Thursday, June 11, 2009

project 365: 4th week—

project 365 — 4th week

day 22 — this was the first pic for this project, taken out of kualè. we were walking out of kwong fatt, in ipoh, a famous fabrics shop among ipoh people and the surrounded areas; when we saw an old shop in front of it. it looked interesting that we decided to go and drop-by there. it sells ready-made clothes a-la sunday market. whats more interesting when we saw an antique cash register machine. according to the shop lady, they owned the machine for about 50 years or more.

day 23 — all of us went to cousin cicik’s akad nikah (solemnisation), held after maghrib prayers. i make sure that we attended it especially megat as cicik helped me to take care of him when he was a baby. she’s very good at it, even her mom was unsure of where and how she inherit those expertise. anyhow she is now working at a local spa centre here in kualè.

day 24 — the next afternoon was cicik’s kenduri— check-out the antique plates. ning baizura was so proud that she used them during her wedding, remember? blerk!… my parent’s wedding used them also. bah told me that it only cost at RM0.20 each those days *glurp* but the best thing at cicik's wedding was, we were served with spread of food and wedding favour from medan... marvelous! for those who wonders, she is ijoe's youngest sista!

day 25 — which one you wanna go? there were so many weddings last weekend; correct me if i am wrong. you can see quite a number of wedding signs placed at junctions everywhere.

day 26 — i just had chicken chop for lunch at yut loy with puteri and bah. so this pic has been snapped while i was waiting for my food. the baby pic you saw in the pic is ah meng’s grand daughter, a latest generation of yut loy hehee…

day 27 — we arrived kl at around 3 pm to spend the rest of the school holidays that will be ended this sunday. my lil’ sis treated us for a dinner at TGIF in sunway pyramid. that’s my favourite strawberry milkshake. i only like the one from TGIF as it’s the best of all!… the thickness, the taste, in fact everything are perfecto! so what’s your favourite from TGIF.

day 28 — it was a ‘jalan-jalan’ day at KLCC. well actually cousin abang ayi had a whole day conference there. he had to bring his son daniel and asked megat to tag along. i brought them around the mall while waiting for the time they were supposed to go to petrosains. and what a lucky day for us when we met my uncle ayah jed and his grandson anaqi in kinokuniya. so we had our lunch at 1901 together, courtesy of ayah jed weee... thank you so much for the lunch treat ayah jed! puteri was there too but she hang-out with her friends :~)