur has been badly covered by haze— kl tower and klcc were hardly visible from a far :(

day 31 — i had a meet up appointment with some friends at subang parade. so from cousin sarah’s place in putrajaya, i turned in to the USJ interchange instead— there were a lot of memories and nostalgia mannn… pic showed the main road that i always used to go to work :( but one thing, the roads there are now like hotwheels toys ler…

day 32 — “no plastic for me!” it was the last day of school holidays. i had to go to ikea before go back to get something. there and then i understood that ikea (malaysia) have started to encourage their customers to bring their own shopping bags to save the environment with effective 5 june 2009. they will charge RM0.20 for each plastic bags used: i like… because i have been practicing this for quite some time. so have you done your part?

day 33 — boringgggg!!!… looking at this pic, it clearly showed that i had totally forgot to take any pic of the day earlier… thus snap! then i straight away slept lol…

day 34 — chong wah stationery shop. i am sure people from kualè knows this shop. megat just went in to the car, then he asked me to drop-by at the shop for him to get some coloured papers… walawei… that really reminds me of those times when i always frequent the same shop after school etc whenever i need stationeries urgently. and now... (ya... you bet!) my kids were doing the same hehee...

day 35 — something for redmummy(?) by kualè girl(?). sorry beb… i won’t post any pic or blog anything till she gets it; but all i could say is a very good thank you to din of deefar creative enterprise for helping me to embellished the red colour fabric with a beautiful embroidered name on it weee…

Thursday, June 11, 2009


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project 365: 4th week—

project 365 — 4th week

day 22 — this was the first pic for this project, taken out of kualè. we were walking out of kwong fatt, in ipoh, a famous fabrics shop among ipoh people and the surrounded areas; when we saw an old shop in front of it. it looked interesting that we decided to go and drop-by there. it sells ready-made clothes a-la sunday market. whats more interesting when we saw an antique cash register machine. according to the shop lady, they owned the machine for about 50 years or more.

day 23 — all of us went to cousin cicik’s akad nikah (solemnisation), held after maghrib prayers. i make sure that we attended it especially megat as cicik helped me to take care of him when he was a baby. she’s very good at it, even her mom was unsure of where and how she inherit those expertise. anyhow she is now working at a local spa centre here in kualè.

day 24 — the next afternoon was cicik’s kenduri— check-out the antique plates. ning baizura was so proud that she used them during her wedding, remember? blerk!… my parent’s wedding used them also. bah told me that it only cost at RM0.20 each those days *glurp* but the best thing at cicik's wedding was, we were served with spread of food and wedding favour from medan... marvelous! for those who wonders, she is ijoe's youngest sista!

day 25 — which one you wanna go? there were so many weddings last weekend; correct me if i am wrong. you can see quite a number of wedding signs placed at junctions everywhere.

day 26 — i just had chicken chop for lunch at yut loy with puteri and bah. so this pic has been snapped while i was waiting for my food. the baby pic you saw in the pic is ah meng’s grand daughter, a latest generation of yut loy hehee…

day 27 — we arrived kl at around 3 pm to spend the rest of the school holidays that will be ended this sunday. my lil’ sis treated us for a dinner at TGIF in sunway pyramid. that’s my favourite strawberry milkshake. i only like the one from TGIF as it’s the best of all!… the thickness, the taste, in fact everything are perfecto! so what’s your favourite from TGIF.

day 28 — it was a ‘jalan-jalan’ day at KLCC. well actually cousin abang ayi had a whole day conference there. he had to bring his son daniel and asked megat to tag along. i brought them around the mall while waiting for the time they were supposed to go to petrosains. and what a lucky day for us when we met my uncle ayah jed and his grandson anaqi in kinokuniya. so we had our lunch at 1901 together, courtesy of ayah jed weee... thank you so much for the lunch treat ayah jed! puteri was there too but she hang-out with her friends :~)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

project 365: 3rd week—

project 365 — 3rd week

day 15 — the day was almost over, luckily i remembered that i haven’t snap any pics of the day yet :( so i turned right instead after i fetched megat from his taekwondo class. i knew it that for sure kids going to ask of where we were going. so this pic was taken in front of big school. i tried using ’night mode’ on my digicam, then a car passed by when i clicked the camera’s shutter but anyhow i love this pic.

day 16 — mama wanted to get something for megat at a local bakery, when i saw one of the female workers was cutting some white breads using the bread cutter machine.

day 17 — puteri and i just came out from kat kopitiam that night. we were doing some projects for megat’s birthday. we spotted this new sign near the new MPKK building that has been launched by the sultan on the same night i attended a line dance party (check-out day 10 of this project 365) — “dataran putra“… gosh! what on earth kualé got to do with this name? lol…

day 18 — as usual we met the orchid seller on our sunday market trip. he introduced us to this flower-in-a-flower type of flower called pansy fanny(?). i guess that was my first time seeing it. its beautiful and got a very nice smell!

day 19 — i took quite a number of pics on this day because it was megat’s 10th birthday! so i guess i ought to choose one of the best pics i like, and i chose this one as like i mentioned many times before, i lurveeeee seeing candid pics!

day 20 — i have just came back from fetching megat in school, when mama told us that a bird died after it bumped into the glass sliding door at the living room or better known as the green room. pity the bird… he must not known that it was glass, that he wanted to fly through it. well to tell you the truth eventually this happened to humans too actually on quite a number of occasions *glurp*

day 21 — this pic has been taken by puteri towards the end of the day. so as you could see, that means i almost forgot to take a pic of the day for this project. so as the results, i thought this pic would make do to comply with my busy-ness these days hehee… get more info about this here! pic showed me, who was sewing some fabric flowers on a fabric. this technique is called appliquè.